Hadith Books For Online Read (Urdu)

صحائح ستہ کی کُتب آن لائین پڑھیں

Click on the Given Links To Read Saha’ih Sit’ah

  1. Jamayat-ul-Ahadees Jild 1
  2. Jamayat-ul-Ahadees Jild 2
  3. Jamayat-ul-Ahadees Jild 3
  4. Jamayat-ul-Ahadees Jild 4
  5. Jamayat-ul-Ahadees Jild 5
  6. Jamayat-ul-Ahadees Jild 6
  7. Jamayat-ul-Ahadees Jild 7
  8. Jamayat-ul-Ahadees Jild 8
  9. Jamayat-ul-Ahadees Jild 9


Jamiya Tirmazi (Tirmidhi)

Part 1

Part 2

Mira’at ul Manajeh Sharha Mishkaat Shareef

Jild 1Jild 2Jild 3 Jild 4 Jild 5Jild 6Jild 7Jild 8

Mishkaat Shareef

Part 1       Part 2       Part 3

Sahih Bukhari Shareef

Part (a)     Part (b)     Part (c)

Sahih Muslim Shareef

Part 1      Part 2      Part 3

Sharha e Sahih Muslim Ishaaria

Click me 2 read

Sharha e Sahih Muslim

Jild 1Jild 2Jild 3Jild 4Jild 5Jild 6Jild 7

Sunan -e- ‘Ibne Dauwood

1        2        3

Sunan ‘Ibne Maaja

Part 1 and Part 2

Sunan e Nisayi

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Tahavi Shareef

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Jild 1     Jild 2      Jild 3     Jild 4     Jild 5

More books will be updated soon insha-


10 thoughts on “Hadith Books For Online Read (Urdu)”

  1. I cant open Sahih Bukhari book 5. There is only one page of starting pages. These websites aor flop because these sites cnt let us read online.

  2. Salam.. its very nice that u have this kind of Islamic website but it should be working coz i was browsing pages but mostly books r not working n juz first title page is going to open and also there is no link to download the books… so plz work on it also .. Jazaaakallah u khaairaa in advance

    1. Jazak Allah for giving time. You are watching oldest post. Probably its been deleted. Kindly click on Literature Section from Main page. There you will find each and every book and kindly if you have any ads blocker check that. There is a video to show how to read or download from google drive. Before downloading kindly check that video.


    1. Bhai Islam main or Quran main farmaya gaya hai keh Jo bhi kisi bhi Insan ko qatal karta hai (Naahaq taur par) wo Poori Insaniyat ka qatal karta hai. Dosri baat keh Qatal or Shahadat do alag cheezen hain or Shaheedon k bhi darjat hain. Zarori nahi keh agar kisi Muslim ne dosre Muslim ko qatal kiya hai to wo shaheed he ho. Basa oqat dushmani ya kisi ki ziyadti ki waja se bhi qatal kar diya jata hai. Iske ilawa bohat si Ahadith bhi hain jo is baab main aayi hain Ap unka mutalia karna chahen to ap Qisas or Diyat k mozu par kisi bhi Book ko utha kar dekh lain Us main sub tafseelat or apke sawal ka jawab mojood hoga. Baqi humare pas Fiqhi issues par behes karne ka koi authority or ikhtyar nahi hai. Agar ap fiqhi taur par jawab chahte hain to Muftiyan e Karam se ruju farmaiye

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