Reality and Fabrication of Deoband in their own books (A refutation with scans)

Reality and Fabrication of Deoband in their own books (A refutation)
by Zarlish Khan Afridi on Monday, October 15, 2012 at 12:20pm ·

A couple of days back, one of my friends informed me about the Deobandi propaganda on internet. After fabricating in their own books, now they have started spreading lies on internet! It is a well known fact that Deobandis have made fabrications in many books including, Behasti Zewar ( Heavenly Ornamanets) . I wanted to show the scans of fabrications from this book on this forum, but the deleted content were so objectionable that I decided not to talk about it. The fabrications being carried out in other books were already shown in earlier post. New version of Fazaile Aamaal has changes too. To know about the Deobandi fabrication and mistranslation in hadith books, one must look at the works of Pakistani Shaykh Allama Akhatr Shahjahanpuri (rh), who provided many reference of Deobandi fabrication in his hadith books.


When America wanted to attack Iraq, it spread the lies of weapon of mass destruction and the alleged relation between Al Qaida and Saddam Hussein. The media got carried away by this news and the whole world was talking about Iraq having WMD. Be it news channel or printing media, every one had the same headline of Iraq having WMD. Years later it was confirmed that there is no such WMD in Iraq. This is the era of fourth generation war, where media propaganda is used to change public mentality. The same methodology is adopted by Deobandis who have tried to present the works of their past scholars in a “good looking’ way, alleging that all charges against their scholars are false and an attempt to paint Deobandi scholars in a wrong way.


There is an article which is available on many Deobandi website with the heading


‘False Allegations against Deobandi Ulama: ANSWERED’. This is a case of broad day light robbery! Deobandis have denied that no such objectionable statement is present, in the books of their Scholar.


This is a short article, with scans, to bring the facts from their own books, which they are denying now! Deobandis have used the term “False Allegation” and then they have provided some clarification on those false allegations. I will quote from Deobandi website first and will provide scans to show that the truth of the matter is something else.




The False Allegation

Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, a founder of Deobandi Movement has the following beliefs:


1. The Almighty Allah can speak a lie. (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 1 pg. 20)




Why to leave other Deobandi giants? Why do they feel ashamed to tell that this ugly belief was first propagated by their forefather, Ismaeel Dehalvee, who wrote in his Persian Book‘Yek roza”


Here is the scan from Yek Roza , a book in Persian Language , written by Shah Ismail Dehalvee.


The Persian statement is as follows(page 17)


“Aqul agar murad az muhaal mutmane lizaatihi ast keh tehat qudrat ilahoya dakhil neest pas la nusallim keh kizb(Jhoot) ba mani mastoor ba shad cheh muqadima qiziyya ghair mutabiqa mawaqe o ilqaye aan bar malaika o anbiya kharij az qudrat e Ilahiya neest wala lazim aaid keh qudrat e insaani azaaid az qudrat e Rabbani ba shad cheh aqade qizziya ghair mutabiq lilwaqea o alqaae aan bar mukhatibeen dar qudrat aksar afrade insani ast.”


Rough Translation


It is possible for Allah to be a liar.If you do not accept this , then Human being’s ability will be considered more than Allah’s ability.


( It means , since Human can lie and if some one thinks Allah cannot lie , then this will mean Allah’s ability is less than Human ability…)

( Maaz Allah)


And then the later Deobandi scholars wrote only to defend this claim.


Mawlana Khaleel Ambaithwi writes in his


Book : Braheen e Qaatiya

Page : 6

Publisher : Kutub Khana Imdadiya, Deoband [scan]




Mawalana Khaleel Ambethavi writes


“This issue of “imkan e kidhb is not a recentl issue, but in past people have discussed whether Khalf e waid ”(Allah can give Paradise to even sinners like Pharoah/ Abu Jahal, going against His own ruling) is possible or not. Hence we find in Durrul Mukhtar it is written Khalf e waid is possible /permissible ( jayaz)or not, and Asharis are in support of it because the Asharis do not consider it as an imperfection , rather they consider it as a Mercy of Allah.”


( Hence in past people said that if Allah gives paradise to a sinner , it will be due to mercy of Allah)




Here we see how Mawlana Khaleel Ambaithvee is bringing a quote from Durrul Mukhtar on Khalf e waid to use it on Imkan e kIdhb.!


More ever people in Past called it as a mercy of Allah and not as a lie of Allah. ( Mawalana Khaleel has himself quoted this )


Same , Mawlana Khaleel Ambethvee writes in his


Book : Braheen e Qaatiya

Page : 274

Publisher : Kutub Khana Imdadiya, Deoband[scan]


“This is the meaning of Imkaan-e-Kizb (possibility of telling a lie) that Allah Ta`ala has the power of telling lies but this will not happen.”


Mawlana Rashid Ahmed says in his fatawa

Page No 97 .. “Pas Sabit Howa Key Kizb Dakhil-e-Qudarat-e-Bari Ta’ala Wa Ala Hai”



” Hence , it is now established that to Lie is with in the possibility of Allah subhanahu wa taala”


Deobandis not only give the possibility of Lying and cruelty to the Power of Allah , but they also give the possibility of ALL BAD ACTS ( afaal’ e qabeeha)

Book: Al Jahd Al Muqeel

Author: Shaykh Mahmoodul Hasan Al Deobandi

Page : 41

Publisher : Maktaba Madniyya Urdu Bazar Lahore

Afaal e kabeeha(bad acts) ko Qudrat e Qadeema Haq Taala Shanahu say kiun kar khaarij keh saktay hain


“How can we say that it is out of the power of Allah that , He cannot perform bad acts

522397_207685739365181_1836562473_n76539_207685819365173_352862977_nSo as you see my Muslim brothers and sisters that deobandi cult has fabricating their own books. Why? Bcz of internet and media they are exposed to normal Muslims. And they did not want their coming creed to be questioned by their own books and (QOWL VA FAIYL k TAZADAT). Hypocrisy is the main factor behind all deviant sects. The new editons of their books are highly fabricated so that no one could know their real face and truth. But unfortunately its not possible bcz these books has been published several times by the same deobandi maktaba’s and many people like us have their original manu scripts. We wont let them again deceive the Muslims. may Allah guide deobandis on the right way of ahlu sunnah wal jama’h and if it is not possible plz do pray that Allah Almighty save us from their satanic aqaids and their fabrications. Ameen.

(Updated this article on Makashfa’s Blog Today @ 17/12/12- 4-11 Am)

Official Fatwa on Deoband on imkan al kidhb. Shameless deobandis
Official Fatwa on Deoband on imkan al kidhb. Shameless deobandis

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