Word Sister Mentioned in Holy Quran (and regarding Quranic law)

Word Sister Mentioned in Holy Quran (and regarding Quranic law)
by Zarlish Khan Afridi on Friday, July 13, 2012 at 2:35am ·

Word “SISTER” mentioned in these Qura’nic Verses


(1) You receive half of what your wives leave if theyare childless. If they have children you receive aquarter of what they leave after any bequest theymake or any debts. They receive a quarter ofwhat you leave if you are childless. If you havechildren they receive an eighth of what you leaveafter any bequest you make or any debts. If aman or woman has no direct heirs, but has abrother or sister, each of them receives a sixth. Ifthere are more than that they share in a third afterany bequest you make or any debts, making surethat no one’s rights are prejudiced. This is an in-struction from Allah. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Forbearing. (4:12)


(2) Forbidden for you are: your mothers and yourdaughters and your sisters, your maternal auntsand your paternal aunts, your brothers’ daughtersand your sisters’ daughters, your foster motherswho have suckled you, your foster sisters by suck-ling, your wives’ mothers, your stepdaughters whoare under your protection: the daughters of yourwives whom you have had sexual relations with(though if you have not had sexual relations withthem there is nothing blameworthy for you in itthen), the wives of your sons whom you have fa-thered, and marrying two sisters at the sametime–except for what may have already takenplace. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.(4:23)


(3) They request from you a ruling. Say: ‘Allah givesyou a ruling about people who die without directheirs: If a man dies childless but has a sister she re-ceives half of what he leaves, and he is her heir ifshe dies childless. If there are two sisters they re-ceive two-thirds of what he leaves. If there arebrothers and sisters the males receive the share oftwo females. Allah makes things clear to you soyou will not go astray. Allah has knowledge of allthings.’ (4:176)



(4) He will say, ‘Enter the Fire together with the na-tions of jinn and men who have passed away be-fore you.’ Each time a nation enters, it will curse itssister nation, until, when they are all gathered to-gether in it, the last of them will say to the first,‘Our Lord, those are the ones who misguided us,so give them a double punishment in the Fire.’ Hewill say, ‘Each will receive double. But you do notknow it.’ (7:38)


(5) (Her people said to Maryam,) ‘Sister of Harun,your father was not an evil man nor was yourmother an unchaste woman!’ (19:28)



(6) (Allah said,) ‘When your sister went and said,”Shall I direct you to someone who will take careof him?” that was how We returned you to yourmother so that she might delight her eyes and notbe grieved. You killed a man and We rescued youfrom trouble and tested you with many trials. Youstayed some years among the people of Madyan.Then you arrived at the pre-ordained time, Musa!’(20:40)



(7) Say to the believing women that they shouldlower their eyes and guard their chastity and notdisplay their adornments–except for what nor-mally shows–and draw their head-coveringsacross their breasts. They should only display theiradornments to their husbands or their fathers ortheir husbands’ fathers, or their sons or their hus-bands’ sons or their brothers or their brothers’ sonsor their sisters’ sons or their women or those theyown as slaves or their male attendants who haveno sexual desire or children who still have noawareness of women’s private parts. Nor shouldthey stamp their feet so that their hidden orna-ments are known. Turn to Allah every one of you,believers, so that hopefully you will have success.(24:31)



(8) There is no objection to the blind, no objection tothe lame, no objection to the sick nor to your-selves if you eat in your own houses or your fa-thers’ houses or your mothers’ houses or yourbrothers’ houses or your sisters’ houses or thehouses of your paternal uncles or paternal aunts orthe houses of your maternal uncles or maternalaunts or places to which you own the keys or thoseof your friends. There is nothing wrong in your eat-ing together or eating separately. And when youenter houses greet one another with a greetingfrom Allah, blessed and good. In this way Allahmakes the Signs clear to you so that hopefully youwill use your intellect. (24:61)



(9) She said to his sister, ‘Go after him.’ And she keptan eye on him from afar and they were not aware.(28:11)


(10) We first made him refuse all wet-nurses, so she (hissister) said, ‘Shall I show you to a household whowill feed him for you and be good to him?’ (28:12)


(11) They incur no blame in respect of their fathers ortheir sons or their brothers or their brothers’ or sis-ters’ sons, or their women or any slaves they own.Have fear of Allah. Allah is witness of all things.(33:55)


LESSON:   My Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters! Islam does not allow any kind of those acts which shows the disrespect of females and specially sisters in pagan ancient world. If we read the history of ancient civilizations like “Ad” “Samud” “Loot” “akadians” “babylonians” and etc all were destroyed bcz of a sin. Sins like adultary, incestism,gayism,satanicism,athiestism etc. Because. Now a days the sins are very easily promoted by the means of so called scientific advancements which does not bring a real comfort instead of sinfulness,shameless society without moral attitudes. So everyone who uses internet they know that on chatting manuals and scripts there are lots of the people now who are found in committing horibble crimes like gayism and incestism or lesbianisms. These all are the false nature of satanic activities which brings up one with nothing but shame, fear, abuse etc. They does not only get punishments in this world but also hereafter world. Quran is the basic and fundamental law of Almighty for His creations. 

Whatever is written in it is the law of nature as well as the Law of the Creator. So seek refuge in following laws of Allah. May Allah (shanuhu wa’tala) guide us all from the horrible and insane sins of satan.

Another big problem is that This is the Only Law which first gave rights to the women and specially to sublings. Sisters are fully entitle for their rightful ownership in property of their parents. As per “quantity”  of shares described in Shariyat’e’ Muhammadi. Several Muslims even does not gave their rightful rights to their sisters, and Allah does not like those who do not gave rights to the entitle ones. Kindly try to learn Quran with heart not with tongue .Ameen


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