Secrets of Time and Space

Secret of Time and Space

Secret of time and space have been revealed by Allah, in these Quranic Words:

“And We have created thing in twos (pairs) so that ye may receive instructions”. (Surah LI Verse 49)

Every existing being is composed of three formats; the first is the Occurrence (Ahwaal), second is the Effects (Aasaar) and the third, which is a collection of both these formats, is called the Commands (Ahkaam).
Anything being ‘in twos’ mean that it is bi-folded or has two-sides. Both the sides are opposite to each other. Despite the contrast they are adjoining each other. Although both the sides are separated from each other because of their contrasted adjectivity (being active, passive or subjective , objective) collection of both of them is called, the Existence of an object. In other words, when both these sides assemble together their combination is a Perceptible Object. One side of an object is the Percipient i.e., the sensitive and the other side of the object is that which is felt or perceived.
In Sufism, the side which is percipient is called Occurrence (Ahwaal) and the other which is perceived is known as the Effects (Aasaar), the collective name for both of them is the Commands (Ahkaam) and the same is called ‘the Lords’s Edict’ in religion. Hence there are two sides or components of the ‘Lord’s Edict’. Occurrence is the component which knows and utilizes the ability and quality and the other one; the Effect, is the ability and the quality itself. Both these components are combinatively known as the Lord’s Edict (Amr-e-Rabbi). Both the components despite adjoining each other are separate from each other. In fact, this very segregation is that activity which after its descent, from one angle is the Time and from the other- Space, when this activity takes place within the parameter of the mental limits of the Sense, it is termed as time. And, when this activity takes place in the vicinity of the form and appearance of the Sense, it is named as the Space.

If Allah, the Most Exalted, had not created the existing things in pairs the intermediatory gap which takes the form of Time and SPace would not have come into being. This gap is created when dimensions take place in the existiing things. Dimensions take place in the Illustrational Realm and not in the Realm of the Souls, that’s why the Realm of Soul is devoid of Time and Space. The Existing thing is a figurative affair and not an active or functional affair over there. Hence the World of Aura commences from where the motion starts.

When for instance, the feeling for offering the prayer is aroused in a person, it has two aspects. One, the formation of the feelings for prayer and the other is the mind which conceives the feelings of prayer.

If the aforementioned statement of Allah is dealt at lenght many duplexities of the sense woud become unavoidable. One of them is the General aspect and the other is the Specific one. Opposite to the Specific aspect of the Sense is that General aspect of the Sense which is the Dominating one.

At this point, it seems necessary to mention something about the Persona major. The Person too has two sides; Persona Major and Persona Minor. The former of the two is the Dominant while the later is the Dominated one. We , in a way, can also name them as the species and individual. One of them is the Root and the other is its derivative. The General Sense is to be considered as, the Sense of the Persona Major. the Persona Major, as mentioned above is briefly discussed here.

Allah, the Most High has stated in the HOly Quran;
“And Allah bestowed knowledge of the Names (including the natures, properties and characteristics etc.) of all things upon Adam (after his Creation)”. (Quran Surah II verse 31)


In a nutshell, knowledge about properties and names of all existing things of the earth was given to Adam. According to the terminology of the Preserved Scripturum Names are equivalent to the title and description of the properties and chracteristics of the things.

In 30th Verse of the Second Surah of the Glorious Qur’an, Allah has mentioned the appointment of Adam as His vicegerent and the very next verse is telling us about the grant of the Knowledge of the Names. If we look for a link between the two, in the perspective of the Divine Administrative Policies, it becomes clear that the vicegerency of Allah, the Most High is deeply connected with the knowledge of the said Names.


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