What is Muta Marriage (Shia Law) (M.M.Law)

Here i will explain few basic fundamentals of this kind of marriage to a sect among Muslims called “Shia“. Sunni law says its totally wrong and a thing compare to “zina” while “Shia Law” has another aspect of this kind of marriage. Here i will explain that  from Mulla’s Muhammadan Law.

According to Section 258 of Mulla’s Muhammadan Law

  1. The Shia law recognizes two kinds of marriage, namely (1) permanent, and (2) muta or temporary.
  2. A Shia of the male sex may contract a muta marriage with a woman professing the Muslim, Christian or Jewish religion, or even with a woman who is a fire – worshipper, but not with a woman following any other religion. But a Shia woman may not contract a muta marriage with a non-Muslim, (c)
  3. It is essentail to the validity of a muta marriage that (1) the period of cohabitation should be fixed, and this may be a day, a month, a year or a term of years ; (d) and that (2) some dower should be specified, the contract is valid. If the term is fixed, but the dower is not specified, the contract is void. But if the dower is specified, and the term is not fixed, the contract, though void as a muta, may operate as a ‘permanent” marriage. (f)
  4. The following are the incidents of a muta marriage :—-

  • (a) A muta marriage does not create mutual rights of inheritance between the man and the woman, but children conceived while it exists are legitimate and capable of inheriting from both parents (g) ;
  • where the cohabitation of a man and a woman commences in muta marriage, but there is no evidence as to the term for which the marriage was contracted and the cohabitation continues, the proper inference would, in default of evidence to the contrary, be that the muta continued during the whole period of cohabitation, and the children conceived during that period were legitimate and capable of inheriting from their father (a) ;
  • even if there is evidence of the term for which  the muta marriage was fixed and cohabitation continues after the expiry of that term, the inference is that the term was extended for the whole period of the cohabitation and that the children conceived during the extended term are legitimate (b) ;
  • a muta marriage is dissolved ipso facto by the expiry of the term. No right of divorce is recognized in the case of a muta marriage, but the husband may at his will put an end to the contract of marriage by “making a gift of the term” (hiba -i- muddat) to the wife, even before the expiration of the fixed term (c);
  • if a muta marriage is not consummated, the woman is entitled to half the dower. If the marriage is consummated, she is entitled to full dower, even though the husband may put and end to the contract by giving away the unexpired portion of the term. If the woman leaves her husband before the expiry of the term, the husband is entitled to deduct a proportionate part of the dower (d) ;
  • a woman married in the muta form is not entitled to maintenance under the Shia law. (e) But it has been held that she is entitled to maintenance as a wife under the provisions of Section 488 of the Criminal Procedure Code. (a)

The Sunni law does not recognizemuta marriages at all“. The expression “permanent” in sub -sec (1) is used in contradistinction to “temporary.” No Muslim marriage, either among Sunnis or Shias, is permanent in the sense which Christian or a Parsi marriage is, for the husband may divorce the wife at any time he likes.


16 thoughts on “What is Muta Marriage (Shia Law) (M.M.Law)”

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    1. Walaikumusalam!


      Further when SHIA LIARS says that MUTA is halal from SUNNI BOOKS. MUSLIMS has to remember only one thing. THAT THESE LIARS represents Those ahadeeth which were BEFORE THE ORDER OF HARAM APPLIED. FOR INSTANCE.

      As ALCOHOL was first permissible but then after sometime revelation came and the new ORDER for EVERYLASTING period was given i.e,

      Hurmat of Sharab = Rasoolillah alehisalam ordered that from now-on ALCOHOL will be HARAM.

      THis is such a case with MUTA. In early Islam it was allowed but then by the Orders of Prophet alehisalam and after that Khulfa-e-Rashidoon PUT A STOP ON THAT.

      My Question to the Dharam of SHIA-ISM

      Can you tell me If The ORDER OF UMAR (RD) against ZINA E MUTA WAS ISSUED and was implemented and even The LAST KHALIFA-e-RAA’SHID SYADUNA ALI (RD) does not object neither culminate it upon his Khilafa then why TODAY”s people like you are supporting ZINA -e- MUTA

      Although now a days: Your Wahhabi Brothers also started this ADULTRY under the name of “MISYAR’



  3. Your post is been removed:

    This is First of All. Not Refutational post on MUTA instead it is Post related to Law in Pakistan. Established Laws for SHia’s according to their own Fiqh-e-Jafria.. So there is no need to give explanations.

    2nd: For rest of all nonsense and your so called link, that link is already been refuted,, and even if you are again interested to start that, Then this is not a place.

    Visit Facebook Group and present your evidence. For the rest read again all above given links, in which your own SHIA SCANS are given. And bring some concrete proof. Which you can never be. Because in short. All of bullshit which Shia Dharam implies, that can be refuted by your own Books. Which we already gave in our reference folder. Kindly read that and accept the Truth of Islam. Dont be a SHia

    Be a Muslim;

    1. Ali Mohamad ! Your Filthy Shia Blasphemous Bakwas was Removed .

      IF you want debate on MUTA

      Join Our Facebook Group So we can entertain you More with your Own Filthy Shia Books

  4. the coward deletes the documentary to hide the truth , if your a man let my voice be heard and since you claim am saying falsehood let the audience decide about it…
    here is the documentary of 9 parts , i dare you to let your followers watch it


    1. Challenge ? For what ? You piece of Miserable Rafidi?

      You seems to be like un educated piece of crap for saying this because you piece of crap and scrap does not know that this is Written in the LAW what is been published here.

      Its Fiqh-e-Jafriya of Shia’s from Pakistan Penal Code/ Constitution of Pakistan. IF you think that this all is wrong then first go and compalint it in HIGH COURT. then come back and bark here

      We do not allow bullshit to be listen on our This blog. Un educated and people with little minds must used to read their own OCCULTS first.

      So stop been making yourself FOol here

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  5. I have done a secret nikhah . First we read kalma then we agreed each other three times by saying qabool . In abroad in the presence of my mother . Is it right . After that I told my (boy’s) realitives is it right.

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