History and Now

History and Now
by Zarlish Khan Afridi on Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:50pm ·

Ibn-e-Baz who is considered the now a days biggest spokesman of the kharijites and so called salafies. has written in his book about his shaykh ibn al wahab al najadi . i have taken few lines from that book just to find it very (extra). Because this can lead us to conclusion that why are these kharijites so stubborn and Hippocratic. Here it is !!


Then he moved to Oyayna which was then governed by Prince Uthman Bin Muhammad Bin Muammar. The Prince welcomed the Sheikh with hospitality. He persuaded him to start calling the people to Islam and promised him all support and help. He showed him kindness, goodwill and sympathy. Thus the Sheikh continued his activities in teaching and guiding the people, and calling them to the Path of Allah. He guided the people to piety, righteousness and love in the cause of Allah.


Gradually, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab became famous in and around Oyayna. People came to Oyayna to meet him from the neighbouring areas and villages. One day the Sheikh told the Prince: ‘let us demolish the dome at the grave of Zaid Bin Al-Khattab [radhiallaahu anhu]. It is erected on deviation. Allah would not accept it. And the Prophet [sallallaahu alayhi wasallam], had forbidden building domes or mosques on the graves. Moreover, this dome has enthralled the people and replaced their creed with polytheism. So it must be demolished.’ The Prince acceded to his suggestion. Then the Sheikh remarked that he was afraid that the people of Al-Jubaila would revolt against this action. Al-Jubaila was a village close to the grave. Uthman then mobilized an army of six hundred soldiers and marched towards the grave in order to destroy the dome. The army was accompanied by the Sheikh.


As soon as they approached the dome, the people of AlJubaila came forward to defend the dome. But when they saw the Prince with his army, they changed their decision and withdrew. Then the Sheikh took the action of demolishing and removing the dome. Allah removed it by his hands.


Let us now consider the condition of Najd before the arrival of the Sheikh and the reasons for his preaching.


The people of Najd had lived in a condition that could not be approved of by any believer. Polytheism had appeared there and spread widely. People worshipped domes, trees, rocks, caves or any persons who claimed to be Auliya (saints) though they might be insane and idiotic. Magic and soothsaying also had spread there, and the belief therein was popular. No one had showed disapproval of them except a very few. And the people were preoccupied with worldly goods and pleasures.


Now! i would like to remind here something. That from these lines one could easily go to a conclusion that before the preaching of ibne wahab najdi there were people living under the Islamic law from centuries. During these all times and era’s there were several incidents of khilafa’s but still they all were on the right way and path of Islam. Majority of Muslims before that regime was having famous scholars, artists, physicians, astronomers, archialogists, travelers excreta. 

During all these times. There were People like Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Imam Tirmidhi , Imam Shafai , Imam hambali, Imam Dahabi,Imam maturidi, Imam jafar, Imam ibne abbas, Imam Suyuti, Imam Abdurehman, and several companions, successors, and sub successors  who are known as Tabi’un and Ta[baTabiun] . But See the Hypocrisy of Ibne wahab that he consider all those people Mushrik and the Center which was the Center of Faith which belongs to hundreds of thousands of Muslims all around the globe and was known as Hijaz-Al-Muqadas, The Holy Hijaz , they all were considered mushriks and ibne wahab consider them Wajib al qatal (The one who must be killed). Now This is the Satanic stand which was mentioned in the Books of aHadiths like Bukhari that there (Najd area) will be having a (Qarn-al-Shaytan) (Horn of the Devil) which will arise and divide my ummah in generations till the end times. Even the Elder brother of ibne najdi’s which was Shaikh Suleman he refute him on these matters. Then this game got political, British was eagerly wishes to conquer the land of Otoman Empire (Saltanat e Usmani) (Khilafat-e-Usmania). So they gave support to biddus ( those were the people who lives on stealing robery killing and looting of the caravans of arab in those times) and then Al-e-Saud established ……. (there is a lot of history i will explain sometime else) but the matter of fact is to show that these wahabies are those who killed ummah, they consider them wajib ul qatal and they did these kinds of acts like demolishing domes of graves and holy places. Because they were prophecized in several aHadiths (sayings of the HOly Prophet peace and blessings be upon him). that they will do such kind of acts, and they were also even mentioned in authentic ahadith about them that if anyone who kills them he will get his reward.

Now The Deobandi cult which is the indian form of wahabism. That appears around the british era in indopak sub continent. Again the first attempt to destroy the General Ummah Thinking was the policy of British in india so they first introduced Ahmadiyat . but they failed in that. Because there were scholars who were to guide Muslims on the right path and they refute that FITNA tribulation at that time. Then they realize this fact that if they will  try to destroy ummah by giving this concept they will be failed but if their own people among them gave them lesser views about their religion i-e- such kind of believes which wahabies are having, then they will surely succeed in india as they were in arab. (i-e wahabism) so they promote madrassa e deoband to proclaim and use the religion against their own religion by menupulate the correct context and meanings .e.g the aqeeda of deoband that (Respect Rasool Allah only till this extent that you respects your own brother) (Naudubillah).The matter of thinking is What is wrong in this aqeeda . Answer is very simple degrading the status of Prophet in the eyes of Muslims not by jewish or christian hand but the hand of their own muslims (hypocrates). So that the body of mobile will be nokia but beneath the body there will be china mobiles dimcard.

In easy words, wolf in the skin of a lamb. And what is the benefit of this????  This will create divide and rule policy more effectively into Muslim society. Terrorism’s Mother Womb is the ideology of deobandism and the Mother of Deobandi’s are Wahabies. Both are creation of the British for the Muslims. Or let me say more precisely creation of the Zionists against Muslims. In Pakistan although if we see the doings of Talibans, we will find that again in Pakistan after separation still those were elites of satanic-ism i mean to say Americans who were promoting those radical wrong ideologies at that time by calling them Mujahideens bcz there was need that they have to find some powerful army against the soviat occupation. which was again the creation of Nwo and Zionist ideology i-e Communism. So they used those people as their sources. and Saudi wahabi regime and their supporters in pakistan and india and all others contribute very much and invest a huge sum of money of oil in this regard. Now when deobandi and tableeghi jama’ts ideology creates enough violance and hate among Muslims, then it is easy for satan to mix them in his further steps towards destroying human lives. So when a person is not aware of his true faith and misguided by using un contexted Quranic verses and used them in favor or against Ordinary muslims,’ one could easly be misguided i mean to say if you think that all of the ummah is mushrik and bidati and their qitaal is wajib then surely you can do that by practical means or for sake of economical means. So does talibans created from that sand which was un holy, the boys from the far districts and agencies and tribal areas who were no knowledge of real world as well as religious world. even many educated ones are been misguided by those scumbs and that is the reason that Talibans are fertile for destroying humanity. People like ibne baaz and saud dynasty are really Nasty. they are infact Die-Nasty. These are the looters of ummah, stolen oil from ummah, converting Hijaz-e-Muqadas into Mumlikat e Saud al arabia. What are the life style of those princess and kings? every one knows that. Bcz they are hidden agents of zionism they belongs to the jewish tribes its proven fact from historical and geneological lines.Will you now follow those who destroy shrines , holy places, which were even not destroyed by enemies in older times but these Kharijities FITN do that. Hazrat e Umar (ra) was among those who said, i never hate anyone but those Kharijites.    Will you follow Amir ul Momineen Umar (ra) or Kana Dajjal mulla omer????…………Search history and then FAISLA APKE HATH MAIN 🙂

Fe aman ALLAH


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