Molvi Sarfaraz safdar deobandi – A biggest Lier Caught

Molvi Sarfaraz Safdar Deobandi is caught 

Using the name of Imam Jalal udin Suyuti (rta) for a book which he has not written ever

Molvi safdar is writing in his book :

“Imam Jalal-ud-din Suyuti (rta) has written:” those Ahadees which shows that if someone heard the name of Prophet alehisalam during adhan and kiss his thumbs and rub with the eyes are all “Maudo” and Fabricated”.(Ref: Tayseerul miqal by suyuti page 123, by reference of ammadudin, published 1978)
(Rah-e-sunnat by Sarfaraz khan deobandi p.243 published by Maktaba-safdariya,gujranwala Pakistan)


He is using the name of Imam Jalaludin al suyuti (rahimaullah) and he is a big liar by saying this because for his so called reference he is using a secondary book which is not written by Imam sahab ever. It is clearly shown that he never ever seen this menuscript  in his miserable life and existence. He is just using an secondary link.
The readers will be astonished that Imam Suyuti al shaf’ai (rta) has never wrote this book , not only he is himself a liar and fabricating this lie towards imam suyuti but also he is providing false statements based on nil. This first person in history who committed this lie was named “Bashirudin Qanuji” 1234 hijri who was a “Ghari muqallad” i-e Khawarijite, this self proclaimed alim of wahabiya  has written in his book “Basaratal ‘anin fi man’a takmeel al abhameen” and in this book he has mentioned tayseerulmiqal as the book of imam suyuti without any authenticity and without any kind of proof.

Because Haji Khalifa has not mention this book in his famous work “Kashfu’zunun” and said nothing that even Imam has ever written this book. Here is the Scan of that LIE and this is what are the so called Scholars of Wahabiya Deobandiya Cult.



5 thoughts on “Molvi Sarfaraz safdar deobandi – A biggest Lier Caught”

  1. if A Great Alim make a mistake this is not lie , BY using such word for a great alim , Allah Will ask you One day inshallah , these are ilmi mabahis , in these diffrences is due to caught the right path mean ijthehad , if done right two ajar if not one , make toba

    1. Sumun-Bukmun-Umyun Fahum laa Yerjiyon

      this is your example from Quran. That people like you seen this forgery by their own eyes read all about it and still they are calling them innocent for those fabrications.

      Which real scholar of Islam use fabrications??? May be islam of Deobandi and Wahabiya could use false things which suits them but not ALL of US AHLU SUNNAH and inshaAllah we will expose those HYPOCRITES always.

      Bcz no “Munafiqat” is allowed in ISLAM. WE have solid religion and we do not want any of deviants like you or anyone else ‘s fabricated and twisted version of islam.

    2. Sarfaraz Khan Safdar was not a great Aalim, he was the Firawn of Ummah. This was not his only fabrication. Infact he fabricated lies regarding what Mullah Ali Qari rahimullah wrote and that lie he attributed to, O Maulvi Zakriyah Kandhalvi saw the nuskha and he told me. This son of iblees had habbit of inventing lies and then referencing it to others.

    3. This was not the first time, deliberate fabrication was used to discredit position of Islam. In fact author of Al Muhannad invented books whole sale and attributed them to scholars and worse he even fabricated books and attributed to father of Sayyidi Ala Hadhrat. Shamelessness and fabrication in khameer of Deoband.

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