Quranic Aya’ats (verses) mentioning (Wife)

Quranic Aya’ats (verses) mentioning (Wife)
by Zarlish Khan Afridi on Friday, July 13, 2012 at 2:59am ·



1. We said, ‘Adam, live in the Garden, you andyour wife, and eat freely from it wherever youwill. But do not approach this tree and so be-come wrongdoers.’ (2:35)



2. Those who swear to abstain from sexual relationswith their wives can wait for a period of up tofour months. If they then retract their oath, Allahis Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (2:226)



3. Those of you who die leaving wives behind: theyshould wait by themselves for four months andten nights. When their waiting period comes toan end, you are not to blame for anything they dowith themselves with correctness and courtesy.Allah is aware of what you do. (2:234)



4. Those of you who die leaving wives behindshould make a bequest to their wives of mainte-nance for a year without them having to leavetheir homes. But if they do leave you are not toblame for anything they do with themselves withcorrectness and courtesy. Allah is Almighty, All-Wise. (2:240)



5. Say, ‘Shall I tell you of something better thanthat?’ Those who guard against evil will haveGardens with their Lord, with rivers flowingunder them, remaining in them timelessly, forever, and purified wives, and the Pleasure ofAllah. Allah sees His servants. (3:15)



6. You receive half of what your wives leave if theyare childless. If they have children you receive aquarter of what they leave after any bequest theymake or any debts. They receive a quarter ofwhat you leave if you are childless. If you havechildren they receive an eighth of what you leaveafter any bequest you make or any debts. If aman or woman has no direct heirs, but has abrother or sister, each of them receives a sixth. Ifthere are more than that they share in a third afterany bequest you make or any debts, making surethat no one’s rights are prejudiced. This is an in-struction from Allah. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Forbearing. (4:12)



7. If you desire to exchange one wife for anotherand have given your original wife a largeamount, do not take any of it. Would you take itby means of slander and outright crime? (4:20)



8. Forbidden for you are: your mothers and yourdaughters and your sisters, your maternal auntsand your paternal aunts, your brothers’ daughtersand your sisters’ daughters, your foster motherswho have suckled you, your foster sisters bysuckling, your wives’ mothers, your stepdaugh-ters who are under your protection: the daugh-ters of your wives whom you have had sexualrelations with (though if you have not had sexualrelations with them there is nothing blameworthyfor you in it then), the wives of your sons whomyou have fathered, and marrying two sisters atthe same time–except for what may have alreadytaken place. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, MostMerciful. (4:23)



9. They say, ‘What is in the wombs of these animalsis exclusively for our men and forbidden for ourwives. But if it is stillborn, they can share in it.’He will repay them for their false depiction. He isAll-Wise, All-Knowing. (6:139)



10. Say: ‘If your fathers or your sons or your brothersor your wives or your tribe, or any wealth youhave acquired, or any business you fear mayslump, or any house which pleases you, aredearer to you than Allah and His Messenger andstriving in His Way, then wait until Allah bringsabout His command. Allah does not guide peo-ple who are deviators.’ (9:24)



11. Gardens of Eden which they will enter, and all oftheir parents, wives and children who were right-eous. Angels will enter in to welcome them fromevery gate. (13:23)



12. We sent Messengers before you and gave themwives and children. Nor was any Messenger ableto bring a Sign except by Allah’s permission.There is a prescribed limit to every term. (13:38)



13. Allah has given you wives from among your-selves, and given you children and grandchil-dren from your wives, and provided good thingsfor you. So why do they believe in falsehood andreject the blessings of Allah? (16:72)



14. We said, ‘Adam, this is an enemy for you andyour wife, so do not let him (Satan) expel youfrom the Garden and thus make you miserable.’(20:117)




15. We responded to him and gave him Yahya,restoring for him his wife’s fertility. They outdidone another in good actions, calling out to Us in yearning and in awe, and humbling themselvesto Us. (21:90)



16. (Believers are) those who guard their chastity–ex-cept from their wives or those they own as slaves,in which case they are not blameworthy. (23:5-6)



17. Those who make an accusation against theirwives and have no witnesses except themselves,such people should testify four times by Allahthat they are telling the truth. (24:6)



18. (Believers are) those who say, ‘Our Lord, give usjoy in our wives and children and make us agood example for those who guard against evil’;(25:74)



19. (Lut said to his people,) ‘Of all beings, do you liewith males, leaving the wives Allah has createdfor you? You are a people who have oversteppedthe limits.’ (26:165-166)



20. Allah has not allotted to any man two heartswithin his breast, nor has He made those of yourwives you equate with your mothers your actualmothers, nor has He made your adopted sonsyour actual sons. These are just words comingout of your mouths. But Allah speaks the truthand He guides to the Way. (33:4)



21. The Prophet is closer to the believers than theirown selves, and his wives are their mothers. Butblood-relations have closer ties to one another inthe Book of Allah than other believers and theemigrants, except that you should act in a propermanner towards your close associates. That is in-scribed in the Book. (33:6)



22. O Prophet, tell your wives: ‘If you desire the lifeof this world and its finery, come and I will giveyou all you need and release you with kindness.’(33:28)



23. When you said to him whom Allah has blessedand you yourself have greatly favoured, ‘Keepyour wife to yourself and have fear of Allah,’while concealing something in yourself whichAllah wished to bring to light, you were fearingpeople when Allah has more right to your fear.Then when Zayd divorced her We married her toyou so that there should be no restriction for thebelievers regarding the wives of their adoptedsons when they have divorced them. Allah’scommand is always carried out. (33:37)



24. O Prophet! We have made lawful for you: yourwives to whom you have given dowries and anyslavegirls you own from the booty Allah has al-lotted you and the daughters of your paternal un-cles and the daughters of your paternal aunts andthe daughters of your maternal uncles and thedaughters of your maternal aunts who have mi-grated with you and any believing woman whogives herself to the Prophet if the Prophet desiresto marry her: exclusively for you as opposed tothe rest of the believers–We know very well whatWe have prescribed for them regarding theirwives and any slavegirls they possess–in orderthat there be no restriction on you. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (33:50)



25. After that no other women are lawful for you normay you exchange them for other wives, eventhough their beauty might be pleasing to you,with the exception of any you own as slaves.Allah is watchful over all things. (33:52)




26. You who believe! Do not go into the Prophet’srooms except when you are invited to come andeat. Do not wait there while the food is beingcooked. However, when you are called, go in,and when you have eaten, disperse, not remain-ing there to chat with one another. Doing thatcauses annoyance to the Prophet though he istoo reticent to tell you so. But Allah is not reticentwith the truth. When you ask his wives for some-thing, ask them from behind a screen. That ispurer for your hearts and their hearts. It is notright for you to cause annoyance to theMessenger of Allah or ever to marry his wivesafter him. To do that would be a dreadful thing inAllah’s sight. (33:53)



27. O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters andthe women of the believers to draw their outergarments closely round themselves. This makes itmore likely that they will be recognised and notbe harmed. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, MostMerciful. (33:59)



28. The Companions of the Garden are busy enjoy-ing themselves today, they and their wives reclin-ing on couches in the shade. (36:55-56)



29. (Those who bear the Throne ask forgiveness forthe believers,) ‘Our Lord, admit them to the Gardens of Eden You have promised them, andall of their parents, wives and children who acted781rightly. Truly You are the Almighty, the All-Wise.’(40:8)



30. (Believers will be told,) ‘Enter the Garden, youand your wives, delighting in your joy.’ (43:70)


31. If any of your wives rejoin the disbelievers, youshould have compensation. So repay to thosewhose wives have gone the dowry they paid out.Have fear of Allah–Him in Whom you believe.(60:11)



32. You who believe! Some of your wives and chil-dren are an enemy to you, so be wary of them.But if you pardon and exonerate and forgive,Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (64:14)



33. O Prophet! Why do you make forbidden whatAllah has made lawful for you, seeking to pleaseyour wives? Allah is Ever-Forgiving, MostMerciful. (66:1)




34. The Prophet confided a certain matter to one ofhis wives, then when she divulged it Allah dis-closed that to him, and he communicated part ofit and withheld part of it. When he told her of it,she said, ‘Who told you of this?’ He said, ‘TheAll-Knowing and All-Aware informed me of it.’(66:3)



35. If the two of you (Prophet’s wives) would only turn to Allah, for your hearts clearly deviated…But if you support one another against him, Allahis his Protector and so are Gabriel and everyright-acting man of the believers and, further-more, the angels too will come to his support.(66:4)



36. It may be that if he does divorce you, his Lordwill give him in exchange better wives than you:Muslim women, believing women, obedientwomen, penitent women, women who worship,women who fast much–previously marriedwomen as well as virgins. (66:5)



37. Allah has made an example for those who disbe-lieve: the wife of Nuh and the wife of Lut. Theywere married to two of Our servants who wererighteous but they betrayed them and were nothelped at all against Allah. They were told, ‘Enterthe Fire along with all who enter it.’ (66:10)



38. (On that Day) no good friend will ask about hisfriend even though they can see each other. Anevildoer will wish he could ransom himself fromthe punishment of that Day, by means of hissons, or his wife or his brother or his family whosheltered him or everyone else on earth, if thatonly meant that he could save himself. (70:10-14)




39. (Believers are) those who guard their chastity ex-cept from their wives and any slaves they own, inwhich case they incur no blame. (70:29-30)


40. (A band of the jinn said,) “He–exalted be theMajesty of our Lord!–has neither wife nor son.”(72:3)



41. When the Deafening Blast comes, the Day a manwill flee from his brother and his mother and hisfather, and his wife and his children: on that Dayevery man among them will have concernsenough of his own. (80:33-37)


42. Ruin to the hands of Abu Lahab and ruin to him!His wealth has not helped him nor anything hehas earned. He will burn in a Flaming Fire. Andso will his wife, the firewood-carrier, with a ropeof twisted fibre round her neck. (111:1-5)



(NOTE: WORD “WIFE” has been mentioned in these Quranic Aya’hs and this is written for the easy help for readers to find about any thing in Quran. e.g how many times and in which ayah’s word “LIGHT” has been mentioned etc etc so if you need these kind of informations kindly ask me if i find those i will surely post it)


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  1. Thanks for all your efforts. There are more places where the word wife is mentioned e.g., 2:102, 3:35, 11:71 etc.
    The list need to be updated.

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