Attention (latest Fabrication Caught) in Exegesis by Wahhabies

Bismillahi Rehmani Raheem.

Brothers and Sisters Few days back, when i caught and exposed the fabrication of Wahhabies in Authentic books like Bukhari Sharif and then publishing it on several Wahhabi Sites.

This specific site which is named ‘

This is a Wahabi Salafi Site Which is Giving Freely Different Books in Pdf like Tafsirs and Hadiths. Recently I caught their fabrication in Bukhari Shareef and exposed them on this blog.  I come across to their new trick of providing Fabricated Version. I do not know whether they done this by intentionally or this is scanning mistake but i do know one thing that, if start of the book got few pages out then that does not seem to be scanning mistake because usually scanning mistake can be done when many of the pages are been published and 1 or 2 left. But there are many pages not there specially in the First Volume of This PDF

You Salafi Thieves Caught Red-handed once again.

Sunni Sufi Islamic Scholar Hakimul-Ummat Hazrat Mawlana Mufti Ahmed Yaar Khan Na’eemi (rahimahumullah) has written a beautiful and very detailed exegesis of Holy Quran under the name of Tafsir al Naeemi in Urdu Language. It has Which this site is publishing almost 16 volumes.

Now when i take few volumes from there and check it, I realize that they had taken out full of the pages. In many places. As you will see in the Scans.

E.g , between page 6 and 8 the number 7 is taken out fully and then this thing is multiplied in many places e.g. Page 9 is shown and then page 10 and 11 is taken out and directly page 12 is been shown.

From first looks I figure out the reason that why they had taken out different pages from exegesis on different places. Because exegesis was proving them wrong.

These Shameless Website is promoting Fabricated Literature. And by the looks of their site and this book and many other which I checked out, I found that In this specific exegesis, they take its electronic format or may be also changed its logos, because it shows ‘alahazrat network’s” html link , so that people may think that look they are neutral site and they are giving everyone’s literature.

No my dear brothers and sister, i am really shocked to see the level of shameless deeds which these salafis are doing. And they think that we all are fools who can not see this rubbish?

They have no fear that one day they will have to stand in the Court of Allah and then what will be their place ???  I think every sole Muslim knew the consequences.

They had taken Pdf format from that site and then Re-Make PDF by pulling out and may be they also added many things who knows.

Kindly see these Proofs with your own eyes. and beware of these criminal elements who are trying to fabricate our authentic literature.

Wahhabis, may Allah send you to hell as soon as possible, so that our Ummah will be in much better condition than these times.

Fabricated Tafsir Uploaded by Shameless Wahhabi Site
Fabricated Tafsir Uploaded by Shameless Wahhabi Site




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