Qadiyan Se Israel Tak

430159_208652395935182_217225357_n534600_208652455935176_762658877_n267735_208652542601834_354244745_n319090_208652705935151_2131389162_n420572_208652625935159_1933852417_n578586_208652509268504_699680307_n185069_208652759268479_309479662_nUPDATED INFORMATION NOW : on 11/6/2012 . 5:03 AM:The Mahmood Mosque (Arabic: مسجد محمود‎) in Kababir near Haifa was built by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the late 1970s.The neighbourhood’s first mosque on Mount Carmel was built in 1931, and a larger grand mosque in the 1970s. The grand mosque has two white minaretes standing 35 metres tall, which dominate the low-rise skyline of the residential neighbourhoods on the ridges nearby. The mosque has been subsidized entirely by the members of the local Ahmadiyya Community.The Ahmadiyya Community in Israel settled in Kababir from Ni’lin near Jerusalem. Abdul Qadir Odeh, was the first Palestinian to embrace Ahmadiyyat in Israel. The first Ahmadiyya Missionary from India in Israel was Jalaluddin Shams. Kababir is a mixed neighbourhood of Ahmadi Arabs and Jews on Mount Carmel in Haifa. Established in 1928, 99% of the residents of this town belong to the Ahmadiyya Community.NOTE: Think on this point that Jews wants to destroy Al-Quds Shareef and yet they are totally giving funds to Ahmadiya to make their mosque or it would be more better to say that to built their synagogue.


Haifa Ahmadi Mission Synagogue
Haifa Ahmadi Mission Synagogue


See by your own eyes. The place which is prohibited to their real residents i-e Poor Muslim Palestinians is given to Ahmadis and see their living standards their. What else one need to not believe that they were and are the creation of Zionists

Isnt it seems like old masonic temple??
Isnt it seems like old masonic temple??

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