Protective Circle (spiritualism)

Asalamoalyekum (Peace and Blessings upon all)

Protective Circle (or) Hisaar”

Protective circle or hisaar is used in spiritual studies as a protective fence from the out coming good or bad radiations from the spirit, demon, rijals, jins etc. Each and every religion in spite of polytheism and monotheism’s differences, had given its followers many kind of beneficial fences for the needs of protection.The matter of fact is that many times these fences or hisaars does not act so much powerfully or in other words the person who is making that hisaars (by either chanting or reciting or other forms like written and liquidated form i-e reading of some powerful verses or scripts etc), is not so much powerful by the means of his spiritual ability. That is the case that many times in exorcism and other things (in specially christian’s case), usually this occur that the demon power get overcome on the power of that exorcist.

As a Muslim on the other hand we Muslims are monotheist in true sense as we consider we got very beautiful details and protections through the sources like Quran , Sunnah, Hadith (sayings of the Holy Prophet + companians) and specially for these things (i-e someone is troubled by a demon either in his property, life, in his/her body or in anyother place). We as a Muslim consider Quran as the best constitution for personal usage for a human and the Sunnah is that protective wall for us upon which while having our lives shaped in true sense of Quran and Sunnah could be more keep ourselves safe from these kinds of things even get close to us. That is in the terms of Sufism called Noor (a Light) that light which can be found in each and every that soul who has somehow belief in the concept of God. (monotheists). So that noor can be more enriched in forms by the spiritual practice under the prominent teacher i-e (Murshad, or Murshid). But every Muslim is not a Sufi or not so much religious to that higher point. So Islam is also giving solution to this crisis e.g In the 30th and last verses of Quran which are named by “Surah al Falaq and Surah al Naas”. These are very common among each and every Muslim who is normally following his religious life under the monotheist belief in One and True Lord i-e We called Him Allah in Arabic. So all most all Muslims know that these 2 Surahs of Holy Quran are a defensive fence against the satanic powers and satanic activities. When Muslim pray he/she normally recites that in Salah (prayers) and also that our Beloved Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) has ordered us to recite 4 things before going to bed and among those 4 things there are 1. Ayat ul Kursi (its another surah of Holy Quran) 1 time

2.Surah al Kafiroon (1 time)

3.Surah Ikhlas (3 times)

4. Surah al Falaq and Surah al Naas .

Our traditions from the saints and sufi orders and dominant scholars of Islam added that . When reciting these verses its better to be in “Wudu” (ablution) and before reciting these verses its very good to recite it loudly and while having face towards Ka’aba (like in prayers). and also to recite Darood sharif 3 or 5 or 7 or 9 or 11 times before and after these 4 surah’s. and then blow on your palm and through your hands on your legs hairs face etc.

Now these things are very common in a normal Muslim life. Usually when Muslim gathered for prayers and when they finished their prayers the imam who leads in the prayers or even in alone if someone is praying he/she when finishes, recites these after salah (prayers) and then finished that prayer. So these things already makes us enough safe from getting trouble.

Now for those who are not yet following ISLAM but are getting or having involved in some kind of satanic affection, what can they have in that situation?. Well there are few things which i would like to talk about, for the benefit of those people who are not Muslims yet but they want some kind of protection against those demon powers (if there are because in many cases it shows that the person was having in fact some psychological problems and people consider that may be he/she is demonized or some sort of satan is upon them). So for serious cases. here are few hints.

1. Ablution:

                       Ablution is the Muslim preparing of washing body. This is not only for prayers but besides prayers it is normally good for the point of view on medical aspects. The method of ablution can be read easily on this blog in the category of Salah and Ablution or on google or on youtube).

2.Keep yourself away from alcohol.

                     Alcohol is the production of Satan for the human soul. Because when a person is using drugs and alcohol their normal human functioning senses got worst and this leads that demon power to make itself overcome on that source of light which is in simple words the light of goodness. Because demons are the production of darkness and that darkness helps them out in several cases and alcohol is the very easy way to give you a little relief but getting your soul more sinful through this. And this is the case that usually when alcohol is used adultery, death, serious criminal cases even incestism occurs. And these all sort of things occur because one used to drink alcohol and in that thing he/she was not in their sense. Also this is the reason that satanists used adultery and child molestation as a weapon of satan in their rituals.

3.Usage of Pork :

                                  Pork is also a dirty thing because as well as medically and spiritually these things makes us dumb fatty as well as sexually aroused. Sex is the very big weapon of the Satan. On the other hand if Sex is in the right way i-e between husband and wife. This is also a blessing and gift from God to the human body. But usually in west this did not occur in that sense. Because of sex free society many many crimes has been occured on daily basis. So keep your self away from pork which aroused human senses, and giving way to the satanic power to come into your body through these things.

4.It would be very helpful for those to make contact with such person which can helps them out in good way. A normal less power of demon spirit can be easily kicked out by an ordinary Muslim if he/she is a good and righeous character and morally a good person and religious person. So ask any muslim to recite these above given 4 Surah’s  or even any other Surah of Holy Quran and to blow on you. If possible its better to do that before going to bed or before the risen of the sun. i-e- time of fajar. early morning.

These two times are very important because in night the satanic powers gets more power because normal human soul is sleeping and before the dawn these powers gets very weak because the light can damage them.

5. The best protection for those who are not Muslim but are in case their own people or religion is not working so effectively on this matter. Those can get these dua’s or these surah’s in the form of ‘Taweezat” (a kind of amulet, charm or talisman) These can be used by non Muslims because these are written in coded forms e.g sometimes in Numbers. Sometimes in shapes or lines. etc. As any Muslim (that muslim who know this because now a days some people are hugely misguided and consider everything wrong).

6. Keep your room clear from Pictures. Specially those which are nude or semi-nude pictures, animals etc.

7.In night if there are any mirrors in the room put them upside down so that no one can see face in that.

8. If there is a bed or mattress check it whether there is anything hidden or if that is dirty change that as soon as possible.

9.Whatever religion you belongs to or not recite three times that i am giving myself in the custody of the One and Only Creator who Has created the universe and Who is the fountain of the Noor (light), From the atrocities and afflictions of all satanic and sinful things.

10.Before sleeping blow the same 4 given Surah or their translations (you can read whole Quran or selected Surah’s in english from this blog)., on the doors and the windows.

These 10. things could help you much more safe from any sort of satanic infiltrations. For powerful satanic effect , you will must have to consult with some authoritative person which can helps you out by other ways.

Personally i saw and know that if there is some kind of demon possession the powerful spiritual master uses 4 sticks of steel pins or bullets in 4 corners of the house. these pins or sticks of steel iron bullets has some verses written on them and some prayers and these can be burried in the 4 corners of the house to make the house safe from that powerful satanic thing. Some used to perform Adhan (Calling for prayers usually 5 times imam called out Muslims in Masjid to pray).

If someone is possessed by a demon power ask some good and religious Muslim to first perform that Circle or Hisar of 4 surah on him and the surroundings and then loudly recite that Azan (adhan) in front of the possessed person. This will make is very displease and harsh but can make runaway the satanic power from our body very fastly.

Yes surely there are many other ways and those ways depends on the cases. So this is very short summary of the meaningful things to do in that case.

Thanks for the reading. May Allah blessed us all the wisdom of the truth and grant us happiness and save us from the satan. AMin