Salafies Caught again this time on Bukhari Shareef (in urdu language)

Bismillahi RehmaniRahim:

Brothers and sisters, we already knew this fact and presented several times with scans and proofs that Salafi/Wahabi/Deobandi creed is continuously trying to make changes in authentic texts of Islamic literature. In this due process they also, when sometimes found that changing the word would not effect to justify their wrong views, so for this reason they usually did their own self made (exegesis, i.e, Tashreehat) of famous books of Hadith.

This is my personal findings of this book  Sahih al Bukhari (Translated and Self,Tashreeh’ed by Molvi Dauwd raaz of Markazi Jamiat ahle hadith Hind). My first view and search give me these ideas.

1) As far as translation concerned, its almost ok and not wrong.
2) As far as explaining concerned, its totally wrong and based on hypocrisy and lies.

Astaghfirullah, it has nothing to do with Imam Bukhari, instead it is Fabrication and trying to use Bukhari shareef for their sick beliefs.

Last night i had do a lots of search and re-search in 9 volumes of Bukhari Sharif. The translator was Allama (so called) Dawud Raaz, by markazi Jamiyat e ahle hadeez hind.

I had found an interesting thing that, Where ever there is an Hadith which is against their ‘Wahabi Dharma’ they had given their own explanation to that, While which has nothing to do with Imam Bukhari (rd)’s own view. Although i found that in some places this translator and so called (commentator) has performed shamefully acts like changing the meaning of the original words by giving his ‘OWN made explanations’ On the rules of Imam Bukhari (in other words he consider himself more better imam than him).
Also one major hypocrisy which i found so far in these 9 volumes is that, they had added few more pages in the end of each volume which has “EXPLANATIONS“. In which e.g

In Bukhari Shareef there are hundreds of aHadith of Rasool Allah alehisalam mentioned in which TAQLID (following of madhab) is proved. And their (wahbis’s) ideology is been crushed out.

So what these salfists did???

They had given it their own exegesis in which they try to counter the problem and submerge it to something else and related that thing to Aima and then suddenly putting blame on IMAM AL AZAM ABU HANIFA (RD)and Hanafiya school of thought. (Remember Hanafi’s are the VAST MAJORITY Even among 4 School of thoughts).
Then in many places under hadith, this dawud has gave his own jurisdiction and trying to change the minds from the basic to different level of criteria which does not fit in any way.

Also Hypocrisy is clearly shown place by place , page by page. I had read and my neutral view about it is clear. Tarjuma is almost right, but Tashreeh is not of IMAM BUKHARI at all. It is manipulated and given personal tashreeh (extra exegesis). And by that way putting everything on aima. And giving a reason for their sick Wahabi ideology. I will try to bring that thing up in future in my articles to mention their hypocrisy.

E.g you see they rejected hadiths and giving them their own justifcation on about Taqlid and yet see dawud’s deviancy that he is using IMAM BUKHARI (Rd) for his wrong thoughts and to justify his wrong creed. while this hypocrite himself mentions in the first volume that IMAM BUKHARI (RD) was a “MUQALLAD” of IMAM al SHAFIYEE.(Rd)

So my question to this pathetic sick idiotic nonsense and hypocrite Publication is that Do you think that your Dawud Raz is more better Faqih, Jurist, or Mujtahid than Imam Bukhari (rd) himself?

So Imam (rd) was following the school thought of Imam Shafi’yee and according to your sick religion of wahhabism you consider Taqlid as SHIRK? and you had given your own manipulated and corporated views in the end of each volume and during many places.



Shame on you what kind of morons are publishing these books and al-most all wahhabi sites are distributing them freely.

In snaps kindly check red lines, which are important points. he try to intelligently hide the real fact by the use of lafffaazi and munafiqat.

and specially check the Publisher’s name. Asghar ali — Then —- Imam mahdi—- and then Salafi. >LOL<

You see do you think he is a Muslim at all??? Because this seems to be not a name but only combination of trying to give some impression. and then in the end Salafi shows that who are actually behind this effort of (GIVING OWN MEANING TO BUKHARI SHAREEF)

May Allah gave you wisdom of the truth or if it is not good for us, then may Allah curse you in hell fire and save our Ummah from your sick existence. Ameen bajahun Nabi aameen.





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