Help and Tips For Usage of Blog

Thursday 29.Dec Updates  Info:

1. Blog Design has been modified. Best view (firefox recommended). If you are having some difficulty kindly press Ctrl and () (minus) sign on your keyboard at a time both only once. This will adjust screen resolution to minus decrease and increase (-) and (+) for increase. Google however also need only once to adjust if there is some problem do same press control and minus key on your keyboard

2. Few new documentaries in Documentary Section on Main Bar

3.Articles on Islamic topics (Use categories menu from side bar or Home tab for latest)

4.Photos of Friends Circle has been now private. Need Password to see.

5.New Novels & Books has been hugely updated.

6. 2 New songs in Multimedia section

7. Meebo has been removed (Chatroom fully functional)


Few more updates are available on this blog.
1.Adding Meebo Messenger
Function. You can send + recieve chat with owner of the site if other side is online if not you can leave msg for.

Live Kitty’s Chat button on the main bar is added. This is full chatroom for all visitors who get themselves here and may leave msgs there.

Tareeqat section and Hadith sections are contineously updated

Google “Chat with Moderator” option is also added under the main 2nd column’s end of the page and on About page.When moderators are online on google im everyone can request chat with them directly (acceptance is must)


Like button is also added under and above each and every post.


Poll is also been added to each post.

Kindly use all functions on your ease.