Every Muslim Read This !!

Every Muslim Read This!
by Zarlish Khan Afridi on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 11:25pm ·




          Has many ways to destruct human life. Among his satanic creed there are few people which could be found in any of the monotheist religion. Like zionists in Jews, Illuminatis in Christians, so do there is one hadith which mention that, You(muslims) will follow step by step………till end. This hadith show that many people among these three monotheist faith’s will try to break down the religion, social life, history and other attachments to these religions. Even in the past times there were no such thing of destroying the graves of the Companions and Saints or even the Prophets in Muslim history atleast. But now in these endtimes the bloodlines of satan are fully aware of their upcoming false messiah i-e Dajjal. These dajjal followers in Muslims i-e, wahabies/salafies/deobandies are those deviants who were clearly mentioned in authentic books of hadith. Never in history even the bad of the baddest in Muslim history e.g hajjaj the cruel never try to demolish the graves or shrines of those marvelous people,i-e companions and saints. But the blood of satan i-e wahabies are contineously trying to do that. And our Ummah is sleeping. I dont know whats the matter, when someone made a cartoon against our religion we get angry bcz its our rule that respect other’s faith and give respect get respect. But now the deviants among us are doing the same satanic events inside and outside of the ummah and we are even not getting angry on this. I mean comon what kind of a human heart you have?

This famous Companion of Our Beloved Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) is Syaduna Zuhaiyr (ra), whose shrine or tomb was recently demolished by wahabi satanic groups in libiya, and these things are contineously going on. But Almighty Allah is the One and Only who is watching them clearly and even among those worst times He is showing His signs, but ofcourse as Quran says, Signs for those who THINK. This is the Picture of the blessed body of that Famous Companion of Rasool-Allah (alehisalatowasalam) which was dugged out from the grave after the destruction, but the miracle happened, that body which was buried more than 1600 yrs before, was still fresh and seems like buried last night. Isn’t this a miracle? Isnt this a SiGN? Tell me Wahabiya! Do you have some shame? What kind of humans are you? are you really bani-Adam?Science and Humans could not gave any proper answer for this, that how does this happen? But only those who have faith, they know, that Almighty Allah is Al-Qaadir and thus If he is able to maintain the blessed body of the Companion, good and perfect as buried last night, then isnt it possible for Him, to make them eat, or live just like humans live in their own world?Quran states that do not say they are dead (Martyrs), they got their food and they are alive, but Ye dont know. YEs and that is the point YOU DONT KNOW. You have curtains of shirk,kufar,bidat upon your ugly minds and eyes which stops the Light of Allah to reach to your heart. May Allah gave you hidayah or if it is not good for Us Ummah then may Allah save us from the satanic (Fasad) of Yours. Ameen, Sum Ameen.


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