Chandpuri Qadri and Alwis (new deviant sect under wrong names) Urdu article

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Special Note: This sect is now a days using the false flag of Qadri order sufis (while WE AS PURE QADRIS REJECTS THEM). They are using the name of Qadri Alawis , their founder’s name is jilani chandpuri and who is conspiring under the name of itihad bain al muslimeen (unification of the muslims) he has also a newspaper by the name of “iman” and weekly “mukhbarulalameen” from karachi. We had explained his deviancy and wrong beliefs in this Urdu article along with references from his writings and books. SUNNI MUSLIMS BE AWARE OF THESE DEVIANTS. They always talk against Hazrat Amir Muaawia (ra) and Also they use to put wrong beliefs and allegations on Third mighty caliph Amirul Momineen Usman ibn affan (ra). May Allah curse those evils and these sort of deviant sects and gave us courage to know our religion through the classical and authentic ways of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamat and the true SUFI Path. aameen.


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