Deobandi Fabrications and religion from their own book Caught

Matter of the Subject
Wahabiya,Deobandiya Sects are those sects who always betray the Ummah by manipulating in old books as well as in  their own books

here you will find that their publishers are always eager to change what their real “Mulla’s” Said, so the coming generations can not find all those un-authentic disgusting beliefs of their ancestors. Here is another fabrication in their famous book “Talifaat-e-Rasheediya”. In old editions  Molvi Rasheed Gangohi said “the person will not be casted out from Ahlu Sunnah” while in latest edition, b/cz of many objections they remove the word and changed the whole sentence by only removing 1 single word. This is called hypocrisy.


The Old Edition
The Old Edition



Now See this Edition 

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As now you can see , this is the twisted parallel mentality of each and every deviant sect b/z they can easily change anything with the passage of time or objections. Will you believe such people who can change anything what they want where they want?. If this is so, then what is the status of their faith? Thanks Allah we “ahlu sunnah wal jama’t” The Sufis never change the original text.