Information about ibn-e-Saba

Information about Ibn-e-Saba
by Zarlish Khan Afridi on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 6:41am ·

Who was the Founder of Rawafidh??


Ans: In the famous book of Rafidi sect,named by (Tareekh Rozatul-Safa) written by muhammad bin khadand shah,says about the founder of rawafidh abdullah ibn Saba and his beliefs in these words:

“Ibn al Sawad who is famous by the name of Abdullah bin Saba among the non arab historians.He was authentic scholar among the jews of “San’aa”.Because Hazrat Usman (ra) takes him with very respect and honor, so because of Hazrat Usman’s (ra) goodness he came to Madina and became a Muslim.But when his mission was not succeeded, he try to make relations with those people who were having bad and hate in their hearts regarding Hazrat Usman Ghani (ra), he make several oaths of love and co-work in this mission with them. He started them helping in disrespecting and using wrong allegations about Hazrat Usman (ra). And from this way he started the “Fitna” and spreading it among Muslims.When Hazrat Usman (ra) come to know about these things he said: Who is this person?who is the base of all mishappenings? Why are we tolerating him?.So he ordered him to leave Madina.

When abdullah bin Saba got to know that in egypt there is a big bunch of haters of Hazrat Usman Ghani (ra),he got himself there.He impress the people with his piety and knowledge’s curtain.When many people accepted his views and creed, he suddenly bring them a new belief in faith, and that was,As christians says Hazrat Essa (Prophet jesus) alehisalam will be come back from skies, and this thing is lighted like an shiny day that Hazrat Muhammad (alehisalatowasalam) is “afdal” (Higher) than Jesus (alehisalam).So you (alehisalam) has more right than Jesus (alehisalam) to come back.God himself about this kind of return of yours and promises. So He(God) says. “Inal-lazi farada aleikalqurana liradak.ilalmiad. (means; Who reveal upon you this Quran he will surely return you from the place of return). (my note: a false and wrong meanings and implementation of the ayat).So when egyptians accepted this kind of belief from him, then he ask them that see every prophet has someone “khalifa” (Caliph) and Wasi (Heir). So Hazrat ALI (ra) is more entitle because of his faith,piety,justic,knowledge and charity, but the Ummah (Muslims) committed wrong and done unjustice by not giving them Khilafa.So now everyone is bound to make help in the cause of this matter upon the wasiya (will) of Rasool Allah alehisalam.(my note: this is totally misguidence bcz Nabi alehisalam never gave such thing as will or wasiya).And everyone must try to fulfil his(Ali’s) sayings and actions,upon hearding this type of thing many of the egyptians were very happy and they totally reject the Govt.i-e Khilafat-e-Usman.


REF: Rozatal Safa . Vol 2. Page 470.Under chapter, Khilafat e Usman (ra)(Shia book)


In another book Farq-al-sheeya written by abu muhammad bin moosa alnonjti on page 22,published by Matboa Haydari Najaf-e-Ashraf. It is stated about this founder of Rafidism Abdullah bin Saba and his beliefs in these words:

“The knowledgeable fellows of Ali (ra) explains this that Abdullah bin Saba was a Jew.Then he embras Islam and become a Muslim, and claimed himself as a lover of Hazrat Ali (ra). In the days of his Judaism, he was famous for saying these kinds of things like,After the death of Prophet Moses(alehisalam) the khilafa is the right of Yusha bin Nun, and he is the true successor for the seat,and after accepting Islam he also started the same kind of pathetic views about Prophet Muhammad (aleisalatowasalam) and Hazrat-e-Ali(ra).He is that first person who spread the belief of Imamat as fard(Must).He clearly mentioned himself away from the enemies of Hazrat Ali(ra) and he showed the opposers in front of the people. And that is the point that non-shia people says that this is the core and base of SHiYA-Ism Born from the belly of Judaism”. (Ref: already given)


In Naasikh al tawareekh It states:


Abdullah bin saba was a jewsish person who became muslim in the era of third caliph usman (ra) and was very well aware of other books i-e bible and torah. When he accepts the truth of Islam, he does not like the Khilafa of Usman(ra), So he start to sit around the corners and and among the friendly gatherings and stated the character assasination of Hazrat-e-Usman(ra) and arguing his rulings.When Hazrat Usman(ra) came to know these wrongdoings.He asked him to leave madina and he left to egypt…. and the same story as above mentioned.(more is written).And so For Muhammad there is Ali as a Heir and Successor bcz Muhammad (alehisalam) asked him(ali) himself that you are for me just like Aaron was for Moses. So we can understand that only ALi is the Khalifa after Muhammad.and Usman (ra) illegally acquire this status.Umar (ra) also put this on the ‘Ash’SHuura” (the people who are entitled to decide) without any right, and Abdurehman bin Auwf (ra) do a Baiy’a (oath) by his inner lust (maazAllah:God forbid us).And he was who stops the hand of Ali (ra) and when he (ALI ra) accepted Biya’a and take oath then his hand was freed.and then he say many many wrong things about Usman (ra) ….(which i am not quoting bcz of length but only few points).So he ibne saba urge people and create a big fitna among Muslism, Hazrat Usman (ra) know this all thing going on and during these things and views he was assasinated”.

(Ref For more reading: Nasikh al Tawareekh)


IN Another Book:

IT is stated about him that: Abdullah bin saba started a new belief of “Ilaah” about Hazrat ALi (ra) (means comparing him with God),because of this blasphemy Hazrat-e-ALi(ra) ordered ban on him to enter in country is said that he is a jew…..(and the same story)…..till end.

(ref:Anwaare Naumaaniya by Naimatullah jazaayeiri. Page 197).


In the words of Umar bin Abdulaziz alkash-ee in his book RijalKash-ee Page 101 under Tazkira abdullah bin saba, he is writing ::

“Now let us see that does Shia’s accepted those believes of not?


In Jila’il’uyoon.written by Mulla baqir majlisi vol 2 page 60.on this page he is written this belief of his and shias in these words.”Hazrat ALi(Ra) stated in one of his Khutba’s(Summons):that i have the knowledge of ghaib,whom no one knows after Rasool Allah aleihisalam. I am mentioned in Suhaf-e-Uulaa by the name of dhulqarnayn. I am the lord of ending of Solomon. I am the owner of Hisab-o-kitab, (questions and deeds in here after). I am the owner of al-siraat (Pul-e-Siraat), I am the giver of jannah and hell. I am the first Adam and First Noah. I am the Aayah(verse) of Jabbar (Al-Jabbar attribute of God),I am the reality of the hidden, i am the one who is one who give the dress of leaves to the trees, i am the one who is maker of the fruits, i am the one who is founder of the fountains and giving running to the rivers.” (sum,sum maazAllah, this all is a felony and blasphemy about Hazrat Ali(ra) who never ever says these stupid things).


Again in His book Haq-al-Yaqeen, Mulla baqir majlisi says on page 219,chapter 5, under (dar bayan asbaate rij’at) he states:

“Nomani is narrating from Hazrat imam baqir (ra) that When the Ale-Muhammad (ahlu bait) will came out from the cave, God will help them with his angels, they will first of all do biya of Rasool Allah alehisalam and then Hazrat AlI(ra).”


And same kind of nonsense has been written in another of his book (Hayat al quloob) by Mulla baqir majlisi vol2 page 504.



So my Muslim brothers and sisters,this was the short introduction of the Rawafidh (Known as Shi’te muslims) and their creator. There are many other narrations which also talked and put a better enlightenment upon the Ibn-e-Saba. In which it is stated that he does not accept Islam for as a religion but for gains of his lust but when he saw that his wrong views will be not accepted under the Usman(ra) caliphate, he make a Fitna and create a huge gap and divide ummah among another sect.Now here is the thing to understand few things more. Qadyanis are also the creation of the Jews (specially zionists), as i had shown with proofs in my another article about qadyanism. This was their recent creation in the pro Pakistan-Indian era and during their british rule in Indian continent of that times. Same is the case with Wahabies, they are also creation of the zionists, bcz if you see the royal saudi family and their real ties, they belongs to a Jewish tribe of banu qenuqah.And recently when few years ago the writer publish his work in saudia, he was assasinated by Saudi dogs.For the whole script you can visit So the matter of fact is that in these days it is very much easier for the people to read and then analyze and judge it on the basics of neutral mind that these were the creations of the zionists to divide ummah, although it was prophicized in Islamic Hadiths.So keep yourself away from these people. i-e Rafidi,Khawarij,Qadyani,Deobandi,ahlehadith. And be on that way which is the righteous way of the Muslims and Ummah i-e Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. May Allah guide us all to the right path before our death. Aaameen




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