GhairMuqallid Wahhabism & Ghairmuqallid Qadianism (urdu)

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4 thoughts on “GhairMuqallid Wahhabism & Ghairmuqallid Qadianism (urdu)”

  1. Wahabi gair muqallid ka aetraaz.

    The Wali watches sexual relation of his students
    In his “Malfuzat” v 2 p 169, Ahmad raza Khan wrote:
    “Sayidi Ahmad Sijilmasi had two wives, Sayidi Abdul ‘Aziz Ad-Dabbagh (rad) said to him one day: “You slept with one wive while the other was awake, this should not be done”.
    He argued: “She was sleeping”
    He (Dabbagh) replied: “No she was not…”
    He asked: “How do you know this?”
    He (Dabbagh) said: “Where she was sleeping, was there another bed?”
    He said: “Yes, there was an empty bed”
    He (Dabbagh) said: “I was on this bed, at no time is the Shaykh separated from his Murid, he is always with him”
    Comment: So for Bralwis, their Peers watch their intercourse with their wives and are always with them. What is this shameful creed!!! These people should then come naked in front of their Peers as for them the Shaykh is in their bedrooms and watches their intercourses. La Hawla wala Quwatta ila Billah!!!
    Does the religion of Islam allows a Muslim to be present in the room of a person sleeping with his wife? This is a clear opposition to the Shari’ah!!!

    is ka jawab mil sakta hai.

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