Kharijites in the light of hadith (booklet) (Admin Books)


I am very thankful to makashfa members readers and specially admins for making me able to compile this exclusive booklet series for readers, this booklet is having topic of “khawarij” “kharijites” the deviant sect among Muslims who are now a days know by different names most popularly , Wahhabi, Salafi, Deobandi, Ahle Hadis etc. This booklet is first of the series in which insha-Allah i will try my best to compile all authentic ahadith(s) related to End times in one place as this one. You will find most authentic ahadith(s) in Arabic, Urdu and English languages in one single Pdf along with all references.

Help taken from 
Bukhari Shareef , Sahih Muslim, Masnad Ahmad, Sunan Nasai, Abu Dawood, Delmi, Behiqi, Mu’jam al Sagheer/ Kabeer, Masnad Abu Yala, Shami, and Minhaj as-Sawi


You Can Download By Clicking Here





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