Hadhiraat’s First Lesson:

Haderaat’s ( unseen beings  in parallel dimensions) can be seen by spiritual practices in many ways. Some of them will be explained here. I will try to show 2 major kinds of Amaliyats (Practices (spiritual)).We can divide Amaliyats in two major categories.

  1. Noorani  (The safest and Islamic ways)
  2. Sifli (Other religion’s e.g Hinduism and occults)

Noorani Amaliyat :

These are those practices which one can perform without any hesitation but ‘IJAZAT’ Permission is necessary for these from those who give us these methods. Another thing which is must in Islamic ways regarding wadaifs or amaliyat is that there are some needs , first to fulfill and then the person could get start with that ritual. Each and every Amal has got some specific ‘Zakat’. Normally the word zakat used in Islamic terms refer to charity but this kind of zakat in amaliyat is a given order which is must to do before starting that certain amal. E.g there is an amal of Ya- Fataah’o Yaa-Lateef’o . Now these two attributes or names of Almighty Allah is having a Moakil or Muwakilaat. Which easily means the attached un seen beings i-e Rijaal-al Ghaib or Moakils or Attached powers of those words. Now for example you want to perform a practice of these two words (which are often recited by Muslims all around the globe for the sake of income and good wealth). And I suggest you to perform the reciting or chanting of these 2 Names in certain manner that you must have to be in ablution, or e.g I stated you that whenever you want to pay a zakat of this amal (practice) you will have to be in ablution as well as you will have to recite these two words or names for 4000 times as a zakat of that amal. So this performing 4000 times before the actual chanting whether in one sitting or in continuous sittings which may ordered by amal in different time frames or at night whatever the amal and its necessities are. After completing this “Zakat” of “AMAL” now you are ready for that practice.

There are many things I will try to shortly explain their basics. E.g many amals need pure hearts and pious nature plus minds to do that , many amals need certain standards of purification, many needs special places where one could perform those, many amals need complete silence or even some high ranked rituals needs you to chant those in grave-yards. Also many amals could may have necessity of ‘Bakhoor’ (Perfumes of different kinds + herbal medicines and Ayurvedic), many needs age limits e.g in ordinary ‘Hadirat’ there are  conditions that the amal should be performed on child of minor age (This is because minor children are considered pure and in Islamic amals they are not needed to be abused like wise in satanic rituals where children are molested). Child could see those entities on his finger nails or the shown cup of water or something else (depends on the condition and category of amal).

Personally I have experienced that in my childhood and I can never forget those things which I had seen and I think this is the reason that I am so much involved and learned in these thing rather than other day life experiences. I also personally know few people whom I saw in my childhood who were performing these amals and helping people to solve their problems e.g once in our home someone commit a robbery while we were at our village for some family gathering, when we return back the door was open and our neighbors tells us that someone rob our home at night. One of my aunt who knows a lady which was very old lady and was very popular for the gift of sighting of that things which ordinary people cannot see. She was a very religious pious personality , so in short my aunt went to her house for assistance because police was as usual not able to find out who did this. She ask my aunt to bring someone minor , my luck I was at that time outside the door and playing with dolls. My aunt ask me to come into the house, so I went there. Lady first questioned me Little girl! Do you believe in One and Almighty ALLAH? I replied “Yes Ma’am” . Then she again asked me to recite Shahada in front of her (Shahada is to pronouncing the oneness of Almighty Allah and the acceptance of the Prophet hood of Muhammad (Peace and mercy upon him). So I did that, then she ordered me to perform ablution. My age was 9 or 8 years at that time or may be 1 or 2 years more. So I perform ablution and then she recites something and chant some words on me with the blow of breath and ask me to concentrate on first nail of my fingers . So I did that and after few minutes of concentration my mind was in air I was feeling asleep and then suddenly I saw my house picture like a film on my nail where I saw that someone was trying to break into the house and he succeeded then he wrap all worthy things into a big cover of bed sheet and run away. I heard Lady’s voice that what are you seeing? Where is he going watch carefully and then again my mind was in air like condition and I personally by my own eyes saw that person going to bazar which was near our house and selling that to a shop keeper (who was later found guilty for selling and buying theft things). The words were coming out of my mouth like an automatic machine, and I remember I was saying that he is standing in front of a Shopkeeper whose name is ______ . So my aunt send my uncle and father to that area and they got that shopkeeper who after having some kicks accepts that he used to buy and sell things from thieves and he also mention that thief who was caught by police later on our report.

So I wrote this lengthy personal experience to explain what are Haadirat’s and what kind of help you can get from them with the permission of Almighty Allah. Those Haadiraats were effecting on my  nail and myself and was making me able to see what I never saw before. So in short these all things are related to Noorani Amaliyats and Amils who perform them are bound to obey commands and commandments of Almighty Allah with full sincerity and respectful manners.

Sifli Amaliyat :

Amaliyat or spiritual practices in other religions came in this category. For example if someone is performing a pagan ritual or satanic ritual or even he/she is a muslim and still performing such ritual which is horrible for community and which is not accepted by Islam. Those all things will be mentioned in this category. I will Insha-Allah show here both kinds of Amals.

FIRST : NOORANI AMAL (Note: I am just showing amal here, its permission and other things are not subject to me and neither I am taking any sort of responsibilities. Well if someone is interested they can send me email I will try to help them )


Specifications: This amal is for the ‘Hadiraat’ of the Asma ul Husna  “YA- Badooh’o “ and for the Ism-e-Azam (Attributes of ALLAH) ‘YAA- Lateef’o’.

This can be started on the Urooj (Ascent)(Startings) of That Thursday which came after 9 moons passed. OR can be started ascent days of ‘Monday’ (Still that Monday which came after 9 moons).

Conditions and Requirements:

This is only for Muslims of pious and good character morally and ethically . Privacy is very important, Ablution is must. Mirror will be needed for that , when reciting these 2 Asma ul Hasana ie (Ya badooh and Ya Lateef) the mirror must be in front of your eyes, and your eye must be watching left cornea in the mirror continuously without shutting and opening eyelashes (as less as possible)(for the reason of concentration). This ritual should be carryout at least for 41 days without stopping this amal and without changing the place. Insha-Allah (MOAKIL)(UNSEEN SPIRIT) of these two words will be captured.

(In some other article I will show you how to make Talismanic kind of ink which can attract unseen entities also I will try to get recipe of making that ink and perfume) These things can helps you out in many matters.

(Remember This is Self Reciting Ritual and if you succeeded then you will not need minor used to be intersection or medium with unseens).

(This was a starting example of Noorani Amaliyaat now here is the more powerfull example of a little high ranked Amaaals).

Haadiraat for ALLAHu-Sammad

How To:

             Take a mirror (Square) in shape made a black circle in the middle . Exactly at 12 o’clock at night start this practice. Recite 1000 times ALLAHo’SAMMAD daily, before starting and after finishing 11, 11 times Darood e IBRAHIMI (which is recited by every Muslim in prayers). This AMAL is for 21 regular days. Keep your eyes on that black circle in front of you. Tark e Jamali (which I explained in my earlier article) is must for this specific Amal. After few days you will have to see different horrible and un identified beings but nothing to worry about. After completion of this at 21th day one will witness the King or Major of that Makhlooq (Beings) , then you are open to ask him questions related to your matter. And surely he will gave you righteous answers because this is not satanic or neither sifli Amal. And the Moakil of these words ASMA AL HASANA are pious and great.

(Note: I am not showing here all full details, this is only for giving you starting information, I am hiding details because if you cannot fulfill the requirements , this may leads you towards ‘RIJAT’ (Madness, bad reaction etc, so do not try this without having details I am giving you here is just simply a kind of tips).

This amal also need a Naqsh (Symbol) to be seen all the time and here I am giving that Naqsh for your interest.










NOTE:  here in upper table you are watching the ‘Naqsh’ , sorry these digits are mean to be written in Arabic form while in my word office  its not available so sorry for that. In middle there is the black field. Filled with black ink.

Zakat for this amal is : Write 20 ‘Naqsh’ Daily. And 20 nights recite the giving Azmiyat (Kind of dua for reciting) on each ‘written Naqsh’ Daily (night).

یَا بُدؤُح تَبدوحت من البَدُوح ِ فِی البدوح ِ بَدُحِکَ یَا بَدوُح ۔

Ya Budd’ooho Tab-doo-Hatt Min-albudd-dohe –fil budd-oohe ba-duuhika yaa buddoooh’.

In morning 25% and 1 Kg  of flour (made tablets like medicine, round) 20 in quantity and wrapped into this given naqsh throw into the river. In 20 days you will be AMIL of this Ammal. And then whenever you wish to get answers. Make the black area on paper of written naqsh a little perfume (itar non alcoholic) and ask any child to see into that black area and then YOU (The AMIL) recite 20 times this Ya baduuho (till end) and blow words on the child and ask questions when he is ready.


Sifli amals are purely those amals which are satanic in nature or which are used by non Muslims merely and specially used in Hindu scriptures and vedas. As a monotheist and as a Muslim one cannot perform these. Remember I am explaining here these only for educational purposes. If any Muslim perform any kind of sifli amaliyat he/she would be casted out from Religion and will be not considered as Muslim. So these amaliyats also can gave human their some answers and wishes or wealth but it will not gave you soul satisfying and may cause many harms to not only physical body but also spirit.

Mantra :

This mantra is named after Sita Devi (goddesses sita of Indians)

On the ascent of Tuesday (9 moon-ic) . 12 o’clock at night with kerosene lamp (like aladins type or made up of mud usually found in villages of indo-pak). Your face must have to be in the east direction. And the lamp must have mustard oil in it. Another needed thing is a cup or bowl of mud having sea water in it and having only 2 marigold flowers or red roses in it. 7 kinds of different sweets in front of you and you would have to put 1 drop of blood into that water and start this mantra and read it for 1008 times, you may also need ‘Gogal’ (sorry at a moment I am not having proper word for gogal ask any indian may be they can help you), Gogal should  be showered each and every time into the fire. Your eyes must have to be on the lamp’s fire. As soon as the count reached to 1008 times pour that water on your head so that your head and other parts of the body gets wet suddenly. Try to reach that water to every part of the body. Pickup the rose and eat it. The sweets (mithai) can be given to 7 virgins (minor girls) for eating only.

When you body gets wet then stood up and go for change of dress but do not dry yourself with towel. Otherwise the Amal will be lost in vain. Then come to that place where the lamp is fired and sleep there but the lamp must have to be lighted. When you will sleep the ‘Mamkani goddess) will came into your dreams.

These kind of Hadiraat (mamkani devi) are ‘Aaabi’ (Nature of water liquid). So if you succeeded then whenever you pour some water into that Kooza ( bowl ) or bowl made of mud and perform those words will bring devi (that spirit) to you and will gave true news.

The Azmiyat (Words are) as follows

OM namoo kandolti Sundar-watti suva-haa” (1008) times


These were the Amals of different kinds and their respective attached things which can bring oneself into the world of unseens and can take part in that. Remember these kind of all amaliyats can be used by anyone but those who have believe in these. Belief is the utmost major fundamental of spiritualism.

Noorani Amaliyat on the other hand are the best safe and not easy but very tough way. While the satanic are not so much tough and surely satanic will helps you out in your matters but that help will also take your soul and you will be the piece of hell fire afterwards. So the tough but right way will be always followed by the right people.

Thanks for reading stay in touch I will try my best to show some more truly amazing things which at least I didn’t saw on net. These things are hidden and keep hidden in deep hearts for thousands of years. But here it is time now to open every thing for those who take interest in that.

UPDATED : 9/23/2013:

I Found these ahadith which is clearly showing that each and every verse has its own powers. here i am just presenting these hadith(s) with full reference:

Regarding Moakilat in hadirats: I found this Hadith very interesting 

If you dont know about “Hadirat” or “Moakils” go and search makashfa.wordpress.com for hadirat you will find information there.

Hadith is:

عن الحسن البصری رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ مرسلا قال : قال رسول اللہ

صلی اللہ تعالیٰ علیہ وسلم : لکل آیۃ ظہر و بطن ، و لکل حرف حدہ و لکلحد مطلع ۔حضرت حسن بصری رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ سے مرسلا روایت ہے کہ رسول اللہ صلی اللہ تعالیٰ علیہ وسلم نے ارشاد فرمایا : ہرآیت کا ایک ظاہر اور دوسرا باطن ہے اور ہر حرف کے لئے ایکنہایت ہے اور ہر نہایت کو حاصل کر نے کا ایک ذریعہ ہوتا ہے ۔

Narrated by Hassan Basari (rd) (mursilan rivaya) that Rasool Allah alehisalam said “: Each verse had one ٭ B’aatin (internal-hidden- soiritually) and one * Zaahir (disclosed-open) .. and for every word there is one “nihayat” (i dont know what is proper word or meaning for nihayat but in urdu its meaning is exceed or can be used in the term of power) and for taking each “Nehayat” there is a way.

(Brackets are mine words).

کنز العمال للمتقی، ۲۴۶۱، ۱/ ۵۵۰

Also narrated by Abdullah b. Masud (rd) by slight variation:
المعجم الکبیر للطبرانی، ۹/ ۱۳۶ ٭ المسند لا بی یعلی،


عن عبد اللہ بن مسعود رضی اللہ تعالیٰ  عنہ قال : قال رسول اللہ صلی اللہ تعالیٰ  علیہ وسلم   : انزل القرآن علی سبعۃ احرف ، لکل آیۃ منہا ظہر و بطن۔

 حضرت عبد اللہ بن مسعود رضی اللہ تعالیٰ  عنہ سے روایت ہے کہ رسول اللہ صلی اللہ تعا لی علیہ وسلم نے ارشاد فرمایا : قرآن عظیم سات طریقوں میں نازل ہوا ۔ ہر آیت کا   ایک معنی

ظاہرہے اور دوسرا باطن و پوشیدہ

المسند  لا حمد  بن حنبل،          ۵/ ۱۱۴      ٭     مجمع الزوائد للہیثمی، ۷/۱۵۰

          التاریخ  الکبیر  للبخاری،          ۷/ ۲۶۶             ٭       الدر المنثور للسیوطی،  ۲/۷

          المعجم الکبیر  للطبرانی ،          ۳/ ۱۸۵     ٭     التفسیر لا بن کثیر ،                 ۲/۹

          الصحیح  لا  بن حبان       ۱۷۷۹     ٭       مشکل الآثار للطحاوی،  ۴/۱۷۲


ہر آیت کا ایک ظاہر  ہے اور ایک باطن

 عن الحسن البصری رضی اللہ تعالیٰ  عنہ مرسلا قال : قال رسول اللہ

 صلی اللہ تعالیٰ  علیہ وسلم   : لکل آیۃ ظہر و بطن ، و لکل حرف حدہ و لکل

حد مطلع ۔

          حضرت حسن بصری رضی اللہ تعالیٰ  عنہ سے مرسلا روایت ہے کہ رسول اللہ صلی اللہ تعالیٰ علیہ وسلم نے ارشاد فرمایا : ہرآیت کا ایک ظاہر اور دوسرا باطن ہے اور ہر حرف کے لئے ایک نہایت ہے اور ہر نہایت کو حاصل کر نے کا ایک  ذریعہ ہوتا ہے ۔ 

 عن الحسن البصری مرسلا قال  : قال رسول اللہ صلی اللہ تعالیٰ  علیہ

وسلم   : خبر القرآن تحت العرش  لہ ظہر و بطن یحتاج العباد ۔

          حضرت حسن بصری رضی اللہ تعالیٰ  عنہ سے مرسلا روایت ہے کہ رسول اللہ صلی اللہ تعالیٰ  علیہ وسلم   نے ارشاد فرمایا : قرآن عظیم عرش اعظم سے نازل ہوا ۔ اس کے ایک معنی ظاہر اور ایک باطن ہیں جس کے بندے محتاج ہیں ۔ ۱۲م

عن عبد اللہ بن مسعود رضی اللہ تعالیٰ  عنہ قال : ان ہذ القرآن لیس لہ حر ف الا لہ حد و مطلع ۔

حضرت عبد اللہ بن مسعود رضی اللہ تعالیٰ  عنہ سے روایت ہے کہ اس قرآن کے ہر حرف کی ایک نہایت اور ہر نہایت کے حصول کا یک ذریعہ ہے

References already given above:


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  1. Am very happy that i find that am looking for since. But yet my problem is nt solve. What i need from u is i wnt u To give me 5 effective Love amal(spells) in islam bcause i am a muslim and u can tell the conditions. Am nt an amil, am i free to perfom it? Please and please u can help me send the amal through my E-mail address. Thank u very much

    1. Brother in Islam! In islam there is no concept of love without any valid relation and that is the base of all wrongfulness that people specially our youngsters are getting involve in these sort of things. Yes if you want to marry someone, and that “person” also loves you and want to marry you and then there is some problem in the way of your marriage, then yes there are amals and some Wadaifs for that. Bcz i dont know the whole scenario of your matter so i am giving you this wazeefa for your wish (keeping in mind that you are doing this for your marriage)
      This wazeefa is also certified by the authentic hadith of Rasul-e-amin (alehisalatowasalam).

      Wa Kafaa Billahi Wakeela
      Wa kafaa Billahi Aleema
      Wa Kafaa Billahi Shaheeda
      Wa Kafaa Billahi Haseeba
      Wa Kafaa Billahi Walleeya
      Wa Kafaa Billahi Naseeraa
      These words and reciting of these words as many times as you pleased can be carry on after each Salah (prayer) And these are called (KEY OF THE HEAVEN) by Rasool Allah alehisalam who said that HIS MAJESTY (alehisalam) was Granted these keys of jannah . Sahaba asked about it, then he educated them with above given words i-e wa. kafaa billahe ……..

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    1. Sister in Islam! May Allah protect you and your relation from the evil eyes of the world. There is nothing powerful than the Word of Allah.
      Laa ilaaha illa anta subhanaka inee kuntu minazaalimeen

      لا الٰہ الا انت سبحانک انی کنت من الظالمین
      my dear sister read this kalimat as much as you can and before and after with Darud shareef for 3, 7 , 5 or 9 times.

      further more !
      After the fajar prayers use Tasbeeh-e-Fatima
      33 times Subhan`Allah, 33 times Alhamdulillah and 34 times Allahu`Akbar

      And here is link of Shajra-e-Attaria Qadria ‘s Munaajaat i-e Dua and supplications for benefit after the Fajr prayers and
      Last thing try to show mercy for all those who are trying to do bad with you and socially try to tolerate their actions against you. belief in Allah and ask for help for your problems by the intercession of Holy Prophet alehisalatowatasllem,

      There is an hadith in which once a blind person came to Prophet of Allah, and asks him that he has lost his sight kindly educate him some supplication “dua” so that the problem could be solved. Rasool Allah alehisalam ask him to first perform ablution i-e Proper Wuzu, then perform 2 rakat of Salat al Hajat in which after namaz raise your hands in air and use these words ie
      This is the whole hadith
      Scholars of Ahadith, narrate on the authority of Hazrat Uthman bin Hunaif (radi Allahu anhu), that a Sahabi who was blind by birth was taught a special Du’a by the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), which he was to recite after every Salaah. The Du’a is as follows: Allahumma Inni As Aluka Wa Ata Wajjahu Ilaika Binabiyika Muhammadin Nabiyyir rahmati Ya Muhammadu Inni Ata Wajjahu Bika ila Rabbi Fi Haajati haazihi lituqda li. Allahumma Fashaf’fi’u Fiya. “O Allah, I ask from you, and turn towards you through the Wasila (Medium) of Your Nabi Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), who is indeed a Prophet of Mercy. O Muhammad, with your Wasila (Medium) I turn towards Allah for my need so that it may be bestowed. O Allah, accept the Prophet’s intercession for me.”
      Imaam Tabraani (radi Allahu anhu), in his “Muhjam” records the following incident: A person in dire need visited Ameerul Mu’mineen Hazrat Uthman Ghani (radi Allah anhu). The Caliph was busy with some other work and he did not attend to his need. Thereafter, the person went to Hazrat Uthman bin Haneef (radi Allahu anhu) and complained about the matter. Hazrat Uthman bin Haneef (radi Allahu anhu) ordered the man to perform the Wudhu (ablution), enter the musjid and to offer two Rakaats of Nafil Salaah. He was then to recite the following Du’a:Allahumma Inni As Aluka Wa Ata Wajjahu Ilaika Binabiyina Nabiyyir rahmati Ya Muhammadu Inni Ata Wajjahu Bika ila Rabbi Fayadiha Haajati wa tazkuru haajataka wa ruh illaya hatta arooha ma’aka. “O Allah, I beg of you and I seek your assistance, with the Wasila (Medium) of your beloved Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) who is the Prophet of Mercy. O Muhammad! I turn to Allah with your Wasila so that my needs be fulfilled.”Thereafter, he was told to mention his need. On completion, he was told to visit Hazrat Uthman bin Haneef (radi Allahu anhu), so that both could visit the august court of Hazrat Uthman Ghani (radi Allahu anhu). When he presented himself in front of the great Caliph, he was not only shown great respect, but his need and wish were also immediately granted. The Caliph, then addressing the man stated: “In future if you require any favour, come immediately to me.” After they had left the court of the great Caliph, the man thanked Hazrat Uthman bin Haneef (radi Allahu anhu) for mentioning him to the Caliph, the latter clearly stated that he had not even approached the Caliph. He then stated: “By Allah, I saw the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) teaching the very same Du’a to a blind man. Miraculously, the blind man then approached us before we could even complete our conversation, and it appeared as if he had never been blind.”

      Yani ek andhy sahabi Hazoor alehisalam k pas aay aur arzguzaar hove to ap nay unko ye Farmaya keh 2 rakat salat al hajat ki niyat karo wazu kar k aur phir namaz parh kar ALLAH se is tarha dua mango ” Ay Allah! Meri madad farma, Tujhe wasta deta hun tere pyare Habib Muhammad alehisalam ka waseelay se meri madad farma, AY MUHAMMAD alehisalam! Main Allah se apke Waseelay se madad maangta hun ap meri madad farmaaiyey,,,,,,, or phir yeh farmaya keh aisay kaho keh Ya Allah apni baargah main is waseela-e-jaleela ko qabool farma kar meri hajatrawai farma.

      Sahaba ki shahadat mojood hai keh us andhay ko usi waqt Allah ne beenai ata farma di aur unki ankhen aisi theek ho gayin keh jese kabhi kharab he na thi

      So meri behen ye Tareeqa humesha dua k liye rakhen or apni hajat main Rasool Allah alehisalam Ahlu Bait, Sahaba , Ibad-Allahisaaliheen aur Auliya e karam ka waseela de kar Allah se apni mushkil hall karwane k liye ikhlas k sath dua karen aur Nabi e kareem alehisalam se Allah k wasty se hajat mangen. Allah apki mushkil hal karega.

      Meri zaati taur par yahi dua hoti hai keh Ya Allah apne Habib alehisalam aur tamam naik bandon k sadqe main or unke waseelay se meri hajatrawai farma, Ya Rasool Allah alehisalam apko Allah ka wasta hai keh meri madad farmaaiyey. Ay mere Rab is waseela e jaleela ko apni bargah main sharf e qabooliyat ata farma aameen.
      Ye raha Shajra e Attaria Qadria ki Duaaon ka majmooa ap is pdf ko humari library se download kar lein ya link ko save kar lain aur har fajar k baad ye duain or oper bayan kiya gaya tareeqa uske mutabiq apne liye Allah se bhalai maangen inshaAllah azawajal Hadith Sahih k mutabiq Allah apki muskilaat ko hall farmaye ga.

      Yad rakhiye Humare Aqa alehisalam al-qaasim bhi hain yaani Taqseem farmaany walay or taqseem wo farmata hai jiske pas dene ka ikhtiyar hota hai. Lihaaza Ap ye link dekh lejiye.



    1. No Brother! i am not professional aamil, i have love for all subjects and i had spent my life among those people who know these things very well. So i am not an expert on this but i know few things very well.

  4. Assalamalaikum…Sister/Brother

    Meri pareshani hai ke meri behn ne kisi khaas aurat ko badhi rakam de rakhi hai (paisa aur sona) lekin aap wahi aurat kisi musibat mein phas chuki hai …aur meri behn ne apne shouhar ko bina bataye baghair diyi hai aab meri behn ko dar lag raha hai aap ni pareshani aapne shouhar se bayaan karne ke liye..aabb woh bata bhi nahi paa rahi hai..q ke uska shouhar badhe gusse waala hai…aur wahi aurat dilaasa bhi de rahi hai ke woh uska paisa ramdaan ke baad 15 din baad de degi..bas mujhe chaiye ke woh meri behn ko kab tak paisa de degi..aagar aap meri madad kar sakte ho tho plz reply kardena….qke meri behen badhi musibbat mein hai….agar koi dua hai toh bhi batado ke uske faaide keliye shaayad woh paise aur sona jald se jald de sakein

    1. Walaikumusalam WaRehmatullahiwabarakatuhu;

      Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (rta) ka qol hai khe Jumma k din bad az namaz e asr baaa-wazu halat main qibla rukh ho kar bethen or maghrib ki namaz tak musalsal Allah ta’ala k in Asmaa al Husna ka Wird kartay rahen.


      … Neez
      2 Rakat Namaz Ba-niyat-e-salat-e-hajat parhen or mumkin ho to raat k pichle peher parh kar uske baad Hadith e Rasool alehisalam k mutabiq yun dua maangen.

      Ya Allah! main apni fullaa hajat (yahan apni hajat bayan karen) tere hazoor pesh kar rahi hun tere Mehboob Nabi alehisalatowasalam ke Waseelay se. Yaa Rasool Allah meri madad farmaaiye, Ay Allah apni baargah main mere is Waseela e Muhammadi (alehisalam) ko qabool o manzoor farma kar meri hajat rawai farma. Aaamen bajahun Nabi alehisalam aamen.

      Awal o akhir 3 . 3 baar darood shareef bhi parh lain. InshaAllah azawajal. Is Mubarak maheeny main he apki mushkil hal ho jaigi.


  6. Hi, my name is Dilshad and I live in USA. I need help to find out if someone has done black magic on our family or not. Many things have gone wrong and continuously happening over and over.I have lost job, family, career, friends everything. I really need to find out who is doing this. If someone can email me: dilshad40@hotmail.com

      1. Hello brother or sister, I am not muslim. I just need to find out exactly who is doing this. I have read this article and it says through nail person can find out whose doing who. I want to know name of person.

  7. Asalamo Alaikum can the Author please email me or kindly write here the complete instructions and give ijaza for the Amal of the one Isme Azam “Ya Budduhu”?Is it a safer Amal? I have read in irfan book two by Faqir Nur Muhammad the # of recitation but no other details are given. Please get back to me insha Allah. JazakAllah Khayr

    1. Walaikumusalam! Kindly read, carefully, these are only examples, if you want any wazaif of Isma-e-Baari Tala you can get its ijaza from those who have its permission. Another way is to consult a true Murshad, he will guide you about that. Third way is, for taking ijaza, to contact, Alam shah zanjani in Lahore, Zanjani is a famous Shrine, and they had have such kind of knowledge of isma e bari Tala and wadhaif.

      The best thing for you is to recite those wazaif which are ma’mool in Silsila e Qadriyah. Contact DawateIslami for seeking any Wazaifs. with or without permission.

      1. Salaam I have bayat with Murshid Kamil Sarwari Qari Tariqa who is from Kulachi Khyber District but he only speaks urdu and i only speak english. I have general ijazat to seek ilm of amal ilm e dawat, dam healing etc. I was wondering what is the phone number for contacting the mazar in Lahore of Alam Shah Zanjani? and will the language barrier be an issue? jazakAllah Khayr. I wold like to call them insha Allah ta’Ala. 🙂 Allahu Hafees

  8. Walaikumusalam: Sorry we cannot help you in this matter that how can you talk with them but we hope linguistic problem would not occur. The contact number for Zanjani can be taken by any Jantari which is openly sold on any book shop or newspaper agents, they have yearly jantari. Called them to give you Shah-Alam Jantari. It would must had have their access numbers or contact numbers.

  9. Salam alai koum nom est hademou diarra je mauritanien j habite en france . Pouvez vous m aide pour savoir mon ismeazam s il vous plait a bientot inshallah merci Alai salam koum name is hademou diarra I Mauritanian I live in France . M can help to know my ismeazam s please thank you has soon inshallah.

  10. Salam alai koum nom est hademou diarra je suis mauritanien j habite en france . Pouvez vous m aide pour savoir mon ismeazam s il vous plait a bientot inshallah merci Alai salam koum name is hademou diarra I Mauritanian I live in France . M can help to know my ismeazam s please thank you has soon inshallah

  11. Lot many people make yu confused with the pronounciation of ya badooho !,,,is it budduh or budduho or baduho pls explain

    1. If you have read carefully sister, we already write that, this is only example, we intentionally left this confusion so that, no body can use it without having all those proper measurements which we already described. It is as far as for your answer concerned. In the first word it is BuDuho – in the Second pronunciation its By-Dauho …….. rest in secret, If you want it, then ask it from only that person who has ijaza. only that person can teach you the real Zabar – Zer Pesh when and where has to been used.

  12. I was told by one bazurag to recite as ya badooho he says people are so much scared of this name coz it is very secret like hamzad amals,,,,,so i recite the same

    1. na na its not so much secret 🙂 if you trust on that bazurg and he is following sharia fully then you may recite it. But better option is to take your name’s mufarad digits and compare it with 99 names of Allah, either the combination of 1 , or more than one Asma e Bari Tala, makes total of your name’s adad. Such times reciting will help you very much in spiritual growth

  13. Asalaam O Alaikum, please help me out! I’m so much worried about marrying to this guy. He sent proposal but my parents refused. Its been 6months and now we don’t even talk to each other, cox he says accept the reality /failure now. Nothing could happen now. Though he still wants to marry me, me too with him .. but we are helpless. Please help me 😥

    1. Walekomasalam! Sorry we are not eligible to issue any wazaifs bcz we do not have any authority. But you can recite Salat al Hajaat which is prescribed in welcome notes section or there are lots of other salah al hajaats. First of all parents always wish for the best for their children.Secondly you can try dawateislami.net. They have online Istakhara-e-Qurani requests and they also have authority to issue Taweezat e Attaria if needed. Insha-Allah they will guide you. Istakhara e Quran will help you out for sure that is that relation good for you or not. First of all clarify it from Quranic suggestion.


        MY MAIL shoaib31392@gmail.com


  14. I want to b amil n get muakils of Allah u ssamad..I have recited thousands n thousands time,n dailay mudavmat I have of this Isam.360 times daily after paing zakat since 2 years continuously,
    now I want its muakils in safe way,my family is been caught in so many troubls since years,
    with that M having so many othr tasbihat too,,With permission All da procedure guaranteed n all acessories also,but safe way plz,
    plz plz plz we are in sever need of it to resolve our probs,,
    m 27 years old,n quit bold Daring..hav gr8 bent to sufiism,

    1. You need a Murshd a Spiritual mentor who can guide you on proper way. If you already have fulfilled everything, then there was no need for you to asking about it here, that also means you may have some mistake on doing this amal. best and safe way is way of Murshad because spiritual mentor already have passed those stages, and he knew well what will have to do and what not to do. Kindly consult to your murshad if you have someone. If not, then it was a bad try because these things may harm you and your family if you intentionally or un-intentionally did some mistake.

      1. important thing is , these amals are ONLY EXAMPLES as we explained many times. These are not FULL AMALS, its only EXAMPLE in which many things are kept hidden. So EVERYONE MUST READ CAREFULLY.


  15. Salaam sir z main voddo spell aur siflee amal ka shikaar hu siflee mere hath se touch karake new whitw shirt p huaa hai tab se court as advocate nahi ja pa ya hu no work since yr 2004 aur voddo bi huaa hai pareshaan hu plz save mi

  16. To Brother Shoaib!

    Brother these are examples, further its permission as already told, is not in our hand, as far as your question brother Shoib to where seek its permission you can contact Khanqah -e- Zanjaaniya in Lahore. I think they had have some these sort of Ijazas

    1. Sorry brother, mere pas nahi hai koi number. lekin Lahore k kisi rihaishi se aap mangawa sakte hain. I Think they also had monthly digest published in lahore. Bohat arsa hogaya mujhe in cheezo se hattay hove. Sorry


        JAZAKALLAHU KHAIR TO ALL TEAM OF makashfa. ZARBEHAQ & Zarlish Khan Afridi

    1. Thankyou for visiting and giving time, I thought i would write another article but then because of few disrupts i was not able to do anymore, further I only upload that content which is Example (Not Original) because I have no authority or permission by anyone. So probably for educational purposes only i can upload few more things. But this is compact of everything. it has also part 2 already written year or 2 before

  17. Please give me izazat to follow these wajifas. I been married 15 years now has two kids, but my husband fight with me and always take side if my mother in law. My mother in law play tricks to create problems between us. My husband give all the income to my mother in law and doesn’t think about the future, not e even for kids. And my mother in law send all the money to her sister in India. Plz help me.

  18. My dear sister Jyoti! first of all, all of these given things are only EXAMPLES,,,,,. 2nd We already wrote this, that we have no permission to gave it to any one, third if you want to solve your social problem, i.e., your mother in law. Just try to gain her heart with love and respect, may be she can gave you all authority, in our site of the country there is a saying that, if a Women want to be a RANI “Queen” of the House, she needs to make her Husband Treated like a King. because, only Kings have Queens, Slaves had no queen,. and 4th make happy your husband with the good way he may want. and Lastly, my dear sister, your name is giving me a feeling that, you are Hindu sister, not Muslima, so how can I teach you or tell you something which I have no authority, I mean you can learn these type of wazaif from your own religious scholars. Because if I will teach you things other than Islamic laws, And if you are our Muslima sister, I can suggest your to recite,

    Laaholewala Quwata Ila billahil Aleyil Azeem (as many times as you can even doing your daily routine work you can recite it in your heart)

    Another Dua for such kind of problems can be

    Laa ilaha ilaa anta Subhanaka Inni Kuntu Minaz-zaalimeen

    If this can help you out, i will be happy for you.

    For muslims there are some other ways like, Sadqa -_- or — Charity to the poor than you. Also, there are Namaz Called Salat e Hajaat (Prayers for needs), and there are ways, prescribed in our welcome note or let me copy that here for your ease.



    A Spiritual Gift for every Muslim on Earth By Sufis & Scholars:

    Once a Sahabi Hazrat Abu Huraira (rd) asked Holy and Blessed Master Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alehi wasalam) that “What are the keys of the treasures (of blessings and Jannah in world and afterwards” And Prophet alehisalam teach him these Keys of the Treasures.

    (Actually this is related to authentic hadith in which Prophet alehisalam said “varily i am gifted with the, let me first roughly shown that hadith)


    Abu Huraira said that Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been sent with ‘Jawami-al-Kalim ‘ (the shortest expression with the widest meaning) and have been made victorious with awe (cast in my enemy’s hearts), and while I was sleeping, I saw that the keys of the treasures of the world were placed in my hand.” Abu Huraira added: Allah’s Apostle has gone, and you people are utilizing those treasures, or digging those treasures out.” or said a similar sentence.

    (Bukhari Vol 3 hadith 2178/H 1926/H-1940 /Vol2- H 580/H 848/H-1308)

    (Agreed upon status)

    In further explanation Imams of Hadith mentioned that Prophet alehisalatowasalam taught these Keys to the companions so they can also take benefit from those treasures not only for their worldly life but also for hereafter.

    So when you are in problem and need. Recite these Words as much as u can and then pray 2 rakat of Salat-al-Hajat (Prayer for Resolving problems) as mentioned in another Hadith:
    The Proper way to ask supplication is as:

    حدثنا ‏ ‏أحمد بن منصور بن سيار ‏ ‏حدثنا ‏ ‏عثمان بن عمر ‏ ‏حدثنا ‏ ‏شعبة ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏أبي جعفر المدني ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏عمارة بن خزيمة بن ثابت ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏عثمان بن حنيف
    أن رجلا ضرير البصر أتى النبي ‏ ‏صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏ ‏فقال ادع الله لي أن يعافيني فقال إن شئت أخرت لك وهو خير وإن شئت دعوت فقال ‏ ‏ادعه ‏ ‏فأمره أن يتوضأ فيحسن وضوءه ويصلي ركعتين ويدعو بهذا الدعاء اللهم إني أسألك وأتوجه إليك ‏ ‏بمحمد ‏ ‏نبي الرحمة يا ‏ ‏محمد ‏ ‏إني قد توجهت بك إلى ربي في حاجتي هذه ‏ ‏لتقضى اللهم شفعه في

    The Hadith states: It was narrated from ‘Uthman bin Hunaif that a blind man came to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and said: “Pray to Allah to heal me.” He said: “If you wish to store your reward for the Hereafter, that is better, or if you wish, I will supplicate for you.” He said: “Supplicate.” So he told him to perform ablution and do it well, to pray two Rak’ah, and to say this supplication: “Allahumma lnni as’aluka wa atawajjahu ilaika bimuhammadin nabiyyir-rahma. Ya Muhammadu inni qad tawajjahtu bika ila rabbi fi hajati hadhihi lituqda. Allahumma fashaffi’hu fiya (O Allah, I ask of You and I turn my face towards You by virtue of the intercession of Muhammad the Prophet of mercy. O Muhammad, I have turned to my Lord by virtue of your intercession concerning this need of mine so that it may be met. O Allah, accept his intercession concerning me)”.

    Ibn Majah transmitted it in his Sunan, book of Iqamat al-salat wa al-sunnat (establishing prayer and its sunnahs)[Page 197, Hadith No#1385)

    Now! These are the KEYS:

    Wa Kafa Billahy WAKEELA
    Allah (The Trustee) is sufficient (for me)

    Wa Kafaa Billahy WALEYYA
    Allah (The Protecting Friend) is sufficient (for me)

    Wa Kafaa Billahy ALEEMA
    Allah (The Knower of All) is sufficient (for me)

    Wa Kafaa Billahy HASEEBA
    Allah (The Accounter) is sufficient (for me)

    WA Kafaa Billahy SHAHEEDAA
    Allah (The Witness) is sufficient (for me)

    WA Kafaa Billahy NASEERAA
    Allah (The Winner/Patron/FirstOne/Above of all) is sufficient (for me)

    Recite these 6 keys as much as possible, you can also recite them in your heart, these are 6 very easy words, with Isma-e-Baari-Taa’la (Blessed Names of Allah), teached to Companions (alehumar-ridwan) and for the Rest of us Ummah.

    Remember us all in your prayers and supplications:
    Allah and his Blessed Prophet knows better!


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