Huge list of Wahabi/Salafi/Deobandis Tempering with Tafaseers and ahadiths

230179_107982182700543_420392726_nThese are the scans and proof of the fabrications committed by Wahabi/Salafi and Deobandis in the Famous Tafaaseer’s of Quran (exegesis) and in the Famous Books of Ahadith. Before making any comments against this,first open your heart and think as a true believer and a sole Muslim.

6219_107982872700474_228179554_n154358_107982932700468_1651332421_n533632_107983002700461_1166428970_n535454_107983209367107_310480501_n543114_107983269367101_1765844929_nNow fabrication in Tafsir ibne Kathir english

32349_107983696033725_1456522564_n540159_107983716033723_548997649_nNow Tafseer Ruh-ul-Bayan

542650_107983972700364_1117182342_nNow Tafseer -e- Saawi

318926_107984139367014_1515161341_n12754_107984272700334_79267406_n395054_107985289366899_1673269025_n291725_107985322700229_578740695_n32301_107985642700197_1662437259_np263577_107986182700143_520649635_nSunan Tirmizi Shareef


Sunnan Nasai


Fabricated versions scan


Fabrication in SHIFA SHAREEF


Sharah Al Shifa Original
Sharah Al Shifa Original


Also fabrication in Al qawl al baddee’e


Qoul al Baee’e main Deobandi Tehreef

29351_108011506030944_1434966798_nNOW ORIGINAL BOOK


Original words
Original words
See the original text
See the original text

Ab is qadar khayanat or Bayimani k baad bhi ap kehte ho keh Wahabi or Deogandi Sahi hain. To matlab yeh hoga keh Ap khud bhi MUNAFIQ hain. After all this fabrications committed by Wahabi/Salafi and Deobandi deviant sects. Will you believe them now??????????? Are they entitle to be considered as MUSLIMS??? Arnt they out of the circle of ISLAM?

See original words
See original words

Now see the Fabricated Version which is available all over the internet by those deviant sects

Fabricated Versions
Fabricated Versions

See they remove the hadith about rafaulyadayin

Fabrications in madarij un nabuwat
Fabrications in madarij un nabuwat

291752_107988826033212_1659713637_nOriginal Scan of the book

402524_107989039366524_1589993063_n 484964_107989122699849_2111472734_n




See Deobandi's LIE in their own book
See Deobandi’s LIE in their own book
See Deobandi's LIE in their own book
See Deobandi’s LIE in their own book







15 thoughts on “Huge list of Wahabi/Salafi/Deobandis Tempering with Tafaseers and ahadiths”

    1. Walaikum!

      There is no similarity between Deobandi and Barelvi. Barelvis are Sufi Silsila-e-Tareeqa and followers of Hanafi Islamic Law. Fiqh-e-Hanafi. While Deobandis are followers of ibn al wahab but they pretend themselves to be ahlu sunnah while they arn’t . instead they are followers of Khawarijism . i-e Ghair muqalladi and wahabis,

      we very well know the HUGE DIFFERENCE between both.

      1. Thanks for returning the salam coz i m deobondy & brelewis.
        GF Haddad. Nu Keller ruling is contrary to yours. Therefore u should take back what u claim.

        If u need links let me know i ll send it when i m on the desktop

      2. G.F Haddad and Nuh Keller are not familiar with the wrong ideologies of deobandis. In fact Haddad already talked about them and said that he need more information on them. Most of the arab ulema’s of this time are not familiar with them bcz deoband hide themselves under the wrong flag of ahlesunnat.

        And most of all, we had explained their similarities and aqeeda in our another article Here is its link kindly read it.

        Those are not US (Ahlu Sunnah) Even “Akaabir” of Deoband called themselves “Wahabies”

      3. Nuh keller has done a 40 page fatwa. GF HADDAD s done numerious Q&A s on this. prove to me what u claim if u can? i ll conclude wit the fact that your claim is based on your feelings.

        You er actually behaving like someone who doesnt do taaqleed. Trait of the wahabis

  1. Hmm actually some people like you has a trend of not believing what they read and see. As all those are reading your comments they are realizing that you are beautifully avoid to read ONE SNAKE WITH TWO HEAD. and what if G.F haddad and Nuh keller said that??? Whats so important . And asking me that i am trait of wahabis . First go and search what and who are YOU (WAHAABIS) and YOUR (BROTEHRS DEOGANDIS).

    I am not following g.f haddad and n.k there are several objections on them both, what about that?? They are following naqshbandi order so what they know about Qadria , Neither of them personally ever visit Bareli or Deoband.

    So stop being fooling around and making differences among us by defending them. We are not followers of Nuh,and Haddad. We are followers of Fiqhe Hanafi and most of all Hadith and Quran.

    If something contradicts with the basic Faith and Basic pillars of aqaid we will reject them even if that wrong thing has been happened by G.F and N.K.

    Who told you that their said words are the “Harf-e-Akhir”???? If those scholars has different view its no problem.

    Now let me gave you answer (but keep that in mind that this is not a forum for “Manazra”) i am just giving this bcz of your views and calling us a wahabiya.

    Here is quote and details

    Here is your answer
    No Difference between

    Barelwis and Deobandis


    What exactly is the difference between the school

    of thought that follows Ala Hadrath Ahmed Rida Khan RA

    and those that follow the school of thought of

    Rashid Ahmed Gangohi against whom i understand

    Ala Hadrath had said that there is inherent kufr

    in the nature of thought expressed but did not issue

    a fatwa of Kufr, as Maulana Rashid Gangohi had passed on.

    (may Allah Ta’laa forgive me if i have made a mistake )there is a lot of ikhtiflaaf in the Indian subcontinent

    on this issue and i do understand that it is extremely volatile

    – but, i would request you to kindly spare sometime and answer me


    Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim:There is no difference in the generalities of `Aqida and

    Fiqh between Barelwis and Deobandis. They are both Sunni

    Hanafis, Sufis, Ash`aris or Maturidis. One stands in need

    of the best each school has to offer, as indeed hold many

    of the living prestigious teachers known to both sides.Among the best commentaries on Sahih Muslim and the Sunan of

    al-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud are works by the Deobandis. The

    lives of the Sahaba by al-Kandihlawi is a masterpiece. I`la’

    al-Sunan and Aathaar al-Sunan are very valuable. As for Imam

    Ahmad Rida Khan and his works, whoever does not recognize

    their worth as one of the treasures of this Umma is a blasted

    nincompoop who should wear a dunce cap until he learns.Both sides are strict Hanafis and mainstream Sufis. We do not

    endorse the mistakes that anyone might have made, such as

    uttering words rightly perceived to lack adab in matters

    of `Aqida or contesting the legality of celebrating Mawlid.Nor do we endorse Takfir. Demonization of the other, saying

    they are munafiq is unacceptable. We leave extremism to Najd

    and its minions. Come together. Sayyid Muhammad `Alawi al-

    Maliki advised you to do so, Sayyid Yusuf al-Rifa`i advised

    you, Shaykh `Abd al-Hadi Kharsa advised you, Sayyid Ya`qubi,

    Dr. al-Nass, others… Do you think you stand for the honor of

    Allah and His Prophet more than such as these? Think again.When the situation is such that there is mutual avoidance at

    mosques, gatherings, etc. then it becomes wajib for every true

    and sincere Deobandi should seek out his counterparts among

    Barelwis and for every true and sincere Barelwi to seek out

    his counterparts among Deobandis, pray together, learn from

    one another, give salam, and increase love. Disunity is sin.

    Or are you afraid you will lose reputation or funding? Shame.Here is the resting-place of Shaykh `Abd al-Qadir Gilani and

    Imam Abu Hanifa bracing for another Mongoloid onslaught. Will

    you Sunnis still be debating and anathematizing one another

    because of who said what as the Hour rises? Stressing ikhtilaf

    and schism is from Shaytan. If this is what the general public

    chooses to follow, it is their loss even as they shout ALLAHU

    AKBAR and YA RASULALLAH from God’s dawn to the wee hours. Salam.Hajj Gibril

    Shawwal 1423/December 2002

    GF Haddad


    Kindly read all those things all of the views in that post which i have provided you a link .Though it was not needed after posting my very first comment (Snake with two heads) But…. anyhow…
    Hope this will satisfy you, and yes WE ARE AGAINST WAHABIYA, RAWAFID, AND DEOBANDIA ,because Rasool Allah alehisalam, Companions and C-of-Companions ie Taibun, ta’ba tabidun and all of the Schools of Ahlusunnah wal jama’at rejects their ideologies, and from authentic sayings they are considered out from the ambit of Islam. Khawarijs are considered worst creation according to the hadith of ibn-e-umar (ra). And why they are considered ?? Read articles and controversial topics section and yes also refutation section on this site you will get to know that.

    Deobandis are only the indo-pak form of Al-Wahabiya Sect the biggest difference to disguise the muslims and then cheat them with their beliefs they use “Taqlid” . While wahabiya rejects taqlid so only thing is taqlid. Which deobandis (ie- Wahabis of indo-pak) are following (just to pretend the ordinary Muslims that they are sunnis while in reality they ar’nt).


    You said that they are not wahabis???
    Molvi Ismail Dhelavi , Rashid ahmed gangohi, Hussain madani,khalil ambethvi,kandhelvi,ashraf ali thanvi and so on and so on those are the famous scholars (if you consider them a scholar!!) of Deobandis.

    They themselves said in their books like (Taqviyatul iman) (Sanwah-e-ashraf thanvi) (Mufaridat) (Burahin-e-qatiya) etc etc . for more satisfied view go and see the scans of those books (straight from madrassa-e-deoband) in this blog in the section of refutation) and then if you dare comeback and then i will ask you what you have to say that who is now wahabi and who isnt.


  2. and yes important question from me to you now!

    Did you read this article or not ??? here scans are given along with the original books scans, despite of the views of yours on barelvis and deobandis.

    You didnt mention a single word that whether fabricating the books is a sin or not?? As in this article the exegesis and books of hadith scans are shown and proved that Wahabis, or (for your view) The Deobandis are fabricating those things.

    YOu didnt tell me that what is your view?? Neither of barelvi Sufis are entitle for that. We ahlu sunnah does not do these kind of things bcz we know that the true beliefs could never be hidden under the curtains of munafiqat so we do not need that.

    What is your opinion? Those who commit that crime are punishable or not?? Wahabiya and Deobanis both did that What is you fatwa for them? if someone do those crimes are they good enough to believe in ?

    What is the punishment of the person who fabricate the sayings of Rasool Allah alehisalam??

    1. Salam

      1. I didnt read the article but saved it.
      2. I dont have to speak about knowledge i dont know. I heard Abu bakr RA doing the same thing but more cautious.
      3. You er not a scholar? but Gf Haddad & Keller is so i do taqleed with them like u do taqleed with the 1 of the 4 imams?
      4. Sunnis dont lie And Hate

      So kindly remove deobondis from the aritcle. Both groups are bad as each other. The worst ones are the one who does takfir

    1. Shareef bhai kya sawal tha apka??? Yahin post kar den. wese mere bhai yeh darul ifta nahi hai apko shara’ye fatway k liye mustanad alim ya unki mutaliqa website e.g

  3. i am heartly barelvi and i am totally understand on barelvi ullama comments……but deobandi r the raw material of dauzaq

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