Deobandi Oversmartness again Caught! red handed

This is Old Version of the Book

Ismail Dehlvi wrote in his book this sentence regarding Holy Prophet

(One day i will also die and became (like of) soil)

MaazAllah.. Astaghfirullah

This is Tuhmat on Prophet Hood because Quran clearly mentions that

Prophets are alive in their graves and earth is forbidden to do that which she does with ordinary humans

NOW HERE IS NEW VERSION of the Book in Which They Fabricated their own books and remove sentence with another fabrication explanation

( Ismaeel dehalvee uses this explanation from his mind for explaning the death of Prophet. And Mawlana Rashid Ahmed made a failed attempt to make a ‘tawil” of this usage in his Fatwa Rashidiya. He was refuted in his tawil by Ahlus sunnah scholars).

The use of fancy words and  total change in meaning! Please note this is one of those disrespectful sentence which scholars of Ahlus sunnah objected right at the beginning, but the Deobandis did not agree. Now slowly they are making changes in almost all their book.



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