Wahabi/Salafi Tempring with Authentic Tafseers


Original Book's Scan Published.Cairo,and Beruit
Original Book’s Scan Published.Cairo,and Beruit
Original words showing word (Al-wahabia)
Original words showing word (Al-wahabia)


This is Wahabi Edition in which the cut out the written words of Imam Saawi(rhm)
This is Wahabi Edition in which the cut out the written words of Imam Saawi(rhm)


FOR READING THIS ARTICLE IN ENGLISH CLICK ON THE GIVEN LINKhttps://makashfa.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/wahabis-caught-tempering-with-tafsir-e-jalalyn/

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2 thoughts on “Wahabi/Salafi Tempring with Authentic Tafseers”

  1. intro is very jahilana , abusing ehl e hadees wahabies and deoband, is this your thought of school ?. and this is the reason why i hate sunni so called hanfi. they are 100% bidati and near to mushrik .

    1. Mufti tell me, if it was Jahilana, Then YOU ARE THE BIGGEST JUHALA – AL_WAHHABIYON – QOAM AL JAHILOON, this is not a site for MUMMY DADDY like you, you are blaming us for STRONG WORDS> THEN PROOF IT WRONG OTHERWISE FUCK OFF. DONT BARK LIKE A DOG. You pathetic piece of craps written thousands of books without any knowledge of ISLAM. You called everyone mUSHRIK bidati and KAFIR and now on other hand you are arguing here idiotically that, We are talking bad about YOU> YOU A(HOLE) if you hate SUNNI. USE HAJMOLA, you are a pathetic sick moron AHL e SHIRK i.e. KHAWARIJ and according to HADITH OF RASULALLAH ALEHISALAM (Khawarij are KILAB AL NAAR) (DOGS OF HELL) so nothing is new . IF you consider your ugly self SO ISLAMIST THEN BRING US ANSWER. IF you dare. IF you dont. then kindly KILAB AL NAAR HAS NO RIGHT TO BARK OR 1300 years of GLORIOUS ISLAM. you are a FITNA – FITNA E QARN AL SHYTAN.

      Agar is se tasali na hovi ho to facebook group main apni nasal ke kisi katoory mulla ko le kar aja tere Kafir Mushrik Bidatiyat se bhare hove ZINA E MISYAR Ki pedawar yani WAHHABISM ko PHAR KAR TERE HE HATH main na PAKARWA DIYA TO hum bhi MUSLIM nahi.

      Salay Khawarij ho kar teri jurat kese hovi bhonkne ki? DALIL HAI TO SAMNE AA WARNA … TANGA CHUK KE 2e WAKHA

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