Wahabi Fabrication in another book (new)


Wahabi fabrication in Kitab al Fawaid al Muntakhbat

Allama Uthman bin Abdullah bin Jaame al hanbali is a famous scholar. Who has written a very huge volume under the name of Kitab al Fawaid al muntakhbat fi sharha akhsar al mukhtasirat. Recently the menuscript was found in Kuwait’s “Faqeeh Books Library” “faqih kutubkhana”.(number 3/39).Two editions of this book was been published. First edition of the book was published by Maktabatul Rashd Riyadh in year 2003 and the second edition has been published by Mosisatul Risaalata from Beruit. Allama Usman Jaamy wrote in his book a word about the founder of wahabi cult ibn al wahab najdi and the word is “Found of Persecution” (zulm o sitam ka shaiq). In the Beruit edition of this book, this word was been removed and the new book has only dots (……………..)
Ref: Al Fawaid al muntakhbat Page 207 Published by Mosisatal risaala.
Because this word show the real character of the wahabism’s founder ibn al wahab najadi so the “Salafi”, “ahlu hadith” or in simple words “Wahabi” publisher of the firm removed these words from the book and committed the crime of fabrication as they are used to do that in many other books as shown in our refutation section and in scans library. Here is the scan of this Fabrication which has been caught red handed.




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