2 thoughts on “Genealogy Of The Prophet (alehisalam)”

  1. I want to know or more explanation about Jesus (pbuh), is he was tempted by the devil or to say he was tempted by the devil in the Bible in Luke 4: 1-13. And I need to know more is there passage in the Bible to support this matter. Thank You and More to all, wassalam.

    1. Brother, we only believe in Quran, further we only can trust those verses which can be recognized by Quranic Support. everything else is fabricated or edited. And answer to your question is very simple. Ask them. When you tell us that Prophet Jesus is ‘god’ then how can a ‘god’ be tempted? Bible is full of clashes between its verses. That’s why we cannot accept that thing. You can also read our refutation section for non muslims . You will find several answers in that category. As for as Muslims concerned We Say Jesus (alehisalatowasalam) was and Is a Mightiest Prophet of Allah and son of Mariyam (as).

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