How many times the Hypocrates (Munafiqeen) mentioned in Holy Quran

How many times the Hypocrates (Munafiqeen) mentioned in Holy Quran
by Zarlish Khan Afridi on Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 2:00am ·




1 Among the people there are some who say, ‘Webelieve in Allah and the Last Day,’ when they arenot believers. (2:8)


2 They think they deceive Allah and those who be-lieve. They deceive no one but themselves butthey are not aware of it. (2:9)


3 There is a sickness in their hearts and Allah hasincreased their sickness. They will have a painfulpunishment on account of their denial. (2:10)


4 When they are told, ‘Do not cause corruption onthe earth,’ they say, ‘We are only putting thingsright.’ (2:11)



5 No indeed! They are the corrupters, but they arenot aware of it. (2:12)



6 When they are told, ‘Believe in the way that thepeople believe,’ they say, ‘What! Are we to be-lieve in the way that fools believe?’ No indeed!They are the fools, but they do not know it. (2:13)


7 When they meet those who believe, they say,‘We believe.’ But then when they go apart withtheir Satans, they say, ‘We are really with you.We were only mocking.’ (2:14)


8 But Allah is mocking them, and drawing themon, as they wander blindly in their excessive in-solence. (2:15)


9 Those are the people who have sold guidance formisguidance. Their trade has brought no profit;they are not guided. (2:16)


10 Their likeness is that of people who light a fire,and then when it has lit up all around them,Allah removes their light and leaves them indarkness, unable to see. (2:17)


11 Deaf, dumb, blind. They will not return. (2:18)


12 Or that of a storm-cloud in the sky, full of dark-ness, thunder and lightning. They put their fin-gers in their ears against the thunderclaps, fearfulof death. Allah encompasses the disbelievers.(2:19)


13 The lightning all but takes away their sight.Whenever they have light, they walk in it but whenever darkness covers them, they halt. IfAllah wished, He could take away their hearingand their sight. Allah has power over all things.(2:20)


14  Those who break Allah’s contract after it hasbeen agreed, and sever what Allah has com-manded to be joined, and cause corruption onthe earth, it is they who are the lost. (2:27)


15 Among the people there is someone whosewords about the life of this world excite your ad-miration, and he calls Allah to witness what is inhis heart, while he is in fact the most hostile ofadversaries. (2:204)


16 When he is told to have fear of Allah, he is seizedby pride which drives him to wrongdoing. Hellwill be enough for him! What an evil resting-place! (2:206)


17 It is He Who sent down the Book to you from Him: verses containing clear judgements–theyare the core of the Book–and others which areopen to interpretation. Those with deviation intheir hearts follow what is open to interpretationin it, desiring conflict, seeking its inner meaning.No one knows its inner meaning but Allah.Those firmly rooted in knowledge say, ‘We be-lieve in it. All of it is from our Lord.’ But only peo-ple of intelligence pay heed. (3:7)


18 Then He sent down to you, after the distress, se-curity, restful sleep overtaking a group of you,whereas another group became prey to anxiousthoughts, thinking other than the truth aboutAllah–thoughts belonging to the Time ofIgnorance–saying, ‘Do we have any say in the af-fair at all?’ Say, ‘The affair belongs entirely toAllah.’ They are concealing things inside them-selves which they do not disclose to you, saying,‘If we had only had a say in the affair, none of uswould have been killed here in this place.’ Say,‘Even if you had been inside your homes, thosepeople for whom killing was decreed wouldhave gone out to their place of death.’ So thatAllah might test what is in your breasts and purgewhat is in your hearts. Allah knows the contentsof your hearts. (3:154)



19 You who believe! Do not be like those who dis-believe and say of their brothers, when they aregoing on journeys or military expeditions, ‘If theyhad only been with us, they would not have diedor been killed,’ so that Allah can make that an-guish for them in their hearts. It is Allah Whogives life and causes to die. Allah sees what youdo. (3:156)



20 What assailed you on the day the two armies metwas by Allah’s permission, so that He wouldknow the believers, and so that He would knowthe hypocrites. They were told, ‘Come and fightin the Way of Allah or at least help defend us.’They said, ‘If we knew how to fight, we wouldcertainly follow you.’ They were closer to disbe-lief that day than to faith, saying with theirmouths what was not in their hearts. And Allahknows best what they are hiding. (3:166-167)



21 They are those who said of their brothers, whenthey themselves had stayed behind, ‘If they hadonly obeyed us, they would not have beenkilled.’ Say, ‘Then ward off death from yourselvesif you are telling the truth.’ (3:168)



22 Do you not see those who claim that they believein what has been sent down to you and what wassent down before you, still desiring to turn to asatanic source for judgement in spite of being or-dered to reject it? Satan wants to misguide themfar away. (4:60)



23 When they are told, ‘Come to what Allah hassent down and to the Messenger,’ you see the hypocrites turning away from you completely.(4:61)


24 How will it be when a disaster strikes them be-cause of what they have done, and then theycome to you swearing by Allah: ‘We desirednothing but good and reconciliation’? (4:62)



25  Allah knows what is in such people’s hearts soturn away from them and warn them and speakto them with words that take effect. (4:63)


26 We sent no Messenger except to be obeyed by Allah’s permission. If only when they wrongedthemselves they had come to you and askedAllah’s forgiveness and the Messenger had askedforgiveness for them they would have foundAllah Ever-Returning, Most Merciful. (4:64)



27  No, by your Lord, they are not believers untilthey make you their judge in the disputes thatbreak out between them, and then find no resist-ance within themselves to what you decide and submit themselves completely. (4:65)



28 If We had directed them to kill themselves orleave their homes, they would not have done so,except for a very few. But if they had done whatthey were urged to do, it would have been betterfor them and far more strengthening. (4:66)


29 Among you there are people who hang back andif you encounter a setback then they say, ‘Allahhas blessed me in that I was not there with them.’(4:72)



29 But if you meet with favour from Allah theysay–as if there were no friendship between youand them–‘Oh! If only I had been with them sothat I too might have won a great victory.’ (4:73)



30  Do you not see those who were told: ‘Hold backfrom fighting but perform prayer and give thealms’? Then when fighting is prescribed for them,a group of them fear people as Allah should befeared, or even more than that. They say, ‘Our Lord, why have you prescribed fighting for us? Ifonly You would give us just a little more time!’Say, ‘The enjoyment of this world is very brief.The hereafter is better for those who guardagainst evil. You will not be wronged by so muchas the smallest speck.’ (4:77)



31 Wherever you are, death will catch up with you,even if you are in impregnable fortresses. If agood thing happens to them, they say, ‘This hascome from Allah.’ But if a bad thing happens tothem, they say, ‘This has come from you.’ Say,‘Everything comes from Allah.’ What is the mat-ter with these people that they scarcely under-stand a single word? (4:78)


32 Whoever obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah.If anyone turns away, we did not send you tothem as their keeper. (4:80)



33 They have the word, ‘Obedience!’ on theirtongues but when they leave your presence, agroup of them spend the night plotting to doother than what you say. Allah is recording theirnocturnal plotting. So let them be and put yourtrust in Allah. Allah suffices as a Guardian. (4:81)



34 Will they not ponder the Qur’an? If it had beenfrom other than Allah, they would have foundmany inconsistencies in it. (4:82)



35 When news of any matter reaches them theyspread it about, whether it is of a reassuring ordisquieting nature. If they had only referred it tothe Messenger and those in command amongthem, those among them able to discern the truthabout it would have had proper knowledge of it.If it were not for Allah’s favour to you and Hismercy, all but a very few of you would have fol-lowed Satan. (4:83)



36 How is it that you have become two parties re-garding the hypocrites, when Allah has returnedthem to disbelief for what they did? Do you de-sire to guide people Allah has misguided? WhenAllah misguides someone, you will find no wayfor him. (4:88)



37 They would like you to disbelieve as they disbe-lieve so that you will all be the same. Do not takeany of them as friends until they have migrated inthe Way of Allah. But if they run away then seizethem and kill them wherever you find them. Donot take any of them as either a friend orhelper–except for those who seek shelter withpeople with whom you have a treaty, or whocome to you greatly perturbed at the prospect offighting either you or their own people. If Allahhad willed, He could have given them the upperhand over you and then they would have foughtyou. If they keep away from you and do not fightyou and submit to you, Allah has not given youany way against such people. (4:89-90)



38 You will find others who desire to be safe fromyou and safe from their own people. Each timethey are returned to dissension they are over-whelmed by it. If they do not keep away fromyou or submit to you or refrain from fighting,seize them and kill them wherever you findthem. Over such people We have given youclear authority. (4:91)



39 They try to conceal themselves from people, butthey cannot conceal themselves from Allah. Heis with them when they spend the night sayingthings which are not pleasing to Him. Allah en-compasses everything they do. (4:108)



40 Were it not for Allah’s favour to you and Hismercy, a group of them would almost have man-aged to mislead you. But they mislead no one butthemselves and do not harm you in any way.Allah has sent down the Book and Wisdom toyou and taught you what you did not know before. Allah’s favour to you is indeed immense.(4:113)



41 There is no good in much of their secret talk, ex-cept in the case of those who enjoin charity, orwhat is right, or putting things right between peo-ple. If anyone does that, seeking the pleasure ofAllah, We will give him an immense reward.(4:114)



42 But if anyone opposes the Messenger after theguidance has become clear to him, and followsother than the path of the believers, We will handhim over to whatever he has turned to, and Wewill roast him in Hell. What an evil destination!(4:115)



43 As for those who believe and then return to dis-belief, and then again believe and then return todisbelief, and then increase in disbelief, Allahwill not forgive them or guide them on any path.(4:137)



44  Give news to the hypocrites that they will have apainful punishment. (4:138)



45 Do those who take the disbelievers as protectors,rather than the believers, hope to find power andstrength with them? Power and strength belongentirely to Allah. (4:139)



46 It has been sent down to you in the Book thatwhen you hear Allah’s Signs being rejected andmocked at by people, you must not sit with themtill they start talking of other things. If you do youare just the same as them. Allah will gather allthe hypocrites and disbelievers into Hell. (4:140)



47 Those who anticipate the worst for you say,‘Were we not with you?’ whenever you gain avictory from Allah, but if the disbelievers have asuccess they say, ‘Did we not have the upperhand over you and yet in spite of that keep thebelievers away from you?’ Allah will judge be-tween you on the Day of Rising. Allah will notgive the disbelievers any way against the believ-ers. (4:141)



48 The hypocrites think they deceive Allah, but Heis deceiving them. When they get up to pray,they get up lazily, showing off to people, andonly remembering Allah a very little. (4:142)



50 They vacillate between the two–not joining theseor joining those. If Allah misguides someone,you will not find any way for him to go. (4:143)



51 You who believe! Do not take the disbelievers asfriends rather than the believers. Do you want togive Allah clear proof against you? (4:144)



52 The hypocrites are in the lowest level of the Fire.You will not find any one to help them, exceptthose who repent and put things right and holdfast to Allah and dedicate their religion to Allahalone; they are with the believers. Allah will givethe believers an immense reward. (4:145-146)



53 O Messenger! Do not be grieved by those whorush headlong into disbelief among those whosay ‘We believe’ with their tongues when theirhearts contain no faith. And among the Jews arethose who listen to lies, listening to other peoplewho have not come to you, distorting words fromtheir proper meanings, saying, ‘If you are giventhis, then take it. If you are not given it, then be-ware!’ If Allah desires misguidance for someone,you cannot help him against Allah in any way.Those are the people whose hearts Allah doesnot want to purify. They will have disgrace in thisworld and in the hereafter they will have a terri-ble punishment. (5:41)



54 Yet you see those with sickness in their heartsrushing to them, saying, ‘We fear the wheel offate may turn against us.’ But it may well be thatAllah will bring about victory or some other con-tingency from Him. Then they will deeply regrettheir secret thoughts. (5:52)



55 Those who believe say, ‘Are these the peoplewho swore by Allah, with their most earnestoaths, that they were with you?’ Their actionshave come to nothing and they now are losers.(5:53)




56  Do they then seek the judgement of the Time ofIgnorance? Who could be better at giving judge-ment than Allah for people with certainty? (5:50)



57 If it had been a case of easy gains and a shortjourney, they would have followed you, but thedistance was too great for them. They will swearby Allah: ‘Had we been able to, we would havegone out with you.’ They are destroying theirown selves. Allah knows that they are lying.(9:42)



58 Allah pardon you! Why did you excuse them untilit was clear to you which of them were telling thetruth and until you knew the liars? (9:43)


59 Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day donot ask you to excuse them from striving withtheir wealth and themselves. Allah knows thepeople who guard against evil. (9:44)


60 Only those who do not believe in Allah and theLast Day ask you to excuse them. Their hearts arefull of doubt and in their doubt they waver to andfro. (9:45)


61  If they had really desired to go out, they wouldhave made proper preparations for it, but Allahwas averse to their setting out so He held themback and they were told: ‘Stay behind with thosewho stay behind.’ (9:46)


62 If they had gone out among you, they wouldhave added nothing to you but confusion. Theywould have scurried about amongst you seekingto cause conflict between you, and among youthere are some who would have listened to them.Allah knows the wrongdoers. (9:47)


63 They have already tried to cause conflict before,and turned things completely upside down foryou, until the truth came and Allah’s commandprevailed even though they detested it. (9:48)



64 Among them are there some who say, ‘Give mepermission to stay. Do not put temptation in myway.’ Have they not fallen into that very tempta-tion? Hell hems in the disbelievers. (9:49)


65 If good happens to you it galls them. If a mishapoccurs to you, they say, ‘We made our prepara-tions in advance,’ and they turn away rejoicing.(9:50)


66 Say: ‘Nothing can happen to us except whatAllah has ordained for us. He is Our Master. It isin Allah that the believers should put their trust.’(9:51)



67 Say: ‘What do you await for us except for one ofthe two best things? But what we await for you isfor Allah to inflict a punishment on you either di-rectly from Himself or at our hands. So wait, weare waiting with you!’ (9:52)


68 Say: ‘Whether you give readily or reluctantly, itwill not be accepted from you. You are peoplewho are deviators.’ (9:53)


69 Nothing prevents what they give from being ac-cepted from them but the fact that they have re-jected Allah and His Messenger, and that theyonly come to prayer lethargically, and that they only give reluctantly. (9:54)


70 Do not let their wealth and children impress you.Allah merely wants to punish them by them dur-ing their life in this world and for them to expirewhile they are disbelievers. (9:55)


71 They swear by Allah that they are of your num-ber, but they are not of your number. Rather, theyare people who are scared. (9:56)


72   If they could find a bolt-hole, cave or burrow,they would turn and scurry away into it. (9:57)



73 Among them there are some who find fault withyou concerning the alms. If they are given someof it, they are pleased but if they are not givenany, they are angry. (9:58)


74 If only they had been pleased with what Allahand His Messenger had given them and had said,‘Allah is enough for us. Allah will give us of Hisbounty as will His Messenger. It is to Allah thatwe make our plea.’ (9:59)



75  Among them are some who insult the Prophet,saying he is only an ear. Say, ‘An ear of good foryou, believing in Allah and believing in the be-lievers, and a mercy for those among you whobelieve.’ As for those who insult the Messenger ofAllah, they will have a painful punishment.(9:61)


76 Do they not know that whoever opposes Allahand His Messenger, will have the Fire of Hell, re-maining in it timelessly, for ever? That is the greatdisgrace. (9:63)


77 The hypocrites are afraid that a sura may be sentdown about them, informing them of what is intheir hearts. Say: ‘Go on mocking! Allah will ex-pose everything you are afraid of.’ (9:64)



78 If you ask them they will say, ‘We were only jok-ing and playing around.’ Say: ‘Would you make amockery of Allah and of His Signs and of HisMessenger? Do not try to excuse yourselves. Youhave disbelieved after believing. If one group ofyou is pardoned, another group will be punishedfor being evildoers.’ (9:65-66)



79 The men and women of the hypocrites are as badas one another. They command what is wrongand forbid what is right and keep their fists tightlyclosed. They have forgotten Allah, so He has for-gotten them. The hypocrites are deviators. (9:67)


80 Allah has promised the men and women of the hypocrites and disbelievers the Fire of Hell, re-maining in it timelessly, for ever. It will sufficethem. Allah has cursed them. They will haveeverlasting punishment. (9:68)



81 Like those (hypocrites and disbelievers) beforeyou who had greater strength than you and morewealth and children. They enjoyed their portion;so enjoy your portion as those before you en-joyed theirs. You have plunged into defamationas they plunged into it. The actions of such peo-ple come to nothing in this world or the here-after. They are the lost. (9:69)



82 O Prophet, strive against the disbelievers andhypocrites and be harsh with them. Their shelterwill be Hell. What an evil destination! (9:73)



83 They swear by Allah that they said nothing, butthey definitely spoke the word of disbelief andreturned to disbelief after their Islam. Theyplanned something which they did not achieveand they were vindictive for no other cause thanthat Allah and His Messenger had enriched themfrom His bounty. If they were to repent, it wouldbe better for them. But if they turn away, Allahwill punish them with a painful punishment inthis world and the hereafter, and they will notfind any protector or helper on the earth. (9:74)



84 Among them there were some who made anagreement with Allah: ‘If He gives us of Hisbounty we will definitely give charity and beamong the righteous.’ But when He does givethem of His bounty they are tight-fisted with itand turn away, so He has punished them by put-ting hypocrisy in their hearts until the day theymeet Him because they failed Allah in what theypromised Him and because they lied. (9:75-77)


85 Do they not know that Allah knows their secretsand their private talk, and that Allah is theKnower of all unseen things? (9:78)


86 As for the people who find fault with those be-lievers who give charity spontaneously, and withthose who can find nothing to give but their owneffort, and deride them, Allah derides them. Theywill have a painful punishment. (9:79)


87 You can ask forgiveness for them, or not ask for-giveness for them. Even if you asked forgivenessfor them seventy times, Allah still would not for-give them. That is because they have rejectedAllah and His Messenger. Allah does not guidedeviant people. (9:80)


88 Those who were left behind were glad to stay be-hind the Messenger of Allah. They did not wantto strive with their wealth and themselves in theWay of Allah. They said, ‘Do not go out to fightin the heat.’ Say: ‘The Fire of Hell is much hotter,if they only understood.’ (9:81)


89 Let them laugh little and weep much, in repay-ment for what they have earned. (9:82)


90 If Allah returns you to a group of them, and theyask you for permission to go out, say, ‘You willnever go out with me, nor will you ever fight anenemy with me. You were happy to stay behindthe first time, so stay behind with those who areleft behind.’ (9:83)



91 Never pray over any of them who die or stand attheir graves. They rejected Allah and HisMessenger and died as deviators. (9:84)


92 Do not let their wealth and their children impressyou. Allah merely wants to punish them by themin this world, and for them to expire while theyare disbelievers. (9:85)


93 When a sura is sent down saying: ‘Believe inAllah and strive together with His Messenger,’those among them with wealth will ask you toexcuse them, saying, ‘Let us remain with thosewho stay behind.’ (9:86)


94 They are pleased to be with those who stay be-hind. Their hearts have been stamped so they donot understand. (9:87)


(173,here)The desert arabs came with their excuses asking for permission to stay, and those who lied toAllah and His Messenger stayed behind. Apainful punishment will afflict those among themwho disbelieve. (9:90)


95 There are only grounds against those who askyou for permission to stay when they are rich.They were pleased to be among those who wereleft behind. Allah has sealed up their hearts sothey do not know. (9:93)


96 They will make excuses to you when you returnto them. Say: ‘Do not make excuses, we will notbelieve you. Allah has already informed us about you. Allah will see your actions, as will HisMessenger. Then you will be returned to the Knower of the Unseen and the Visible, and He will inform you regarding what you did.’ (9:94)



97 They will swear to you by Allah when you return to them, so that you leave them alone. Leave themalone, then! They are filth. Their shelter will beHell as repayment for what they did. (9:95)



98 They will swear to you to make you pleased withthem, but even if you are pleased with them,Allah is certainly not pleased with deviant peo-ple. (9:96)


99 The desert arabs are more obdurate in disbeliefand hypocrisy and more likely not to know thelimits which Allah has sent down to HisMessenger. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.(9:97)


100 Among the desert arabs there are some who re-gard what they give as an imposition and arewaiting for your fortunes to change. The evil turnof fortune will be theirs! Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.(9:98)


101 And among the desert arabs there are some whobelieve in Allah and the Last Day and regardwhat they give as something which will bringthem nearer to Allah and to the prayers of theMessenger. It does indeed bring them near. Allahwill admit them into His mercy. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (9:99)



102 Some of the desert Arabs around you are hyp-ocrites and some of the people of Madina are ob-durate in their hypocrisy. You do not know thembut We know them. We will punish them twiceover and then they will be returned to a terriblepunishment. (9:101)



103 But others have acknowledged their wrong ac-tions and mixed a right action with anotherwhich is wrong. It may well be that Allah willturn towards them. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (9:102)



104 Take charity from their wealth to purify andcleanse them and pray for them. Your prayersbring relief to them. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. (9:103)



105 Do they not know that Allah accepts repentancefrom His servants and acknowledges their alms,and that Allah is the Ever-Returning, the MostMerciful? (9:104)



106 Say: ‘Act, for Allah will see your actions, and sowill His Messenger and the believers. You will bereturned to the Knower of the Unseen and theVisible and He will inform you regarding whatyou did.’ (9:105)


107 And others are left awaiting Allah’s command asto whether He will punish them or turn to them.Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. (9:106)



108 As for those who have set up a mosque, causingharm and out of disbelief, to create division be-tween the believers, and in readiness for thosewho previously made war on Allah and HisMessenger, they will swear, ‘We only desired thebest.’ But Allah bears witness that they are trulyliars. (9:107)



109 The buildings they have built will not cease to bea bone of contention in their hearts, until theirhearts are cut to shreds. Allah is All-Knowing,All-Wise. (9:110)



110 Each time a sura is sent down there are someamong them who say, ‘Which of you has this in-creased in faith?’ As for those who believe, it in-creases them in faith and they rejoice at it.(9:124)


111 But as for those with sickness in their hearts, itadds defilement to their defilement, and they diewhile they are disbelievers. (9:125)


112 Do they not see that they are tried once or twicein every year? But still they do not turn back.They do not pay heed. (9:126)



113  Each time a sura is sent down, they look at oneanother, implying, ‘Can anyone see you?’ Then they turn away. Allah has turned their heartsaway because they are people who do not un-derstand. (9:127)


114  Among the people there is one who worshipsAllah right on the edge. If good befalls him, he iscontent with it, but if a trial befalls him, he re-verts to his former ways, losing both this worldand the hereafter. That is indeed sheer loss.(22:11)



115  He calls on what is far more likely to harm thanhelp. What an evil protector! What an evil asso-ciate! (22:13)



116  There is a group of you who propagated the lie.Do not suppose it to be bad for you; rather it isgood for you. Every one of them will incur theevil he has earned and the one who took it onhimself to amplify it will receive a terrible punishment. (24:11)



117 When the hypocrites and people with sickness intheir hearts said, ‘What Allah and His Messengerpromised us was mere delusion.’ (33:12)



118  And a group of them said, ‘People of Yathrib,Your position is untenable so return!’ some ofthem asked the Prophet to excuse them, saying,‘Our houses are exposed,’ when they were notexposed; it was merely that they wanted to runaway. (33:13)



119  If they had been overrun from every side, andhad then been asked to revert to disbelief, theywould have done so and hesitated very littleabout it. (33:14)



120  Yet they had previously made a contract withAllah that they would never turn their backs.Contracts made with Allah will be asked about.(33:15)



121  Say: ‘Flight will not benefit you if you try to runaway from death or being killed. Then you willonly enjoy a short respite.’ (33:16)



122  Say: ‘Who is going to shield you from Allah if Hedesires evil for you or desires mercy for you?’They will find no one to protect or help them be-sides Allah. (33:17)



123 Allah knows the obstructers among you andthose who say to their brothers, ‘Come to us,’ andwho only come to fight a very little, and are be-grudging towards you. Then when fear comes,you see them looking at you, their eyes rollinglike people scared to death. But when fear de-parts they flay you with sharp tongues, graspingfor wealth. Such people have no faith and Allahwill make their actions come to nothing. That iseasy for Allah. (33:18-19)




124 They think that the Confederates have not de-parted and if the Confederates did appear thenthey would wish they were out in the desert withthe Arabs, asking for news of you. If they werewith you they would only fight a very little.(33:20)



125  You have an excellent model in the Messenger ofAllah, for all who put their hope in Allah and theLast Day and remember Allah much. (33:21)



126  So that Allah might recompense the truthful fortheir truth and punish the hypocrites, if He wills,or turn towards them. Allah is Ever-Forgiving,Most Merciful. (33:24)



127  Do not obey the disbelievers and hypocrites anddisregard their abuse of you. Put your trust inAllah. Allah suffices as a Protector. (33:48)



128  If the hypocrites and those with sickness in theirhearts and the rumour-mongers in Madina do notdesist, We will set you onto them. Then they willonly be your neighbours there a very short time.(33:60)



129  They are an accursed people. Wherever they arefound they should be seized and mercilessly putto death. (33:61)



130 This is Allah’s pattern with those who passedaway before. You will not find any alteration inAllah’s pattern. (33:62)



131  Those who believe say, ‘If only a sura could besent down.’ But when a straightforward sura issent down and fighting is mentioned in it, yousee those with sickness in their hearts looking atyou with the look of someone about to faint from fear of death. More fitting for them would beobedience and honourable words. Once thematter is resolved upon, being true to Allahwould be better for them. (47:20-21)



132 Is it not likely that, if you did turn away, youwould cause corruption in the earth and severyour ties of kinship? (47:22)



133   Such are the people Allah has cursed, makingthem deaf and blinding their eyes. (47:23)



134   Will they not then ponder the Qur’an or are there locks upon their hearts? (47:24)




135 Those who have turned back in their tracks afterthe guidance became clear to them, it was Satanwho talked them into it and filled them with falsehopes. (47:25)



136   That is because they said to those who hate whatAllah has sent down, ‘We will obey you in part ofthe affair.’ But Allah knows their secrets. (47:26)



137  How will it be when the angels take them indeath, beating their faces and their backs?(47:27)




138   That is because they followed what angers Allahand hated what is pleasing to Him. So He madetheir actions come to nothing. (47:28)



139 Or did those with sickness in their hearts imaginethat Allah would not expose their malevolence?(47:29)



140   If We wished, We would show them to you andyou would know them by their mark and knowthem by their ambivalent speech. Allah knowsyour actions. (47:30)




141  We will test you until We know the true fightersamong you and those who are steadfast and testwhat is reported of you. (47:31)



142 Those who disbelieve and obstruct the Way ofAllah and are entrenched in hostility towards theMessenger after the guidance has become clearto them, do not harm Allah in any way and Hemakes their actions come to nothing. (47:32)



143  Those Arabs who remained behind will say to you, ‘Our wealth and families kept us occupied,so ask forgiveness for us.’ They say with theirtongues what is not in their hearts. Say: ‘Who can control Allah for you in any way whether Hewants harm for you or wants benefit for you?’Allah is aware of what you do. (48:11)



144  No, you thought that the Messenger and the be-lievers were not going to return to their families,and that seemed pleasing to your hearts and youthought evil thoughts and you were a blightedpeople. (48:12)



145  When you go out to get the booty, those who re-mained behind will say, ‘Allow us to follow you,’desiring to alter Allah’s words. Say: ‘You may notfollow us. That is what Allah said before.’ Theywill say, ‘It is only because you envy us.’ No in-deed! How little they have understood! (48:15)



146  Say to the Arabs who remained behind: ‘You willbe called up against a people who possess greatforce whom you must fight unless they submit. Ifyou obey, Allah will give you an excellent re-ward. But if you turn your backs as you did be-fore, He will punish you with a painfulpunishment.’ (48:16)



147  That Day the men and women of the hypocriteswill say to those who believe, ‘Wait for us so thatwe can borrow some of your light.’ They will betold, ‘Go back and look for light!’ And a wall willbe erected between them with a gate in it, on theinside of which there will be mercy but beforewhose exterior lies the punishment. (57:13)



148  They (hypocrites) will call out to them, ‘Were wenot with you?’ They will reply, ‘Indeed you were.But you made trouble for yourselves and hungback and doubted and false hopes deluded youuntil Allah’s command arrived. The Deluder de-luded you about Allah. So today no ransom willbe accepted from you or from those who disbe-lieved. Your refuge is the Fire. It is your master.What an evil destination!’ (57:14-15)




149  Do you not see those who were forbidden toconfer together secretly returning to the verything they were forbidden to do, and conferringtogether secretly in wrongdoing and enmity anddisobedience to the Messenger? And when theycome to you they greet you with words Allah hasnever used in greeting you, and say to them-selves ‘Why does Allah not punish us for whatwe say?’ Hell will be enough for them! They willroast in it. What an evil destination! (58:8)



150 You who believe! When you confer together se-cretly, do not do so in wrongdoing and enmityand disobedience to the Messenger; rather con-fer together in goodness and fear of Allah. Havefear of Allah–Him to Whom you will be gath-ered. (58:9)




151  Conferring in secret is from Satan, to cause griefto those who believe; but it cannot harm them atall, unless by Allah’s permission. So let the be-lievers put their trust in Allah. (58:10)




152   Do you not see those who have turned to peoplewith whom Allah is angry? They belong neitherto you nor to them. And they swear to falsehoodand do so knowingly. (58:14)



153   Allah has prepared a terrible punishment forthem. How evil is what they have been doing!(58:15)



154  They made their oaths into a cloak and barredthe Way of Allah, so they will have a humiliatingpunishment. (58:16)



155  Neither their wealth nor their children will helpthem at all against Allah. Such people are theCompanions of the Fire, remaining in it time-lessly, for ever. (58:17)



156  On the Day Allah raises up all of them togetherthey will swear to Him just as they have sworn toyou and imagine they have something to standupon. No indeed! It is they who are the liars.(58:18)




157   Satan has gained mastery over them and made them forget the remembrance of Allah. Such people are the party of Satan. No indeed! It is the party of Satan who are the losers. (58:19)



158 Those who oppose Allah and His Messenger,such people will be among the most abased.(58:20)



159  You will not find people who believe in Allahand the Last Day having love for anyone who op-poses Allah and His Messenger, though they betheir fathers, their sons, their brothers or theirclan. Allah has inscribed faith upon such peo-ple’s hearts and will reinforce them with a Spiritfrom Him and admit them into Gardens withrivers flowing under them, remaining in themtimelessly, for ever. Allah is pleased with themand they are pleased with Him. Such people arethe party of Allah. Truly it is the party of Allahwho are successful. (58:22)



160  Did you not see the hypocrites saying to theirbrothers, those among the People of the Bookwho disbelieve, ‘If you are driven out we willleave with you, we will never obey anyone toyour detriment. And if you are fought against wewill help you’? Allah bears witness that they aretruly liars. (59:11)




161   If they are driven out they will not leave withthem. If they are fought against they will not helpthem. And if they did help them they would turntheir backs, and then they would not be helped.(59:12)



162   You are a greater cause of terror in their breaststhan Allah! That is because they are people whodo not understand. (59:13)



163  They will not fight against you all together as agroup except in fortified towns or behind highwalls. Their hostility towards each other is in-tense. They are full of bravado in each other’scompany. You consider them united but theirhearts are scattered wide. That is because theyare people who do not use their intellect. (59:14)



164  They are like Satan when he says to a humanbeing, ‘Disbelieve,’ and then when he disbe-lieves, says, ‘I wash my hands of you. Truly I fearAllah, the Lord of all the worlds.’ (59:16)



165  When the hypocrites come to you they say, ‘Webear witness that you are indeed the Messengerof Allah.’ Allah knows that you are indeed HisMessenger and Allah bears witness that the hyp-ocrites are certainly liars. (63:1)



166  They have made their oaths into a cloak and barred the Way of Allah. What they have done is truly evil. (63:2)




167  That is because they have believed and then re-turned to disbelief. So their hearts have been sealed up and they cannot understand. (63:3)



168  When you see them, their outward form appealsto you, and if they speak you listen to what theysay. But they are like propped-up planks ofwood. They imagine every cry to be againstthem. They are the enemy, so beware of them.Allah fight them! How they are perverted! (63:4)



169 When they are told, ‘Come, and the Messengerof Allah will ask forgiveness for you,’ they turntheir heads and you see them turn away inhaughty arrogance. (63:5)



170  In their case it makes no difference whether youask forgiveness for them or do not ask forgivenessfor them. Allah will never forgive them. Allahdoes not guide deviant people. (63:6)



171 They are the people who say, ‘Do not spend onthose who are with the Messenger of Allah, sothat they may go away.’ The treasuries of theheavens and earth belong to Allah. But the hyp-ocrites do not understand this. (63:7)



172  They say, ‘If we return to Madina, the mightierwill drive out the inferior.’ But all might belongsto Allah and to His Messenger and the believers.But the hypocrites do not know this. (63:8)


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