Breaking Spells and Evils of Real Magic

Bismillah iRehman i Raheem!

Note: This article is for those people who are interested in deep study of  occults and different spiritual studies, In this article may be this does not seem fit to your religious beliefs, this is only for educational purpose and for those as explained before.  So do not read it as religious (fundamental islamic) article but rather this is an Islamic answer for many of those people who are effected by ‘Magik’ (magic) by Satanism, Kabbalistic Symbolism, Solomon’s keys etc.

We will not discuss the nature and other things about Magic, its reality, its existence in human society and its dark ages, but we will directly in this article talk about first time breaking the real satanic magical talismans, which are used by masonic symbolism and old jewish signs.

Magic for as a Muslim is Totally HARAM without any this, those, and that. In this article i will first time presents in front of many eyes few things which are not shown to 99.9% of you in this direction. For ease we will divide Satanism,Magic,Demonism, Paganism  and called them “Dark side or Left hand” and for Islamic and spiritual art  as “Right-Hand or People of Light”.

The Dark side represents black powers of Satan, remember when we called ‘Satan’ it does not mean ‘Falling angel’, we mean a real living creation of God Almighty, who has given time to destroy humans from the path of One and Alone God. The ‘Satan’ is a creation made up of smokeless fire and normally known as “Jinn’ among Muslims. For the further detail information about Satan and Jins kindly read article on this blog about ‘Authentic information about Satan’.

So in magic for example the so called magic of solomon which is widely used by occults and freemasons and also in other sorts of witch-crafts. Actually ‘Satan’ is so intelligent to make humans fizzy about several things that men cannot figure out what is real and what is not real. Satan always show us a Mixture of a little Truth and lots lots of lies. In this article we will show you that there are several things for humans who are made sub-ordinate to Humans. They are called commonly ‘Rijal al Ghaibs’, they are actually unseen beings or you may call them unseen powers which are appointed by Almighty Allah to serve humans. 

In Satanism, they teach human is god itself, in other words a minor god. Then they use teachings of occult and magic to their followers to how to control different demons, to give them some task or job to complete. They usually sacrifice in front of those demons or those entities. Human and Animal mutilations are common in west for example.

Dark side has its powers, and in response to their satanic powers, there are people of light who do totally opposite to the foretold one. These ‘Rijals’ are of many kinds, they have several names. they have several natures and forms, just like there are something which are somehow real but their meanings and forms are twisted by Satan and  they are known as Solomon’s Magic. While Islam rejects this, and told us that Prophet Solomon (peace and blessings be upon him) was not among magicians. The powers gifted to him was from Allah. 

After several  years of his departing from this world, the satan gave these Satanic books in which he represents some of his powers just as i said before mixture of little truth and lots of lie to the 7 masons who gave that book or books or whatever that was as Solomons magic. 

Old jewish talismans also represents a mixture view of things. Let us first see some information about real magic according to Satanists. And then we will present ANTI-DOTE for all of those talismans through numerological replies in that language which ‘They’ Understand.

000v42This is called the third pentacle of Venus, in Jewish Kabbalah it invokes its “Angel Monachiel” in the day and hour of Venus.

Now let me explain something which many people does not know even those Kabbals also does not knew this, to which they are calling ‘Angel Monachiel’ they called it angel just because of their ignorance, otherwise its proper statu is, that this is actually ‘Moakil’ (un seen power which is attached, with some word symbol or sign). But this ‘Moakil’ is ‘Siflee’ (means, this entity which is called demon or angel by occultists is an entity of Dark side). That means its created because of that power which is given to Satan for a time till final hour.

Further more! these symbols or digits are now a days used by different multi national companies and specially media, which act as a medium for demonic entities hidden in graphics and because these entities and demonic powers or dark powers can not been seen by one’s eyes, that s why they need hidden symbolic language to conversate with human’s subconscious mind, they are been used in form of Graphics in milliseconds of times, which ordinary eyes and minds cannot guess but the subconscious mind always takes and stored back in memory. That is the reason that children’s  behave is getting worst by just watching Cartoon networks. Disney’s etc. 

Sex, Drugs, Disrespect for parents and materialistic approach to the problems are been made because of this symbolic manipulation through use of Graphics and Tell-lie-vision. These are common and open effects which can be judged by any parents any where in the world. Those symbols circles makes human mind hypnotized by the news channels and then their own so called ‘experts’ gave you ‘their’ public opinion on some topic and the mind of masses just converts towards that easily without objecting.

Use of mass media hypnotize and creating of a common sense of involvement in recent 9/11 is an open example of Media Magics. They use Satanic Symbolic Language through brilliant Graphics and designs to accept or reject something.

When someone makes circles and different geometrical signs it has a symbolic power, each and every thing on this earth is based on mathematics. Each and every word has its ‘Moakil’ or for ease we will use word ‘Power’. Now this in itself is not bad but the intention from which they are been used makes their powers converted to dark sides and thus creates a vacuum space in the fiber of time and space. These words when spoken from lips creates a vibration of energy based on human ability and energy of the soul. That is the reason that Satanists sold their souls to Satan. That freed energy which is either spoken in verbal form or written in some specific time, date, place, and other important requirements, when applied, these things allowed those entities to enter in that space of vacuum, a vacant place for them to came into our dimension. Thus the energy from human soul because fulfil their need of reason to exist at that place (either because of chanting or performing satanic ritual,abuse, or sacrifice) so they emerge from their side because one human soul allow their energies to be taken by that satanic entity. And numbers and shapes define the shape and power and status of that satanic energy or demon or entity or jin or efrit to actually interfere in human body and make those little satans which are running like blood inside the human body to do more satanic things.

See these other pictures first

Ashampoo_Snap_2013.12.31_18h14m00s_002_Now as you can read and you can see that these signs and shapes are actually ‘Moakils’ either good or bad, if  you avail them from bad way i-e satanic practices and rituals they are satanic entities, and if you avail them from “Right hand” they can be used from both ways.

Occult and magic is usually because based on Satan’s inspiration and paganism, that’s why they made each and every thing either ‘falling angel’ or either ‘Satan’ or either ‘Demon’.

See another picture


Now as you can see that in this picture there is star of david having a single star and some other signs and symbols, the inside single star is the symbolic representation of that entity, while star of david is controlling that entity along with different commands shown as symbols on five corners of the stars. then its compounded powers are regulated in 3 layers of pentagram and 3 layers of rectangles. made up of different jewish symbols and signs which acts as a command and name of power to control the centralised power of star. So this makes it demonic although despite of this that you can use it for any sort of good purpose which is not possible.


Now this is called time chart. Which is popularly known as “Jantri” in Indo-pak. This represents and shows that which star is where and in which position on specific time and date. This is itself not anything bad. Its just astrological science, but these times and these days act as a powerful medium of creating space for those demons to interact with humans. 

Lets see another pic

Ashampoo_Snap_2013.12.31_18h41m54s_002_Now here is a mixture, as previous picture you see the timing schedule, this is may be true may be not true, but in my personal view as i know (as a Righthand people) we know that “Rijals’ also are attached with special times, days and conditions but as i explained before that “Rijals” are helpers appointed from Allah for serving humans . The detail about them can read in this blog in another article to better understand the nature and different kinds of rijals. 

Now on other hand i.e Dark side satan has also followers and helpers which support his cause to destroy humans. The pagan jins are actually these demons of dark sides, which appear in front of satanists when they perform ritual of high degree.

We will try to put further light on this issue, that actually these are not rijals but these are “MOAKILS” and you can produce any moakil if you fulfil their requirements and nature. So these are actually Dark Moakils (u may called them demons). Just as there are Moakils who act in form of blessings when you pray and ask Allah for help, He usually helps us out through his blessings which are (asbab, necessities for humans).

Ashampoo_Snap_2013.12.31_18h42m23s_003_Now here is another mixture of Satan, the names like Archangel, angel these are all demons, they have nothing to do with Angels, no angel is involved in any sort of magic or neither can be send to anyone by their own wishes, only Allah is the one who can sent any angel to someone. Mostly they do not be seen by human eyes. So these are actually Moakils of Dark side shown by Satan as archangels while they are actually just a moakil. Thats why Satan and dark powers vanishes in seconds if you Chant the Proper name of ALLAH, they just melt down or in some forms they burns.


Now in this figure, Circle represents the life circle and having four major things surrounded i.e Air, Water, Earth and Fire (again these things creates dark powers to interrupt humans)

Ashampoo_Snap_2013.12.31_18h44m28s_005_another symbolic satanic invoking of dark powers

Ashampoo_Snap_2013.12.31_18h45m07s_006_ Ashampoo_Snap_2013.12.31_18h45m48s_007_

Now here is again mixture, Satan’s deceiving powers are so vast that many cannot understand. Now the names of God are good things not bad but when, you attach pagan symbol and other sort of things like explained before (archangels type of things) this made it pagan and harram and convert a little truth into blatant lie. 


As you can see Masons or Satan says: [It should be written on sheepskin paper or virgin parchment, the which paper should be tinted green. The circle with the 72 divine letters should be red or the letters may be gold. The letters within the pentacle should be the same red, or sky blue everywhere, with the great name of God in gold. It serves to convene all spirits; when shown to them they will bow and obey you.]  <——— 72 divine letters are quite interesting thing 🙂 (sorry i cannot say anything more here because it may hurt many jewish friends)

Ashampoo_Snap_2013.12.31_20h01m51s_009_The fourth pentacle of Saturn.– This pentacle serveth principally for executing all the experiments and operations of ruin, destruction, and death. And when it is made in full perfection, it serveth also for those spirits which bring news, when thou invokest them from the side of the South.  

So now For all those magical Satanic things, which are widely used by Masonic jews in actual and real black magic. These effects on those who are not either spiritually so powerful, or either Muslims, because Muslim is alhamdolillah saved from these sort of things by their real life standards and practices of Islam. Which makes them saved from tyrant hands of Satan or Dark powers.

Ye that is true, in the time limit of Saturn Star, if these magical things are performed and talismans are been made in those times then they can effect ordinary human life. So we are giving first time ANTI-DOTE for all these magics. In our spiritual world, this last magic is called moakilat e zuhul, these are kind of invoking of satanic demons and moakils in the time frame of saturn star. 

You can easily destroy this spell by using anti-Dark symbolism through numerology and shapes. 

Here it is

If  you want to leave Satanism, but you are afraid of Evil Spells which they cast to you and which you are afraid of for destroying your soul and life. THIS IS A GIFT FOR YOU.

We are because presenting this as ANTI-DARK power’s answer to Dark powers. Thats why we are not showing all of ways to how to make this and how to use it we are just giving you glimps of what you can do. 

For your ease, if you want to left satanism, if you became a Muslim, you does not need almost all of the time these ANTI-Taweez because Shahada makes you safe from Satan, and acting upon Sunnah makes you save from evil effects. But this is for those who are still afraid. Another thing is that words written in it are arabic, when used by non-muslims this will have to be turned into numerological form. this is must and compulsory.

This is for saving soul from any kind of demonic powers, if they are teasing you.
Ashampoo_Snap_2013.12.31_20h07m37s_010_Whether there are demons, evil moakils, spells, chantings, this ANTI-DARK  Key will destroy all evil demonic entities around you, you will have to use this as a candle and burn in mud pot.


This is also another ANTI made with numerology , and this is not any sort of magic, but this is symbolic representation of Surah al Yunus of Holy Quran, these numbers in rectangle represents different verses along with some other number form of words, which can break any EVIL MAGICAL SPELL, specially this can be used by non-muslims too because of its numerological form for exorcism and if Satanic entities are there. 

Further explanation is given along with it in urdu language for a reason that this is only educational article 


For enemies this can be used as Antidote. This is made by the help of Surah al nasr, you will have to recite 1001 times at least once and then write this naqsh on yellow cloth on the day of Saturday in the time frame of mercury and keep this in hat, none of enemy will be able to defeat you. If on the other side another naqsh of Jinna’a also written, then this will also save you from any sort of demonic problems from occult

So you see, if there is Satan and his helpers working for him then also there are Right-handed powers who are working on the orders of Almighty Allah to save humans from the rough hands of Satans and his demons. 


These both can be used for Children who cries in midnight and because of all sort of problems they cannot sleep. and for the saving of their life from evil eye. If you minor child is crying in night or getting afraid of night, just recite Surah al Asar from Quran along with Wazu (ablution)

Now in the end we are giving you best of all gifts and ANTI-DARK POWER. In this given chart you have the 99 attributes of Almighty Allah along with their numerological status and digits. Select anyone of them for reciting and chanting anytime anyplace.  In your heart you can recite as many as you can, but the proper way is to recite this, first you will have to know the numerological value of your name and then select according to that value of your name, chose one or combine two or more than two names or attributes e.g

If your name’s numerological value is 66 then check that which attribute of Allah is having 66 N.Value. e.g you find that Word ALLAH has a value of 66, then recite this attribute at fixed time after each prayer or once in day or night for 66 times.

Ashampoo_Snap_2013.12.31_20h34m09s_014_ Ashampoo_Snap_2013.12.31_20h34m19s_015_ Ashampoo_Snap_2013.12.31_20h34m37s_016_

The name of Allah is enough to destroy the most powerful of all evils, they cannot stand in front of 1 vibrational pure breath which is chanting word ALLAH. 

We presented this all in a very good intention to just educate the people that, do not afraid of anything, Allah is the creator of everything, if you are attached with Allah, you does not need to afraid of anything. He is the best protector which can save His creation from the wrongful deeds or acts of other creations. 

Allah and His Prophet (sal allahu alehi wasalam) knows best!


17 thoughts on “Breaking Spells and Evils of Real Magic”

  1. Assalamu alaikum
    I loved your blog and read your articles.they are brilliant.i just want to clearify one thing that when allah says in quran that you should ask me for solutions of problems then why the hell should we believe in taweez thing??allah is sufficient for us .why this sureh and that sureh verse??why not whole sureh?plz answer
    And i would like to use your material to inform others .plz give me permission

    1. Walaikumusalam Wa rehma!
      Taweez has nothing to do with these things. Basic reason of Taweez and air blow was (1) For giving benefit of certain ayat on minors, who cannot recite for themselves, and (2) for those who are non-muslims (means in the need of help).

      To the non muslims, we can not gave Quranic verses as written in Quran because of the respect. So the knowledge of mathematics used in it. and thus numbers are been written in different matters. This is a long discussion. Kindly read this link

      Regarding your question > why this surah or why only this verse.

      Answer: There are many verses which can be used from Quran to break different magics. As we mentioned in article, That this article is been written for ONLY THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAS SOMEHOW DEEP KNOWLEDGE ABOUT MAGIC AND ITS BAD EVIL EFFECTS.

      And further. You did not realize that in the start what is giving is Black Magical spells which are usually been used by Satanists. AND many times, because of the lack of full knowledge they turned that problem not only upon themselves but also upon those people who has nothing to do with it.

      So in the end. ONLY IN THE END. we had presented and given some ISLAMIC TAWEEEZAT purely made from different surah’s and verses. I cannot explain each and every surah and then show you its mathematical form and time in which its must have to being written down. These are used to break any spell because these digits are numericalized in such form that, each and every digit represents different surah’s of Quran or verses, or names. as i said its long thing to explain not possible in comment.

      So i hope your both questions are solved.

      1. Salam alaikum, thank you for educational information you provided about breaking jinn possession and magic spell. Though you have indicated that the information you provided is for educational purposes, and you have given permission to use the methods you have included in your writing. I need your help, I have been badly affected by jinn possession and magic spells for more than 7 years now. I have done so many things and seen some raqis but yet unable to terminate the jinn or spells. Anyway you can help me will be an appreciation of a lifetime. I wanted to use the item with Allah,s name but I don’t know the equivalent of my names numerological value. Also I wanted to use the “anti” from your article, you said to burn it like candle and I do not understand whether I can just print the image and roll it up , put it in a small burner and light it up to burn. Please help me, I have included my email for contact. Also if you are in USA I can come to see you. May Allah reward you. Jazakahlahu hair an.

  2. salaam alykum

    i was looking for *ya badooh* meaning which i have seen in many taweez. the only thing i dont understand. who is badooh? could you plz explain me

  3. AbdlKareem > Brother you can contact Makataba Rizawiya of Bareli sharif India, They have special iron nails which you can dug into 4 corners of house where you live. Further, you can also contact International Darul iFta of Dawateislami from section of Taweezat-e-Attar. 7 Times Azan in each corner of house is also an important way. Further, If you recites Surah al Naas, Surah al Falak 3. 3. times having darood sharif at least 3 times before and after can gave you help in self purification from Jin.

    What we had written here is again examples, best suggestion for you is to contact either Bareli Sharif’s Scholars to get those things or contact DawateIslami’s international website where you can get their numbers to call and directly talk with them.

  4. Salam alaikum, inshallah you have enjoyed a blessed Ramadan and Eid. Alhamdulilah for Allah’s mercy on us. Brother, I thank you for writing back. I wanted to write back sooner but I have been bed ridden since last week of Ramadan with the inflictions I am suffering from jinn/black magic attack. I have seen few Raqis before, and I am constantly making duas but all unable to get rid of the evil jinn shaytan. I wished you know of or have a scorlar or Raqi here (U.S.) that I can go see. Worst case scenario, couple of my friend may help me financially to fly to India as I have been unable to work for 5years. I wanted to see if I could quickly try the methods you have described on the website, but needed clarification. Though I could print the “anti” and methods from the website, I feel I must obtain permission before doing so, and to do it accurately. I will follow up with the contacts you have provided. May Allah swt bless all of you who have spent enormous time through research to provide the information. Jazakahlahu hairan. Ma salama abdkareem

    1. Walaikumusalam Brother and sorry for your situation. Brother what ever here presented is an example for that. It depends on situation. Best thing for checking Jin’s inflictions you first have to test that, whether it is actually JIns or Magic or there is something else. As for your situation and for others, in USA you can contact markaz e Dawat e Islami or you can contact them through Email from their website its, address is .

      on the site you will find a section of Taweezat e Attariya. And contact emails and phone numbers. This is the best and free way.

      Another thing is, If you belongs to India or any relative you can contact Maktaba Rizvia of Bareli Shareef, (you can also try to contact them through their website regarding your situation). They can provide you 4 nails to bury them in four corners of your house. And vise versa.

      Another method is to recite 7 times surah al Yasin on ordinary oil and then put few drops in left ear. If the drops makes you harm, then its prove of magic. And if it does’nt that means there is no magic or demon or jin but its some sort of bodily or psychic problem. Which can be resolved through medical or Islamic traditional herbs.

      Another thing which you can do easily without using a penny is to recite Adhan sharif in four corners of the house by taking help of a good muslim and person of sound belief i.e., ahlu sunnat wa jamat. This will stop every kind of “out-door” involvement of dark forces.

      Further. You also have to check your residence and the bed etc etc, because many people do magics and then put something or bury something inside house to make that house sign for dark forces to torture.

      So this thing depends on situation. First of all to confirm it, either we are dealing with actually something or is it only bad-time or you may say some physical problem.

      2nd When proven either way, use all those sources which i have above mentioned.

      3rd. If you don’t find help from them (which you will sure find) but still in case, if you won’t, then if you have relatives in Pakistan, specially in Karachi. you can ask them to bring you a Taweez, which you will find on sunday’s near somewhere Mazar of Abdullah Shah Ghazi. The person who writes and provide those can be find there, and tavweez is known as Chehl Taweez, it is a very small and tiny warq upon which 40 different types of Quranic verses and numerical presentations are been encoded, it also consist a taweez for Dafa-e-Jin’aat. I think you can easily find that or search for that person. I don’t know but few years back i got some of those taweezat by this way using a Madani bhai to find that person in karachi and i Distributed them to several people with problems like your’s. And many of them are now alhamdolillah doing good with their lives. So i hope still it will be available for now. Further there is Madani markaz in Karachi, you can send someone their to talk with. I am sure they will help you out.

      1. Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh.
        Insha Allah you are doing well and in best o al imaan. Really i have wanted to write this reply three days before end of Ramadan. But my situation has made it so difficult for me. Alhamdulilah Allah has given me the strength, focus, and concentration to this now. I was happy to read your reply because it contains strong knowledge base of this jinn/black magic issues. Yes, i have been diagnose by a good Raqi that there is presesence and evidence of black magic and jinn inside me. He had tried his best to help break the spells but only to see them come back even more stronger. This is a public forum, and possibly maybe among the people that are causing my inflictions could be reading this too. I have wanted to send you a audio/video of some of the attacks i go through every day. If you feel comfortable for me to contact you personally to your personal email then i will do so. However, in the meantime, i have acted upon your directions by contacting the s on three separate occasion by going through the process of providing personal information and nature of problems and contact address, all without getting any follow up or contact back from them. I realize there are numerous people with problems and they are trying to do their best. So i do not know why they didnt reply me or contact me. I even sent a separate email indicating that i will send what it will cost to send package to me. Yet, there is no reply. Allah knows best of the situation. When i didnt hear back from them i also contacted Marktaba shareef of Barelli with my situation without any success. I wished there is a place in the usa that i can go to. I am not from india or pakistan, do not speak the language or know the culture, as i do not know anybody that can help me with a direct contact person to go see. Though my situation make it difficult to financially go to india, but some of my good friends pledged they will loan me money to fly to india. So, honorable brother, i need your help. first, if it is so possible that i can use the taweez presented on the “breaking spells of magic/jinn on the educational page, which is the one i initially inquired about, except that i wanted to be sure of the application of the taweez that they said it could be burn like candle. If you can help me clarify that one first, so i know i to use it, i can take the risk on my own. I am not sure if it means i will burn the taweez or i will wrap it around candle. Please help me, as i am in dare need of trying anything possible that is not shrik. the one i am referring to is the taweez that says: Whether there are demons, evil moakils, spells, chantings, this ANTI-DARK Key will destroy all evil demonic entities around you, you will have to use this as a candle and burn in mud pot. says: This is for saving soul from any kind of demonic powers, if they are teasing you. Insha Allah, if you could help me with this or any other help you can render, my gratefulness can never compared to the reward from Allah. If you feel i should go to India (India is better for me because of all the US political mix up with Pakistan, the intelligence agency my be looking at the person for other reasons). If you can help me with credible reputated contact that i can go see, please help. May Allah be please with you, may Allah accept your ibadaa, and may Allah continue to bless you and increase your imaan. May Allah help me with complete chiffaa from this trial. Jazakahlahu khairan. Thank you. your brother abdlkareem.

  5. Salam brother, sorry to disturb you. Can you provide me with the link to Makataba Rizawiya of Bareli sharif of India?

    1. Walaikumusalam! brother, thanks for reading it, actually the diagrams given in this article are for educational purposes, and i do not have any sort of authority to pass it on to others, As you write that your issue is genuine, there could be some reasons for that, e.g when did you first experience it, 2nd there are many places in USA where the people has made homes upon some sacred grounds or burial grounds, that also can cause problems, 3rd reason could be that, someone has pass some satanic activity on you because of jealousy etc. All those reasons can be or cannot be. Here is website address of Maktaba Rizvia, you can sent email to this website’s admin I am sure they will guide you for taking Taweezats. Another maktaba e Rizvia is in Sukkar Pakistan. I do not have any contact number sorry. third is Khanqah -e- Zanjania somewhere in Lahore city of Pakistan. Actually this Zanjania has a lot of experience and permissions for these problems. If you have anyone relative in Pakistan contact them to bring you any number of personal from Khanqah so you can talk with them clearly on your issue.

      The last resort is surely Dawat-e-Islami. There could be hundreds of emails daily to them, and giving answer to each and everyone urgently is not possible. But still if you have any relative or friend in Karachi you can call them to personally visit Markaz -e- Dawat-e-Islami, this will help you quickly.

      Unfortunately I was having a special Chehl Taweez for that, but its already distributed to the needy’s and I dont have anymore. Neither I visited Karachi so i can get them.

      Quran’s reciting is the best thing for destroying demons, I dont know why its not effecting in your case if you tried out. Another thing is you asked to use my given anti’s but they must have to be written with specific inks, and in specific times with specific abilities else than that, this will not work. I also have taken this from Shama-e-Shabistan-e-Raza. And Iqbal Ahmed Noori is its writer and having authority to issue proper taweez so if you can contact him through the publishing agency Maktaba Razvia Sakhar Pakistan. I strongly consider that, your problem could be resolved. You don’t need to visit anywhere using your money, instead use your relations to get those people. I am sure you will had have some relatives or some friends living in those parts, you can ask them to check it and bring you concrete information of contact.

    1. Brother issue is pentacles or whatever it leads to paganism and its not allowed as far as Muslims concerned, further as its written that, these talisms are been used by Satanists in their evil work which on the other hands makes them wrong.

  6. I am trying to learn and help my self and others break what was done to is ie carter Campbell .it was given to me to eat and drink.I been fighting 55years .I an stoll fighting to defeat the jinn on everyone and got an answer for yeast thing I have to break black magic dine to family and me .My poor brother Michael got ripped off by Pam and all his hard work she and her family took .I also want my health back and I inherited and this James b coney I paid him and he promised me to collect he is treatedng me bad Muller stole all inheritances I have to he’s and enemy thief and control email address no need to shake them .I want health and James b coney do as he promised a d I sent a box he said he did not get it I know he lied he must protect me and defeat lawyers and banks and take muller and others controlling email address and identity I cannot get my citizenship card in Toronto .I went on your website to writ out what you say to break spells on my head .erase depts on my name and health for all carter and me and anyone with gins in them anita

    1. Sister Anita! You just need to do a simple thing (If you were muslim and If not you can still) go to any of Masjid (Mosque) or any muslim who is regular participator of prayers. Asked him or her to blow off 3 times, the last 3 Surah’s of Quran (which are little surah’s in the end). Surah an Nas, Surah al Falaq and with Ayatul Kursi. These verses and their reciting or listening to the reciting will actually keep away satanic things or jins from you.

      These are tested by many many people around the world regardless of religion.

  7. Salaam’s
    I am really impressed by the above naqsh’ derived from the either the whole surah or partially verses of the Holy Quran,which are used as protection against evil forces.
    Regrading surah Nasr,in which the naqsh’ is used to repel negative forces.Its also mentioned that behind this naqsh’ Jinnah naqsh’ too can be written…please tell me what is that Jinnah naqsh’?
    Also,i need an instruction on how to write, and use the numerological naqsh’ of verses from surah Yunus as explained above because i cannot read Urdu language.If possible Please reply through my email
    Thank you

    1. Walaykumusalam: Brother, Naqsh-e-Jinn is another naqsh, and on the back side of the paper its been written too. as explained in article. and for learning how to write is not very easy to explain in article here. But you can find these readymade naqshs with all details in different books on this subject e.g Shama-e-Shabistan 4 volumes, taweezat e ayat e Quraniya etc.

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