Rare Book Original Manuscript of Ghaus al Azam (rd) on Mawlid (Specials)

RARE BOOK! on Mawlid 

By Hazrat Sheikh Syaduna Muhaiyudeen Abdul Qadir al Jilani (rd)

Ghaus al Azam Dastageer.

This is Original Manuscript of this amazing book which is property of King Saud University Ksa.

You can also Read and Download from our Library Section in case Scribd is not available.

Mawlid (Click Me) 

Our humble request to reader, kindly if someone translate it into english or urdu we will be glad to publish it online free of cost for all our brothers and sisters, all graphic work would be free from our side. And if you translate it, its our request to share it with us too so that we can also get a little share in this Sadqa-e-Jaaria. Thanks


2 thoughts on “Rare Book Original Manuscript of Ghaus al Azam (rd) on Mawlid (Specials)”

  1. As Salaam mu’alykum Shukran for the beautiful Quran and all the articles from your organization. May you go from strength to strength with ALLAH (SWT) help. Inshallah. Please let me know if I can print the Quran and give it to some of the Muslim community. Shukran Abdia

    1. وعلیکم السلام ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاۃ

      Yes dear faithful, every thing which you find here is free of cost and free of restrictions, You can have what you want to do, we got them without restrictions and we distribute them without restriction.

      Thanks for mentioning us in your supplications & your time for being reading here.

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