Knowledge of “LA” & The Knowledge of “ILLA”

When something is cognized it is the cognition any way, even if it is that of the nescience. And, every cognition according to the law of Preserved Scripturum, enjoys the status of a reality. We are, therefore, left with no other alternate but to denominate the cognition of the nescience, too, as knowledge.

Cognition of nescience is termed, by the Sufis, as the Knowledge of “Laa” (elm-e- Laa) and the cognition of knowledge as the Knowledge of ” illa”  (ilm-e-illa). Both these cogitions are two Beatific Visions of the Alpha-Luminescences — one, the La Beatific Vision and the other, the Illa Beatific Vision.

When someone preserves  both these realities in his mind then it becomes easy for him to understand the ingredients of the Observation (Shahood). Thus, every observation has only these very two components. The first of the two, the Knowledge of La, is called the Unconscious. When a student of spirituality wants to be acquainted with the unconscious i.e. the Knowledge of La, he has to forget about all the fantasies, ideas and thoughts of the external world. He is required to cognate about his inner self, i.e. to get  to the inner most recesses of his mind.

This contemplation is such an activity which cannot be limited to a particular form of any sort of thinking. We call this thinking as the Cogitation of La, to wit, for a short while or for a considerable length  of time we try to remain in that state of mind when every angle is only that of nescience. This cogitation of La, could be acquired by practicing ” Istarkha” (gazing in the dark) .

Reiteration of Istarkha causes the internal circles of mind to be vacated from every thought or idea of any sort. Or to say, the mind fully absorbs in cogitation of La at that particular moment and the unconscious is Observed in this state of absorption.

The luminescences of La are the part of the luminescences of Alif-lam-Meem. Understanding of the luminescenses of Alif-Laam-Meem  is associated with the understanding of definition and analytical study of the luminescences of La. The luminescences  La are those Attributes of Allah which introduce us with the Oneness and Uniqueness of Allah, the Most Exalted.

This oft-repeated question is  asked many times by the people: ‘What was there before Allah?’. When the mind of a Sufi is fully trained for the spiritual association and he is versed with the properties of the luminescences of La, this question is eliminated altogether from his mind. Because after having the knowledge of Allah’s Attribute of La this idea becomes alien for him that there could have been a possibility of any existence before the existence of Allah. The concept of Oneness of Allah is comprehensively grasped by the spiritual associate when his mind familiarizes with the luminescenses of  La.

This is the first point from where a Sufi or a spiritual associate takes the first step in cognition of Allah.

Initially, in the circling limits of this step, he get the opportunity of acquaintance with his own self, i.e. he finds himself nowhere despite searching and thus, real sense of Oneness of Allah and the true spirit of cognition of Allah starts taking shape in his feelings. This is the state which has been termed as ‘ Lostfulness’ (Fannaiyat). few call it ‘ Lost-in-Deity’.

A devout or a spiritual associate cannot acquaint himself with the tenor or perception of “la” unless his mind is able to accommodate the whole expanses of the luminescences of La. initially, the luminescences of La are felt in the depths of his perception. This feeling remains beyond the limits of consciousness at the remote, distance, therefore this sensation could rightly be called the Unconscious or the ultra-conscious feeling but the flight of the thought finally has its access to it. The state  which causes the absorption of love of Allah produces this pattern of thinking and trains him to think on these lines.

Practice of remaining awake, the first lesson in the course of Discernment, helps in achieving this absorption to a great extent. Foundations of this thinking are laid when the practice of this lesson forms the pattern of absorption in the mind of the Sufi and some power of  intuition is produced in him. Then, this thinking is further activated, strengthened and polished by ‘Istarkha’ . After consolidation of this strength the luminescences of La begin to appear before the inner sight during  ‘Reminiscence’ (Warood). The Reminiscence further refines this thinking causing  origination of Substantial  Non-observation (La-Shahood-e-Nafsi). In the mind of Non-observation (KHIZAR)(peace be upon him), the Administrative Auliya and the angels start coming into visual contact and one occasionally gets a chance to converse with them. The translation of the signs and notations expressed by them start reaching the hearing of the spiritual associate in his own language because of one of the characteristics of this state of Non-observation. Gradually conversation starts taking place in the form of question– answers and many unseen arrangements  are revealed through the angels thereby.


                                    It is essential to ensure that the eyes are kept tightly closed during the course of Muraqbah of La. It is advisable to use a fluffy cloth as a blind-fold. It would be more appropriate if the cloth is fluffy like a towel or a towel with smooth fluffy surface be used for the purpose. Proper care is required to be exercised in  blind-folding the eyes so that the eyelids are firmly held by the  flock of towel. This grip shouldn’t be hurtingly tight or flimsy. The purpose is to keep the eyelid under a constant mild pressure. Adequate pressure helps in suspending the movement of the eyeballs and when actuation of the sight is attempted  during this state of suspension the innate forces of the eye which could be called the sight of the spiritual eye, come into action.

               The main target of Muraqbah is to make the inner sight work. This purpose can only be achieved when the movement of the eyeballs is kept suspended for the maximum possible period of time. The more the suspension of the movement of the eyeballs, the greater will be the activity of the inner sight. In fact, this very action causes the trend, to see in the light of the soul. The suspension of  movement of the eyeballs causes an agitation in the Subtlety of Self which results in increase in the activity of the innate sight. This thing helps in Observing (Shahood).


        A considered deliberation about the structural formation of the human body can lead us to the resultant out-come and the law as governing the movements of the body. Eyelids keep on moving over the eyeballs during wakefulness. The eyeballs are slightly stroked when the eyelids move and disconnect the eyes momentarily from the lights and the outer scenes. Analysis of this movement of the eyelids reveals that the eye gradually takes in the information about the things existing in the out and the information collected are passed on the mind in their order of collection.

Principally, sensation about the material objects is required to be disassociated from the lights with a flick of the eyelids during which the mind is posted with the information about the seen objects. To arouse the sensation of the things which are felt because of their materials features, the material eyeballs and the material movements of eyelids are prerequisite.

Whereas  to feel the intrinsic form of the material things we have to act per contra to this action and in that case eyes are required  to be kept closed and the movement of the eyelids is to be checked. Sensation of the material things is produced in the material eyes  through the eyesight. And, the same sight which causes the sensation of the material things is used in viewing the intrinsic form of a thing. Or to say, the sight is the common instrument for material and spiritual activities. Viewing, in any case, is conducted by the sight. When even after suspending the material source of sight, the sight is kept attentive then according to the law of Preserved Scripturum the Intuitive Power is bound to be actuated forcing the sight to see the intrinsic form of anything because proper functioning of Intuitive Power (Quwat-e-ilqa) is not possible unless viewing is not performed by the sight. This is how  we can see the intrinsic form of a thing something we intend to see. It is the type of visualization practice which has been termed as Muraqbah by Sufis.

Lecture extracted by the book : Loh-o-Qalam  by Hazrat Shamsudin Azeemi (rt) Founder of Azeemiya Sufi Order.

To be continued……..


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    1. ji han bhai ap ne sahi farmaya. lekin ye book publish azimiya foundation ne ki hai or milli azeemi sahab ki taraf se hai isliye unka name likha hai

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