7 thoughts on “Abdaals (Different kinds of saints)(Urdu)”

  1. Shareeh bin ubaid said that in iraq once people talk
    in front of Hazrat e Ali(RA) about the people of
    shaam.the people said O”Ameer ul Momineen send “lanah”
    lanat upon those people of shaam.
    He replied “NO” bcz i heard that Once Rasool ALLAH
    alyhisalam said the “Abdaals” will be among “shaam”
    they will be 40 males and whenever one is died among them
    ALLAH(SWT) replace him with one another”.(That is also proof
    that Auliya’s are still doing their job).bcz of them the raining
    is happened and bcz of them gaining help against enemies and
    bcz of them the “AZAB” has been removed from the people of “SHAM”
    According to
    Masnad Ahmed B.no1,(as mentioned in urdu sorry i cant write it
    long you can see from above)in that “Haashia” of hadith Sheikh
    Ahmed Shair has stated that this hadith is having “Daeef Sanad”
    Hafiz alyeshmi has written that Shareeh bin Ubaid is not fully authentic
    but instead all other which are “Raavi” of this hadith are authentic.
    and Shareeh is also “Siqa”(Read Siqa in ilm ul hadith for meanings)’
    in another “Majma ul Ravaid Book 10 page62….) by Hafiz Syuti has write
    that “In the Hadith of hazrat e Ali(RA) yes there is saying about “ABDAALS”
    and that hadith is been “Rivayat”(written) by masnad e Ahmed and its “SANAD”
    is “HASAN” and there are more other “ASAANEEDS”regarding this hadith.
    ALMASNUUA by Allama ALI BIN MOHAMMAD ALKATANI wrote”Hadith of ALi(RA) has been
    quoted in IMAM AHMED,TIBRANI,HAAKIM with many more “SANADS”(validities)and all are
    on SAHEEH.again
    in Tanziyah al shariyah al marfooa ……Shiekh Shokani also stated this hadith
    with the sanad of Hafiz Syuuti alhurehma as HASAN HADITH
    same in
    ALFAWAID AL MAJMOOA …… By Imam ShAMSUDin sakhawi stated that
    the “Rijaals”of the hadith of Ali(RA) are also Ravi’s of Hadith e Sahih only “Shareeh”
    (Shareeh bin ubaid) and he is “Saqa” or Siqah
    Imam Alziya alMaqdasi stated this hadith of Ali(Ra) without “Raf’a”and said
    Hazrat e Ali(RA) said”DO not put lanah on the people of SHam bcz the Abdaals are among them
    Musaniff Abdulrazaaq said with the sanad of IMMAM BEHAQI which he stated this in his
    “Dalail ul Nabuva”.and such scholor like him also mentioned
    Even HAAKim in his Mustadarik quoted this hadith as Sahih.
    on the question of authenticity and famousness of this hadith among the scholors has proof
    that even Our IMAM SHAFA”e said “We consider one person among “ABDALS”.
    and Imam BUkhari said about one another person Quote”I never had a “ShAK”in my heart about
    that person that he is among one of the abdals.
    as part from these two’s many others stated in several occasions like
    Naqaad,Huffaz and Aima’s also mentioned many other people who were among abdals
    AL Maqaasid al Hasana(Alama Sakhaawi) also quoted the saying of Alama Kanani who also
    quoted it.
    and so on and so on and so on ……………..
    pardon me for bad translation anyhow it would clear it up very much there are few other
    names like.Alama Zubedi and Tibrani etc etc.and the point of conclusion is only
    that “instead of SHareh bin ubaid all other ravi’s are authentic
    in last
    Hazrat AYBADA BIN ALSAA’MAT (RA) said”THE RASOOL ALLAH ALYHISALAM said”This ummah is having
    30 Abdaals and they are like “KHALIL UREHMAN”and when one died among them ALLAH SWT send another
    Person as Abdal for his replace”.
    Masnad e ahmed’s Hashiya has been saying that “ALZYN”said the “sanad”authenticity of this hadith is
    Sahih on the Sanad of ALyeshmi.hafiz alyeshmi said all “Raavis” of this hadith other than
    Abdul waahid bin qais are authentic.
    AlAjli and abuzar’aa authentiside it while other call it “Daeef”
    Sayuuti written down and said that imam ahmed wrote it in his masnad with saying that
    Hazrat Aybada bin Alsaamat quoted the right hadith and its “HASAN”and so on and so on….till end
    Hazrat aybada bin alsaamat said “Rasool ALlah alyhisalam”says”My Ummah will always been having 30
    such kind of people bcz of whome this world(Zameen) will be “Qaim”and bcz of whome the Raining will
    happend and only bcz of them You will be helped (by ALLAH).
    Qitaada said”it is hasan”

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