Satanic possessions and its 200% cure

The Satanic Possession and its Cure!

Allah’s name with whom i am starting, Who is Merciful and Generous to all of His creations.

Indeed this topic is of much importance, many has said many thing about this even lots of books has been written on this subject and lots of the readers take interest in it. It is also true that there are people who are possessed by those evil things which i would like to say the army of the darkness. The evil eye is a fact which always effect those people who are vulnerable and open to exposed by them. So this article is written specially for those brothers and sisters who are seriously affected by some kind of demons existence or presence. 
Our sins which sometimes seem to us like a very little thing  could bring a birth without our knowledge and cause some serious troubles like haunted-ness, or existence of some extra-dimensional entity into our time and space. Because among Humen and Other entities there is a curtain and because of this curtain into the time and space among both of us does not allow ordinary human eyes to watch those entities with our materialistic views and eyes, but surely that does not mean that they do not exist or the time and space difference does not occur. That is very easy for those entities to manifest themselves into our sins and sometimes someone else’s sins which make us into this kind of trouble.

So if there is some kind of presence in your home or nearby home and there is no solution yet for the problem, then this is for you and you will need these things which i will mentioned below.

1) First of all you will have to need 4 iron nails specially made up with 4 corners unlike the round ones which usually used.
2) On each side of the four sides of those iron nails you will have to be write the given arabic words like embedded on the nails.3) Each and every iron nail will be must consist of the weight of 20 tola  i-e (11.66375 gram – this is called 1 tola) and (5 Tola makes 1 Chatank (its measurments in urdu)). So in short you will have to need of 4 iron nails having 5 chatank of weight made of and having these Arabic lines written on them on the each side of the nail.

(For users i know this is a big problem and you will not able to make it, so for the ease i know few places from where you can order them or buy them because they are having ready made iron nails for urgent purposes and also this is not so much costly).
(Places : Maktaba-Rizvia sukkur Pakistan or Maktaba Rizvia Bareli shareef Or You can use this address to get those Abdul aziz chishti – Roohani publishers , Noorani Masjid Main bazar shamnagar chowburji Lahore Pakistan.) (sorry those are three places where i think they have readymade iron nails, i do not know about others if i got to know i will edit it into the post).

So when you get these 4 nails ready you will need thread of yarn and then cover up the written arabic with that yarn so that the arabic words get hid behind the yarn. Then turmeric (which is grind and taken all of its color) soak a cloth in that water and then wrapped it around those iron nails so that arabic words get hid behind it.

Now either use a Bamboo Tubular or blank pot made up of mud and if using blankpot then first made four holes in the middle of that little mudpot so the nails could be in this form See the picture
Capture_2013.03.21_01in each and every pot or bamboo tubular separately. 

2) Way to put these iron nails in the four corners of the house.

First of all you will have to put only 3 iron nails first in three corners of  your place and from start before doing anything from these you will have to leave the place empty for atleast 15 days and during those days daily after Isha Prayers at night Recite Adhan for 7 times  with loud voice then on 8th, 9th, and 10th day you will have to recite Surah al Baqrah (the first chapter of holy quran) at any time inside that place (note: only the evening time i-e maghrib time its prohibited to recite in that place) so in day or night once you will have to recite Surah al Baqrah full chapter with loud voice.

After all these now you will be able to put 3 nails among the four iron nails into the 3 corners of the residence and put them inside the ground about a half yard deep, while the forth will be left open for a while.
Now after passing out of 24 hours just dig and put the forth iron nail into the last corner of the house. And thats it, Now it is save forever and no satanic entity or even jins will be allowed to trespass in your pointed area. The reason for 24 hours break is that one corner at that time must be left open for all those satanic entities or other beings so that they could run out from the house through that door and after 24 hour the limit get ends if they try to be there, they will be burned by the iron nails.
I hope you your problem will be solved after all those efforts and its my humble pray for all human beings that may Allah protect them all from the evil things of this world and the worlds beyond our imaginations. Amin


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