Question: Some people (i-e Wahabism) says that Sufism is innovation in ISLAM and “SHIRK” POLYTHEISM. What clarification you have to entertain this question?


Bismillahi Rehman i Rahim!!

Let us first read This Ayah of the Holy Quran:

1And We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, except with the Truth; and indeed the Last Day will come, therefore (O dear Prophet Mohammed “ peace and blessings be upon him), forbear graciously. (Quran: 15:85)



How Ma’ruf Karkhi (rta) Chose Islam and became a SUFI SAGE:

Maru’f Karkhi’s mother and father were both Christians. When they sent him to school his master said to him, “Say, God is the third of three.”

“No,” answered Ma’roof. “On the contrary, He is God, the One.”

The teacher bear him, but to no avail. One day the schoolmaster beat him severely, and Ma’ruf ran away and could not be found.
“If only he would come back, ” his mother and father said. “Whichever religion he wished to follow, we would agree with him.”

Maru’f came to Ali bin Musa al-Reza and accepted Islam at his hands. Some time passed. Then one day he made his way home and knocked at the door of his father’s house.

“Who is there?” they asked.
“Maaru’f, ” he replied.
“What faith have you adopted?”
“The religion of Mohammad, the Messenger of God.”
His mother and father immediately became Muslims.

After that Ma’ruuf fell in with Dawud-e Ta’i and underwent a sever discipline. He proved himself so devout and practised such austerities that the fame of his steadfastness was noised abroad.

One day Ma’ruf was walking along with a group of his followers when a gang of youths came that way. They behaved outrageously all the way to the Tigris.

Master,” Maruf’s companions entreated him, “pray to Almighty God to drown them all, that the world may be rid of their foul presence.”

“Lift up your hands,” Maruf bade them. Then he prayed.

O God, as Thou hast given them a happy life in this world, even so grant them a happy life in the world to come.

Master, we know not the secret of this prayers,” said his companions in astonishment. “He with whom I am speaking knows the secret.” 
Maruf replied. “Wait a moment. Even now this secret will be revealed.”

When the youths beheld the shaikh, they broke their lutes and poured away the wine they were drinking. Trembling overcame them, and they fell before the shaikh and repented.
You see,” Maruf remarked to his companions. 
Your desire has been fulfilled completely, without drowning and without anyone suffering.”


A man brought five hundred dinars and offered them to Junaid Baghdadi (rta).

“Do you possess anything besides this?” Junaid asked him.
“Yes, a lot,” the man replied.
“Do you need more?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Then take it away, ” Junaid said. “You have a better right to it. I possess nothing, and I need nothing.”


A man rose up where Junaid was preaching and began to beg.

“This man is perfectly healthy,” thought Junaid. “He can earn his living. Why does he beg, and impose on himself this humiliation?”

That night Junaid dreamed that a covered dish was set before him.

“Eat,” he was bidden.

When he lifted the lid, he saw the man who had begged lying dead on the dish.
“I do not eat the flesh of men,” he protested.
“Then why did you do so in masjid yesterday?” he was asked.

Junaid realized that he had been guilty of slander in his heart, and that he was being taken to task for an evil thought. “I woke in terror,” Junaid recollected. “I purified myself and said two rak’as, then I went out to search for the beggar. I saw him on the bank of the Tigris, picking out of the water scraps of vegetables people had washed there and eating them. Raising his head, he saw me approaching and addressed me. ‘Junaid,’ he said, ‘have you repented of the thoughts you had concerning me?’ ‘I have,’I replied. ‘Then go, It is He Who accepts repentance from His servants. This time keep a watch over your thoughts.””

Now see the practical implementation of these two historical stories and the moral way of ISLAMIC PURE MONOTHEIST IDEOLOGY AND Compare it with these given Verses from Glorious Quran:


O People who Believe! Avoid excessive assumptions; indeed assumption sometimes becomes a sin, and do not seek faults, and do not slander one another; would any one among you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? So you will hate that! And fear Allah; indeed Allah is Most Acceptor of Repentance, Most Merciful. (49:12)

In another verse regarding beautiful ways of preaching says:


Basic virtue is not just to turn faces to the East and the West, but true righteousness is that one must believe in Allah and the Last Day and the angels and the Book and the Prophets; and out of love for Allah, to give treasured wealth to relatives and to the orphans and the needy and the traveller, and to those who ask, and to set slaves free; and to keep the prayer established and to pay the charity; and those who fulfil their obligations when they make an agreement; and the patient during times of calamity, in hardships and during holy war; it is they who have proved true to their word; it is they who are the pious.” (Al Quran Baqarah: 177)

Again IN QURAN 15: 85


And We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, except with the Truth; and indeed the Last Day will come, therefore (O dear Prophet Mohammed “ peace and blessings be upon him), forbear graciously.


Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: There would enter Paradise people whose hearts would be like those of the hearts of birds.

Now compare the way Saint preaches this ayat of Holy Quran in full essence of which is actually meant by Holy Quran and Hadith.

What is the Mystic in Sufism???

Although this question requires a lengthy information but in short. Sufism is by itself a Mystic of True monotheist ideology which is based on UNITY not DIVIDING. And what is mystic in it??

Example: This is a mystical thing to know that What attracts the people who are polytheists i-e Hinduism, Budhism etc, and the people who are monotheists ie- Muslims, Christians and Jews. all those different major religions always sit very happily in the gatherings of SUFISM. WHY??

Because the language of scholarly discussions can make someone happy or feel bad about his/her views regarding their believes. But 

Love Humanity Respect and Common Cause can never make anyone feel bad to share and to be a part in it. 

So is the reason that Islam never perished in INDO PAK by any wahabi/ any deobandi/ any ahle hadith/ any salafi

No, Islam attracts those people because of Only and Only Sufis. Who were respected by all people including them who does not believe in them i-e Polytheists. 

In that times, people were not so much materialistic and “media aware”, they do not depend upon “media” to guide them but they live their lives among SUFIS. They watch their all actions and still they know that may be in some Masjid they can be stopped by entering to the home of One Creator but they will never be rejected in any of the Sufi gathering. Because Sufism is the True Spiritual Islam.

This is the reason that people embraced Islam in hundreds of thousands by ordinary Sufi people. There were no Hindus, No Sikhs, No Muslims, No Christians, No Jews No Jains, No Budhists, but when they join Gathering they all were become ONE SINGLE COMMUNITY OF HUMANITY AND LOVE.

So this is a Mystic that which makes them to be more polite and humble with SUFI ISLAM rather than other people who does not follow this important religious commandment i-e Humanity.

Last thing to remember and note:

Just examine it as a truthful faithful believer. I had given you examples of verses and then showing you the way of preaching of the Sufi Saints and mystics. Judge it by full neutral heart and again and again read those verses and the given Hadith. Although i can present thousands authentic things here regarding this matter. But i will leave it with full sincerity on your own judgements. After all we all will one day present to our LORD and then we will be questioned about our deeds, then may be these things also questioned that why you declare anyone polytheist when they were doing the same work and teaching and preaching the True Teachings of PROPHET AND ALLAH?


And indeed Allah Knows the best!



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