Concept of asking help from others than Allah

Seeking Help From Auliya

By: Zarlish Khan Afridi: 23rd april 2012

Seeking help from Anbiya (alehumasalam) and Auliya (Saints) is only permissible in these conditions that the real Helper is Only Allah, but these pious people are nearer to Him and are the signs of His Mercy and Qudrat. So every Muslim of a true sole mind has this view and concept in mind according to the Quran and Sunnah.
Here we will try to put some light on the issue from the very first Authentic Source and that is QURAN.


References and Proofs in Support of this concept

1.Quran e Hakeem said:
Translation Roman ArabicWad’uo Shuhada’akum Min Doo’nillahe In Kuntum Saa’diqeen (Para1:Surah/verse:2:23)
English Translation : [Baqarah 2:23] And if you are in any doubt concerning what We have sent down upon Our distinguished bondman (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him), bring forth a single surah (chapter) equal to it; and call upon all your supporters, other than Allah, if you are truthful.
In this ayah of Glorious Quran there is a dawa’a invitation to the Kufars (infidals) that bring help from your those whom you think are helpful. So seeking help from other than Allah has been granted here, we will further concentrate on this ayah in next lines.

2.Quranic Ayah Said:
English Translation: [A/I`mran 3:52] So when Eisa(JESUS) sensed their disbelief he said, “Who will be my aides towards (in the cause of) Allah?” The disciples said, “We are the aides of Allah’s religion; we believe in Allah, and you bear witness that we are Muslims.”
In this ayah Hadhrat Eisa (Peace and blessing be upon him) ask help from others than Allah.

3.Quranic Ayah Said:
English Translation: “And help one another in righteousness and piety – and do not help one another in sin and injustice – and keep fearing Allah; indeed Allah’s punishment is severe”. (Al-Maidah:5:2)
Now in this ayah there is an order to help each other in right way. Again we are orderd to help and if someone needs help obviously they will seek from someone and who is ordered to help other? We

4.Quranic Ayah Said:
English Translation:[Mohammed 47:7] O People who Believe! If you help the religion of Allah, He will help you and will stabilise you“.

In this verse of Holy Quran the Surah Muhammad 47:7 said to all those who Believe, that help the religion of God and He will help you. Does God need our help? But yet it is ordered to help the religion of God and only then we will be on right path. In this verse God is by Himself asking for help, so the meaning of this ayah is not that God need our help but is to make us think what is the cause of this verse and why is this verse demanding us to help the religion of Allah has many other meanings and further it is stated in

5.Quranic Ayah:
English Translation: Latu’minunn’a bihee’ walatan’surunnah (ou shall positively, definitely believe in him and you shall positively, definitely help him [Al/Imran 3:81]

That means helping the people of God is ordered from the day of Meethaq (میثاق).

6.Quranic Ayah:
English Translation[Baqarah 2:153] O People who Believe! Seek help from patience and prayer; indeed Allah is with those who patiently endure.
Now in this ayah of Quran Allah is commanding us to seek help from patience and with prayers. Ghair Allah is again here so what on this ayah do we say that If someone is seeking help by doing patience (Patience) is the sifat and sifat is again not Allah but the creation of Allah instead. And again the Prayer by itself its not Allah prayer is the action and action is again gheir Allah.
So when Hadrat Zulqarnain was making the wall of iron around the gog and magog He said “Wayuni bi quwwatin” Meaning: Help me with power (man power).
Allah Almighty says through Quran in (10th Para:Surah 8:62)

7.Quranic Ayah:
English Translation: “[Anfal 8:62] And if they wish to deceive you, then indeed Allah is Sufficient for you; it is He Who has given you strength, with His help and with the Muslims”.

See the words It is HE WHO HAS GIVEN YOU STRENGTH +WITH HIS HELP +AND+ With the help of Muslims. So it is permissible in Islam to ask help from others than Allah BUT IN THAT MANNER WHICH IS CLEARLY STATED ON THE START OF THE ARTICLE.

Let us read 2 more ayahs from the Holy Quran and then we will put some light on the concept more briefly.

8: [Anfal 8:64] “O Herald of the Hidden! Allah is Sufficient for you and for all these Muslims who follow you“.

9:[Tehreem 66:4] ” If you both, the wives of the Holy Prophet, incline towards Allah, for indeed your hearts have deviated a little; and if you come together against him (the Holy Prophet – peace and blessings be upon him) then indeed Allah is his Supporter, and Jibreel and the virtuous believers are also his aides; and in addition the angels are also his aides“.

Read carefully the ayah and then think although Allah is sufficiant for Us but Quran is not only mentioning Allah alone but Allah is saying that Gabriel and Angels and Muslims and many other (Non-Allahs) (Ghair-Allah) (ALLAH k Maasiva or log) are mentioned in these ayahs as helpers. So what is the jurisdiction of those who said that seeking help from others than ALLAH is haram or bid’a or its wrong, infact these people are wrong and there are two things, either they are not fully familiar with ISLAM or they are hiding (MUNAFIQ).
Historically this is also valid because Quran states when Moses was send to Pharoah the Prophet Moses (peace and blessings be upon him) said to Almighty.
TRANSLATION: [Ta-Ha 20:29] “And appoint for me a viceroy from among my family.”

[Ta-Ha 20:30]That is Haroon, my brother.”

[Ta-Ha 20:31]Back me up with him.”

[Ta-Ha 20:32] “And make him a partner in my task.”  

These verses are showing that Prophet Moses asks Almighty to Make (Haroon) (Aaaron) alehisalam as his viceroy and help him through him. Now Prophet Moses is asking God who is the One and Alone Helper of all creatures but he is asking for help from and through his brother. Tell me all those wahabis and deobandis who think asking help from other than Allah is shirk. Do you have courage to put fatwa of Shirk on Moosa alehisalam? or Jesus alehisalam or even on Allah? Because God Almighty is saying by Himself that helper of Prophets are angels, and all other creatures. And guess what! what happend next? when Moses ask that in front of ALLAH?
Does Allah punish Moses and asking him O moses ! how do you ask help from haroon in front of me Your Lord and the Lord of the Universes? NO Certainely not. Almighty Allah not only accepts the prayers of Holy Prophet Moses but also make Haroon alehisalam his viceroy. Now think by your heart about these all verses i hope the dirt will remove a little bit and light will enlightened your souls.


There are lots of more ayahs in Holy Quran which directly or indirectly mentioning for the seeking help from others is permissible and according to above given refrences it is clearly shown that it is not only the Sayings of Allah but also it is the Sunnah of Anbiya e Karaam alehumasallam, Like holy prophet Jesus and Moses and Abraham and all others. So when a Muslim say Ya Rasool Allah madad or Ya Ali madad or Ya Ghaus e Paak almadad, that does not mean that he or she is asking from him considering him a ‘god’ or something of divinity NO and Never but the basic concept is that Pious people are more near than us in the Court of God and we seek help and refuge from than while keeping that in mind that Allah is the real One who is helping us but these are intercession and these intercessions are must from all views of life because God never came down himself to helps us out in our matters obviously if our prayers are worth to acceptance in His Almighty Lordship and he makes us help out through someone else. That someone else is considered as Intercession and that is totally permissible if the Person is Righteous and Religious and on the way of ISLAM, and who are those people who can help us? most desirable and loveable are those pious saints auliya of Allah who left this world in love of Allah and about whom Allah said in Quran that HE LOVES THEM and they LOVE HIM.
May Allah guide us all on the right way of truth and guidence Amin.

3 thoughts on “Concept of asking help from others than Allah”

  1. Don’t translate wrongly it is not real tafsir of Quran . . . Fear Allah And walk on right Path and be safe from shirk cos asking help from others is shirk . . . . May Allah Give You hidayat
    AameeN . .

  2. the writer here has skilfully or i can say deceivingly mentioned wrong translation of the ayats..emphasizing his point of view,,which is wrong in totality…..fear Allah..those who associate partners with Him for help..

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