Beliefs of Jamat-e-Islami Modoodis Exposed

Religious Belief of the Deviant Group named as “Maudoodi” Group or in short Jamat-e-Islami and their real ideology, Remember this is also a political party pretended to be Islamic but this is their real face exposed here, i had write down and article in urdu sometime in last year. This is the Rough English Translation of that article which you can find here @facebook and also @our facebook notes section on the blog.




Noah (alehisalam) was having fervor of Jahiliyah
“But when Allah fearsorne him that loving a son who left the Truth and helps false just because he takes birth from you is only a sentiment of JAHILIYAH (naoozubillah)
(Tafhim ul Quran, P.344,V.2,1967)

Moosa (alehisalam) was a Impoverished Monk
“What sort of logic is this that an impoverish monk (Musa aleihisalam) taken a quarterstaff in his hand while standing up and says that He is a Prophet of Lord of the universes”.
(Tarjuman al Quran, P 34, May 65)

Younus (aleihsalam) has deficiancy in the Duty of Risalat (Prophethood message)
“Although after enquiring and thinking upon Quranic verses and scripture of Yunus that Hazrat Yunus alehisalam committed deficiancy in duty of his message”.
(Tafhim ul Quran, Surah Yunus, Vol 2, Hashia (commentary) Page 312).

Everybeing is bondman(slave) of Allah Just like whether he is a Prophet or a Satan!
“Every person is the slave of God, Momin (i-e believers) and Kufars (non-muslims) too.Same thing is with a Prophet and a Satan.
(That means he(Maududi) is saying that Prophet and Satan both are of the same callibar or status).Nauzubillah!!

Sin of Moses!
Before the Prophethood,Moosa (alehisalam) commited a very big sin. (maazAllah)
(Rasail-va-masail, Page 31, Published 12th edition, 1954).

Prophet cannot be always in Higher Status! (naozubillah)
“Prophets are also ‘humans’ and no human is able on this that he could maintain Higher excellence always which is essential for a Mo’min. Sometimes upon some serious psychological point a person of Higher eminence like Prophets can also be subjugate or surrendered by his human natural debility”.
(Tarjuman al Quran Page 34, June 1946)

God forgive me for writing this notorious satanic beliefs of Jamat-e-Islami’s Leader Maudoodi, kindly compare this with the satanic ideology of Wahabism, you will be find astonished by just reading their texts that how much they have similarities and in some places Maudoodi gone so far from even Wahabi ideology, which is misrepresentation or misqouting of the Quranic verses, and showing their stupidity,We as Muslims are totally rejecting their so called islam, These are not even Muslim beliefs, let me show more about them).

Descisions of the Prophets Were Wrong
“Prophets (alehumasalam) also commits wrong in descision and arguing in matters and would also ailed.They were been put into Trails, Even when guilt committed from them, they were also been punished”.
(Tarjuma al Quran, P 158, May 1955)

Prophet, an illiterate shephered!
“This law(he means:Islam shariya quran) which was presented by an illiterate shephered (Nabi alehisalam he means) of a desert to the World”.
(Tarjuman al Quran P 158, 1955)

Prophets sometimes face the danger of devilish prurience!
“others a side sometimes even Prophets had to face the devilish ego or prurience”.
(Tafhim ul Quran P 161 Vol 1 Publication No 5)

Prophets can not able to combat (Or cured) the Satan!
“The cure for the detrition of the Satan (or mischief,devilment), that he could not find a place to comein, cannot be cured by the Prophets (alehumasalam), So  who are we to say that we are completely able to assertioning that”.
(Tarjuman al Quran P. 57, June 1946)

Prophet (sal-Allahu alehiwasalam) Knows Nothing!
“An your’s (alehisalam’s) predicament was yet a like, standing dumstruck and knows nothing where to go until the revelation guides you”.
(tarjuman al quran vol 39, adad 1)

Nabi alehisalam was not aware of Solution of Iman
“And YOU (alehisalam) knows nothing that what is Book(quran) and What is Iman (faith)”.
(Rasail Masail P. 26)

Hazoor(alehisalam’s) Anxiety was not correct!
“Hazoor (alehisalam) was having anxiety that may be dajjal can appeared in your era, or even nearby after your era, but the history of 1300 years proved that Hazoor alehisalam’s insecureness was not correct”. (Naoozubillah)
(Tarjuman al Quran Feb 1926)

Mohammad! Leader of the Islamic movement!
“Among the all leaders of Islamic movement only Mohammad (alehisalam) is that only alone leader…..”.
(Islami hakomat kis tarha qaim hoti hai (How the islamic state installed) Page 23)
(Astaghfirullah, You can see the similarities and hatered and usage of ugly words for the mighy Prophets of Islam, even not only Islam but Judaism and Abrahamic Faith).

Knowledge of the Prophet, Before the Prophethood is just like Ordinary Human Knowledge! (Astaghfirulah)
“Prophets Alehumasalams’s who got knowledge after the revelations, its formality is nothing more different than ordinary human knowledges. Before the revelation “Wahi” they havent got any source or knowledge, which others do not have”.
(Rasail masail P 26, Vol 1)
(Simply he is degrading all prophets to the status of ordinary humans, just like wahabi and deobandis commit this crime)

Shirk Committed by Ibrahim (alehisalam) (Naoozubillah min zalik)
“When Abraham saw the star and said! this is my Lord! and when said they are my lord while staring at Moon and Sun, it was although a very transitional thing, but still wasnt he commit a polytheism?”.
(Tafhim ul Quran Nov. P 558)

The Actions (Verbal/or acted upons) of Sahaba (alehumaridwan) is not a Shariya Hujjat! (Means argumentum)
“This narration usually defined like this, that “my Ashab (companions) are like Stars’, whosoever will be followed among, will get a Way”. Infact in the books of the rules of Fiqh it has been stated in several places, but in my knowledge i didnt find any single Sufi or Faqih (jurist) who uses this as a promicel for the actions and deeds of the Sahaba”.
(Tarjuman al Quran Nov 63)

No,one else is criterion of truth other than Rasool! Prophet
“besides Rasool-e-khuda (prophet of God) do not make anyone critierion of the truth and do not superseed them from censoriousness”.
(Dastoor-e-Jamat-e-Islami P 14)

No Mujadid (higher Jurist) is Worthful in the Ummah!
“By taking glimps of the history we came to know that no real Jurist has yet been borned……it was near the be on this status but he do not succeeded”.
(Tajdid wa Ahya-e-Deen Page 49)

Ordinary Sahaba was not Muslims even in the Prophetic Era!
“Reality is this that ordinary people were not even a good muslims during the whole prophetic era and neither after that era they got this status of a “Proud Muslim”.
(Tafheemat Page 309, Vol 1)

The Translated Quran is empty from the Soul of the Quran!
“During readng traslation sometimes a man left by a thinking that IS THIS really That BOOK, whose challenge for the world is to bring its example?”.
(Tafhim ul quran, P 7, Vol 1)

(Now as you can read this is the So called Maudoodi the so called Scholar, even a minor muslim child could have a better understanding than this ugliest blasphemic illiterate fool, who is the total sign of Ayat of Quran in which it is stated, that many will became wrong by reading Quran and many will be get benefit, Yes sure after all reading the ideology of Jamat-e-islami i am quite sure that they were been lost many many years ago and that is why Prophet alehisalam’s many ahadiths quotes about the emerging of Wahabism as Qarn al Shytan (HOrn of the DEvil)”. This is only continuety of the series of the anti-christ scholars who are masking under the false flags of different religions, ie, illuminatis and zionists in christiondem and judaism and Wahabi/salafis and these jamaties in Muslims).

We do not need any Exegesis of Quran!
“For the Quran one no need exegesis to read, one simple professor of higher grade is enough, who understand it by reading carefully and who know how to read it with latest developments”.
(Tafheemat p 342)

Now interestingly each and every deviant always try to make the people think that, You are yourself enough for the Whole knowledge and one does not need any old scriptures and scholars who used their whole life in the search of truth and in explaining each and every verse its meaning, when and why the verse was revealed, what were the people upon which it was revealed. etc etc. They always try to put the people away from reading the original scriptures and its translations and exegesis to better understand and which is essential and first step in ISLAMIC KNOWLEDGE of Shariya”. So they want everyone to abide themselves and so their ignorance could not ever been pointed out. This is the MAIN FACT of the Problem.

The Knowledge of Quran should not be based upon the old scriptures written!
“Quran and Sunna of Prophet, Knowledge is essential on all things, but not from old exegesis and hadith (sayings). the teachers must be those who got the wholesum mind of Quran and Sunnah already”.
(Tanfihaat, P 133, Tarjuman al Quran 1939)

So my Muslim Brothers and Sisters!
This was the rough translation of the post and i translate it in hurry so pardon me if i use some words unfitted with the urdu text. My english is not very good in translating. As you have read all that. Jamat-e-Islami and this is their founder Moudoodi, For whom the Prophets might commit sins and according to him, in 1700 years of brightest history of Muslim heritage and development, he has to say that he didnt find any Muhadith in those all years. While there are popular ahadith which are having the status of  MUTAFIQH ALEH  (that means agreed upon) by all people even Wahabis are agree that there are e.g a Hadith in which Rasool Allah alehisalam said that in each and every millennium there will be one Mujadad in each era to save the Ummah from infidels. And Maududi consider that in 1700 years there was not even a single Muhadith or Mujadad in each an every century? What a ridiculous argument is that, in fact its show the so called ‘ knowledge of the Molvi Maududi” of Jamat-e-Islami.  Yet there is a more better answer that, Mr modudi why cant we say that you are the foolish, the most ignorant of all, and the most deceived by Satan himself?. You are a fool who consider only himself as a so called Scholar and all others even Sahaba and Ambiya alehumasalam as subordinate to you. This is total blasphemy and this is the real and ugly face of So called Jamat-e-Islami, while indeed it use to be called JAMAT_E_SHYTANI, or Hizbul Shyateen. Because these kind of infidelity and wrong ideology can be the religion of non believers and Satanists But not Abrahamic.