Allah is Free from All Defects

ALLAH (jallawashanuhu) is Free from All Defects

The Proper Islamic Belief

It is the belief of the Ahle Sunnat wa Jama’at that Almighty Allah does not lie and He does not possess the power of telling a lie. Allaah is free from all defects and those things which lead to defects.

Almighty Al’laah says in the Holy Quráan,

وَمَنْ اَصْدَقُ مِنَ اللّٰهِ قِيْلًا     

“…And whose Words are more true than those of Allah? (Allah does not lie.)” An-Nisa Vrs 122

وَمَنْ اَصْدَقُ مِنَ اللّٰهِ حَدِيْثًا

” and whose Words are more true than those of Allah? (Allah does not lie.)”An-Nisa Vrs 87

Imam-ul-Mufas’sireen, Imam Fakhrudeen Raazi states:

لان المومن لایجوزُ اَن یظن باللہ الکذب بل یخرجُ بذالک عن الایمان

“It is not permissible for any Muslim to even think that Al’laah can tell a lie. Actually to even think such a thought removes one from the folds of Imaan.” [Tafseer Kabeer Vol.5 – Pg.179]

He further mentions:

من صفاتِ کلمۃ اللہ صدقاََ والدلیلُ علیہ الکذبُ نقص والنقصُ علی اللہ مُحال

“To be truthful is from amongst the Attributes of Allaah. The evidence for this is that to tell a lie is a defect for Allaah and for Allaah to have any defect is Muhaal (Totally impossible)” [Tafseer Kabeer Vol.4 – Pg.138]

Umdatul Mufasireen Imam Abdur Rahman Baidhawi states:

لایتطرقُ الکِذبُ اِلیَ خَبرِہ بِوَجہِِ لاِنَّہ نَقصُ وَھوَ علی اللہِ تعالیٰ مُحال

“A lie cannot find any place in the Message of Allaah, as it is a defect and to have a defect Muhaal for Allah.” [Tafseer Baidhawi Pg.150]

Zubdatul Mufas’sireen Allama Ali bin Muhammad Khaazin states:

لااحد اصدق من اللہ فانہ لا یخلف المیعاد ولا یجوز علیہ الکذب

“(The point to be mentioned) is the fact that there is none more truthful than Allaah and He does not go against His Word and it is totally impossible for Allaah to lie” [Tafseer Khaazin Vol.1 – Pg. 421]

Allama Khateeb Muhammad bin Sharbeeni (Alaihir Rahma) states:

قولہ تعالی فلن یخلف اللہ عھدہ فیہ دلیل علی ان الخلف فی خبر اللہ محال

“The above command of Almighty Allaah is sufficient evidence that it is Muhaal (totally impossible) for there to be a lie in the Message of Allaah.”[Tafseer Sirajum Muneer Vol.1 – Pg.73] 

Allama Muhammad bin Abdullah Tamrtaashi states:

ولا یوصف اللہ تعالی بالقدرۃِ علی الظلم السفۃ والکذب لان المحال لا یدخل تحت القدرۃ وعند المعتزلۃ یقدر ولایفعل

“To say that Allaah has the ability of tyranny, lies and ignorance is totally incorrect as it is an impossibility. The reason for this is because that which is Muhaal (totally impossible) cannot be accepted to be within the power of Almighty Allah. [eg. the creation of another Allah which is definitely Muhaal] and according to the Mu’tazillas (another corrupt sect – firqa), He has the power but does not do so (Allaah forbid”) [Tanweer ul Absaar]

It is in Fatawa Alamgiri:

اذا وصف اللہ تعالی بمالا یلیقُ بہ

“Any person who says Allaah to possess a certain attribute which is not worthy of His Being,

اَو نسبہ الی الحھل اوالعجز والنقص ویکفر

or says Al’laah Ta’aala to be weary or to have some weakness, then such a person committed kaafir.” [Fatawa Alamgiri Vol.2 – Pg.258]

Allama Muhammad bin Ali Qaari (Alaihir Rahma) states:

انہ لا یوصف اللہ تعالی بالقدرۃ علی الظلم لان المحال لایدخل تحت القدرۃ وعند المعتزلۃ انہ یقدر ولایفع

“One must not think that Al’laah has power over tyranny since this is Muhaal for Al’laah and that which is Muhaal is not under the Qudrat (Power) of Al’laah. The Mu’tazillas however believes that Allaah has this power and does not do it.” [Sharah Fiqh Akbar]

Note: This belief of the Mu’tazillas is absolutely corrupt and unacceptable.

Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf Thaani Sheikh Ahmad Sarhindi Faarooqi states: “That Most Exalted ONE (Allah) is free and pure from all defects, direction and limitations.” [Maktoobat Vol.1 -Page.314]

Now Check the Mu’tizali Belief of Today’s Khawarij i.e Wahabi-Deobandi for more references check the given scan link to scans library. And then consider that who is actually destroying the right belief of the Muslims in disguise of a Muslim. or Daa’eez

Link to More References from Deobandi Sect Books



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