JEW or Zionists!

The Jews
I start with the name of Allah the one who is merciful to the believers and the non-believers in this world and to the believers only in the hereafter. Thereafter, it was said:

The term “Jews” was mentioned several times in the Qur’an; also, the title “Sons of Israel” or “Children of Israel” is a title that is used in several verses of the Qur’an. When the title “Sons of Israel” is mentioned, it refers to the people who are among the offspring of Israel; some of them were Muslims and some blasphemed. Originally, this was the name of Prophet Ya^qub. He was referred to as Ya^qub, and in the Qur’an as Israel. Some of the offspring of Ya^qub were Muslims and some blasphemed. This is why we should not use the term to refer to blasphemers – because the name “Israel” refers to Prophet Ya^qub, and the Jews that disbelieved in God and His Prophets are not the true followers of Prophet Ya^qub. Cursing the word “Israel” is not good because originally, it refers to Ya^qub and his followers. So instead, we can refer to those people who call themselves Israelis today as Zionists, or the followers of the Hebrew Government or the like.
Some of their Blasphemy

The ones who blasphemed among the sons of Israel, were damned by many Prophets. In the Qur’an there is a verse which gives the meaning, “Those who blaspheme among the sons of Israel are damned by Dawud, one of the Sons of Israel, and ^Isa, the son of Maryam.” There is so much news in the Qur’an about what those Jews said to belittle and mock Allah. They said, “We are the rich ones and Allah is the poor one.” They also said that ^Uzayr is the Son of God. They also resembled Allah to the creation by saying he resides above and sits on the ^Arsh (Throne). Among the other things mentioned in the Quran about the Jews is how they said that Allah is stingy, and they were refuted in the Qur’an regarding this matter. They also changed the Torah book. First they changed the pronunciation to change the meaning, and then they made mistakes in writing it, and they would claim that this was what Allah revealed to Musa. Also, it is known that the Jews are arrogant. They refer to themselves as the “Chosen People” and they say that they have higher ranks. It was their habit in history, and even today, that they belie the Prophets and try to harm them. And they did kill many of the Prophets of Allah.
Jews Killed Prophets

The Jews are known for their extreme hatred towards Muslims. The people who have lots of hatred and enmity to the Muslim are the Jews. This was mentioned in the Qur’an; Allah is the Creator and he knows best about His creations. The Jews would either belie the Prophets or they would kill them or try to kill them. They killed Prophet Yahya, Prophet Zachariah, they even tried to kill Prophet ^Isa (Jesus), and Allah mentioned in the Qur’an that they were not able to kill him. Prophet Jesus was not crucified nor was he killed, but the Jews did not know this and they bragged about it. This shows their enmity towards the Prophets and believers. This trend of enmity from the Jews towards the Muslims continued up until Prophet Muhammad; they showed hate towards him when he appeared. They used to believe that a Prophet would appear before the end of time. They used to know the attributes of this Prophet but they thought that this last Prophet would be among the Sons of Israel, so when the Arab Prophet Muhammad from the tribe of Quraysh appeared they were furious they tried to harm him, kill him, belied him, and they prepared plans and traps to get rid of him. However, the Prophet was victorious over them. Even thought they knew that he was the Prophet, their arrogance led them to not believe in him.

Jews breach theTreaty

During the time of the Prophet in Madinah, there were several Jewish tribes living nearby. At the beginning there was a peace treaty that the Muslims initiated with some of these Jews. However, those Jews breached this by doing certain things. This led to the Prophet invading them. Al- Qaynaqa^, a Jewish tribe, used to have markets close to the city of al-Madinah and they used to be very good traders, and they had markets near Madinah. A Muslim woman went to buy jewelry and she went inside a store and the Jewish Jeweler tried to seduce her, and she refused. One wicked person told his buddies, “I will show you what she is covering under those clothes,” and while she sat waiting for her products that Jew tied her clothes without her watching so that when she would get up they would see some of her body. This happened and they began laughing at her so she screamed, and a passing Muslim came and killed some of them. But, more of them came and killed that brave Muslim. The news reached the Prophet; he put together an army and surrounded their homes for around 17 days. That tribe was very rich. After 17 days they said they would leave everything behind them if the Prophet would let them go. So they left Madinah and they left behind their gold and goods and land for the Muslims to gain.
Plotted to Kill the Prophet

Also among the Jews were the Sons of al-Nadir. They breached the treaty they had with the Muslims by trying to kill the Prophet. One day they invited him and he came with the companions; they started talking about killing him amongst themselves. They planned to have someone throw a huge rock from the top of a building where the Prophet was sitting. Allah revealed this to the Prophet so Prophet Muhammad got up and walked away and he was saved. Then he invaded their towns. He surrounded them for a period of time. They said they would surrender and leave as long as they could take their belongings. The Prophet told them, every 3 homes could take one animal to carry their supplies. Because they were so stingy, they wanted to take their actual homes with them, so they broke their homes down and tried to put them on the animals. They failed to do that, and they could not choose what to take, until they finally took some stuff and left their broken homes behind for the Muslims to come and take.


Abdullah Ibn Salam Embracing Islam

As we said earlier, many Jews knew the attributes of the Prophet and in their hearts they knew he was a Prophet. Allah was merciful to some of the Jews, and they embraced Islam. ^Abdullah the son of Salam was one of the prominent ones among the Jews; he was among their scholars. He had great knowledge of the Torah and of the last Prophet. ^Abdullah Ibn Salam uttered the testification of faith (Shahadatayn) and he became a good Muslim. He was praised by the Prophet, and was also praised in the Qur’an. After embracing Islam he told the Prophet that the Jews do not accept the truth, and they are arrogant people, so the Prophet wanted to refute them. The Prophet asked for some of the Jews to come in and he told ^Abdullah Ibn Salam not to show up in the beginning. The Prophet asked them, “what do you say about ^Abdullah Ibn Salam?” They said, “He is our master and the most knowledgeable among us.” The Prophet asked them, “What would you say if he embraced Islam?” They said, “There is no way he would do that.” Then ^Abdullah Ibn Salam came out and told them to embrace Islam, and they refused, the Prophet told them “Didn’t you praise him before?” Then they started saying that he was the most ignorant among them, and the son of the most ignorant among them, and the worst among them, and the one who is the son of the worst among them.


Changing the Rules of the Religion

Also, among the things the Jews did is tamper with the rules of the Religion — trying to tamper with the Torah. One day in Madinah, the Jews had one of their people riding on a donkey backwards and they painted him with tar. They were going around the streets of Madinah with that person on the donkey covered in tar. The Muslims told them, “Why did you do that?” They said that it was the punishment for the one who does adultery. But, in the Torah this is not the punishment — but because he was rich, they changed the rules to suit him. The Prophet told them to bring the Torah, and one of them had his finger covering the part that read that the one who commits adultery should be whipped or stoned, and he was reading other things trying to support their new rule. ^Abdullah Ibn Salam knew the Torah and he told him to lift his finger from that text and it said there that such a person needed to be whipped or stoned. After that incident Allah revealed in the Qur’an that those people who do not implement the rules of the religion are the blasphemers. This verse was revealed to Prophet Muhammad pertaining to the Jews.

All of this being said about the history of the Zionists and what they used to say, it is not strange that the Jews would do something like what they are doing nowadays. Their history showed how they tried to kill Prophets and how they succeeded in killing some. What they do today goes along with their history.

May Allah protect the Muslims in Palestine and all around the world, from the evil injustice of the Jews. May Allah send us angels to protect us from them and their filth. May Allah keep the Qur’an as a guide for our heart, and the sunnah of our Prophet as a light for our journey through this world. May Allah enable us to be among those who fight with the Mahdiyy and stand with Prophet ^Isa in prayer. May Allah guide those Zionists, and if Allah does not will that for them, then may Allah bring to them a torture unlike any He has inflicted on the previous nations.

May Allah grant us sincerity in our actions, patience in this time, and the upper Firdaws in the Hereafter.


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