The Gulistan of Sa’di (Sheikh Sa’di al sherazi in english)


One thought on “The Gulistan of Sa’di (Sheikh Sa’di al sherazi in english)”

  1. The argument that Sufis are statistically insignificant is constantly made by Westerners and never supported by any references to specific regions, countries, sects, or movements in Islam. If one combines a) the countries with Sufi-influenced Islam, where it has broadly suffused the religion, such as Bosnia-Hercegovina, the central Russian Turkic communities like Tatarstan, plus Azerbaijan, the former Soviet Central Asian republics, Eastern Turkestan, and large numbers of people in Pakistan, India, and Southeast Asia, with b) the areas where Sufism is an organized phenomenon with publically-active orders, like the Albanian lands, North Africa, French-speaking West Africa, East Africa, Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, and Iran, along with c) Turkey in which Sufism is the official Sunni interpretation (with the Turkish edition of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi present in every mosque in the country and in the Turkish diaspora) as well as the main influence in Turkish heterodox Alevism, and then add d) the Sufis of the Arab Gulf countries, including those who were repressed but survived in Saudi Arabia, Sufis and Sufi-oriented Muslims are a large plurality of all the Muslims in the world. Sufis exist in every Muslim country. All Muslims know this, whatever their attitude pro or con about it. Please see my post If you think you can strike any country from the list, please name it.

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