The Jinns (english, urdu)

How the ‘Jinns’ Created!

“It is said in Quran ……..

و الجان خلقنه من قبل من نار السموم

Holy Quran 15:27

Naar al-Sammom is that burning fire, which was created by the Almighty Allah with the combination of Light and “Obscura”. From the Noor ‘Light’, the Angels were created, and from ‘zulmat i.e, obscure’ the ‘Deo and Jins’ (i.e, closest word, demons and race of Jins). From the ‘Johar’ )جوہر  origin ). of this ‘al-Jaan‘ was created who was the ‘Father of all Jins’. Because the Angels were the creation of ‘Light’ thats why when they were created they keep themselves in ‘Ibada’ (prayerfulness / worship)  and obedience. They were been saved and innocent from all bad acts and sins. Shayateen (devils) were because created from Smoke and Fire, because of this they get involved in sins and disobedience and deprived from Iman and obedience. So because of this combination of Fire which was having two qualities i,e a mixture of light and zulmat, thats the reason that some Jins are Muslims and others are disbelievers.

Death of the Jins:

So it is narrated from Ibne Abbas (rd) that decendents of ‘Abu al-Jinn’ (Father of the race of Jinns), whose name was ‘Sowma‘ (or Sooma, Suuma) and whose ‘laqab’ (title) is ‘Jaan’. According to the narration from Abu Esaa Isfahani (rta), ‘when the process of generation increased among the race of Taar’noos and their progeny increased, then Allah entitle them to follow ‘Sharia’ (meaning, made rules for them to follow) and made them ‘Mukkalif’ (accountable), so the race and Aulad (generation) of Tarnoos and his descendent accepted to follow the Laws, and they do follow these laws, with which their life was going one in without any problems, until their one era of Taurah (Tauraat / Torah) whose duration is said by some elders 63 thousand years, some said fifty five thousand two hundred years and according to one narration from Yah’ya Maghribi it is written twenty four thousand years. When (this time period, with all these differences) ends then their (race of Jaan’s) burning nature re-established in their acts, and they commit serious sins and crimes with disobedience with the laws prescribed for them. In the Lordship of Allah they were been punished and destroyed with different punishments. But all those among them were been saved who were following ‘Sharia’ (i,e, laws for them), they were been saved from all afflictions, among them one person named ‘Hal’ya’b’nees’ was appointed their leader of those believers (who were left behind after punishment) and the new laws ‘Sharia’ was given to them, then when the second era of (as previously explained) was completed then again the followers of that nation repeated every that thing which were been done by their ancestors according ot the ‘Kullu Sha’yin Yaji’oo ilaa Aslihi’. (Everything goes back to their reality). And they did commit sins and deny the laws for which they were bound to follow. So in response they were also been tourmented and punished as previous groups. Same time several people left behind from their race who were of good nature and pious ones. This time one another person called ‘Bal-he-qaat’ was appointed as their head and he completed the third era (as explained previously) and they also do all those thing which their previous groups did. And the remaining little group always left behind saved, and because of the time passed their race was grown rapidly, among them there was a famous personality who was famous for his knowledge and wisdom and was known as ‘Haamoos’, so he was appointed now for this seat (i.e, leadership of the race of Jinns), he also keep him self in the way of promoting good deeds and stopping fellow Jinns from doing sins, and also in doing tableegh of their laws which were given to them. After the death of Hamoos, the tyrants again became disobedient, this time Allah sends many Prophets in them to warn them but their arrogance was became so much enriched that they didnt listen any of them and then the fourth period also came to an end.

After fourth era’s end, Allah wishes to make changes in this system, so He appointed Angels to punish them. Malaikah “Angels” came from the heavens and skies and gave them punishments, and casted them out to the Jungles and isolated islands. Many were been destroyed and tormented among them, and many those among the left behinds were been captured by Angels and caste back to their homes. Among those lefted ones, there was a famous personality among them i.e., Satan. (whose name is mentioned Iblees).

The respectful status of this ‘Iblees’!

This personality was ‘Azra’eel” (or izraeel). It is been said that his father’s name was ‘Khabith‘ (Khabees) whose face was like the face of lion. Iblees’s mother’s name was ‘Nab’leeth‘ (or Nablit). In the early age ‘Iblees’ was the point of laugh and ambarrased because of his father. Azra’eel’s start and end was like such, that this ‘creaton of fire i.e, Jinn / son of Jinn, was captured by Angels and were taken to the Skies. He lived there all his life and became so much popular by his obedience and praying, up till that extreme which was much higher from his status as a ‘Jinn’ i.e, teacher of the Angels.

According to one other narration, it is said that, Iblees was taken to the skies because, he departed himself from his race and he started a sacred life of asylum in which he always do ibaada (praying to Lord), the status of his piety and obedience was so much popular that the Angels of first sky supplicate for him, that there is such personality among the Angels of the first sky who seems much better than the fragrance of the new flower in rose gardens. So the supplication of the Angels was been accepted by Almighty Allah and this ‘Jin’ was up-graded from the status in the upper sky of the universe, where he keep himself busy in doing praying and keeping in prostration and purifying himself in obedience of Allah.


Shiekh Farid ud-deen Attar (rd) narrates that, Iblees was on earth, in very beginning of his age into place called (S-i-j-een)’s lower part which is the sixth Darjah (stage) of lower Hell. Allah created two faces in his (satan’s) image inside Sijeen. One was of the face of wolf and other was in the form of snake. When they both intercoursed, they act became reason of the birth of ‘Azra’eel’. Azraeel worshipped on this level of the earth for one thousand years until the stage of the upper hemisphere and upper dunya (universe)’s period came. He again worshipped so much for such a long time that, even not an single inch was left behind where he did’nt  worship God. In response to this virtue Allah blessed him two wings, which were of  green emerald . Because of these two wings ‘Azraeel’ came on the ‘First Sky’ and keep himself busy in worshipping for thousand years, on this sky he was popular by the name of ‘Zaa’hid’ (The pious one). From here he went / upgraded to 2nd sky and continued practicing worship for thousand years again, here he became famous by the name of ‘Aabid’ (the worshipper), after this long period he went to 3rd, where he was named ‘Raa’kay’ and like such step by step he went to all of the skies and was famously spoken by different names until he reaches to the 7th sky, where he completed his last 1000 years of worship. When he became free from such long ibada, the Rid’wan of Jannah (the Leading Angel who controls the matters of Jannah) supplicate for him in the Lordship of Allah and said, “O Allah! all blessed living creations of skies are impressed by his worshipping, If you allow, can we take him inside (Jannah, paradise), because if Your Lorship permitts, other Angels will be also take benefit of his gathering and this thing is not bad at all“.

Allah (Jalla wa Shanuhu) bless the supplication and granted permission to enter him inside. So now Azraeel was in Jannah, where he keep himself busy as usual in worshipping and giving lessons to the Angels about worship’.
Waaz (Naseeha / Dawa) of Iblees (Satan) in Paradise, Jannah:

For the listenning his lesson and daawa, the emerald stage was been staged under the pillars of the Upper skies and the flags of Light (noor) was aired, and no body know else than Allah Almighty that how much Angels were there in that gathering.

This process was carried out for hundreds of years to the time that those who were rushed out and casted out to shores and jungles, islands also came back, and as they came back their race started to grown back, and their acts never been changed, they always betrayed and always do disobedience so the Satan presented himself in Lordship of Allah, to give them waad and naseeha (teachings lessons of truth). So Allah accepts his supplication and granted him bunch of Angels to came down for them to teach them good deeds and lessons, but very less people among his race accepted his words of truth. During this occassion ‘Satan’ sent one person who was named by ‘Saho’taleet B. Bala’Ht‘ to those disbelievers, for the sake of dawa to them, but they refuses and keep steadfast on their sins and even they were so arrogant that they killed that messenger and martyed him.
Azra’eel was not unaware of the situation of this, when a long time elapsed and the person does not come back to him, he sent another person to inquire the matter, but those arrogant people do same with this person too. So after one and another ‘Iblees’ sends his messengers to them and they did same with those. In the last he sent ‘Yusuf B. Yasaf‘ towards them, he went there and gather them and conversate with them and tried to convince them towards right path by dialogue, but those people became his enemies too, so he saved his life from their brutal hands and run-away back towards ‘Iblees’ and asked him all what was done with him and the others.
Iblees was Gifted the ending of turmoils (as his reward) and then his Intentions:

As previously explained that Iblees came from 7th sky back to the earth along with Angels, with the help of whom he killed all mischievers and many of them became departed in isolated lands, so during this process, Almighty Allah give him the vice-grant position on earth and the heaven and gave him the keys of paradise.

Now Satan was sometimes doing worshipping on earth and sometimes be seated on carpet on the 7th sky and do his worshipping deeds there in Jannah. As such when his authority established there, he got arrogance in his heart about this fame and he became selfish. he consider in his heart that (naoodobillah) if God has came in some trouble, i will be there as his successor, and then upon the heavens and the earth i will rule. The reason for this wrong illusion was may be this, that his seat was kept under the Skies.

Ibees was Punished for his Arrogance:

Some narrators says that there was a thought in the heart of Iblees (Satan) that after Allah (God forbid us), he is the only one who will bhi able to control the matters, and if Allah tried to give this status to someone else i will resist Him, because there is no one of my status. An inncident happend when the group of few Angels read something about coming future on ‘The Lawh-i-Mahfoz’ (The Divine Tablet) that someone very pious person will be soon degraded and cursed in the courtship of Allah, and he will be cursed always. When Angels saw that, the expression of sadness was shown from their looks, when Satan saw this situation, he asked them why are you so much dishearted, sad in tention? They answered him with such thing. Upon hearding this Satan says, this thing of which i know from a long period but i didnt ask anyone, becaue me and you are not related to this matter. The Angels replied that we must have to repent in Lordship and supplicate for us to keep us save from His anger. Iblees (satan) take his hands up and supplicate that “Allahuma Aa’manahum” (O Allah! bless them from this affliction). During the time of supplication, because he arrogantly mentioned only Angels for repentance and did not include himself because of his arrogance and considering himself superior, so he thought that because of my worship i do not came into this level and category, and because of his such arrogance he, himself was nominated for the curse’.
Once he went to Jannah and saw that “Soon Allah will bless someone among his slaves, who will be upgraded to Jannah and showered with blessings, and also who will be knowing on some matters. But he will not accept the Orders of Almighty and will not act upon it.”

When Satan reads this he keep himself busy in worshipping for a thousand years. (here it is very interesting to know that the one day of Paradise is equal to thousand days of this world), he also cursed on that person during his worshipping all the time who does not obey Allah’s commandments, but he never thought that this he himself could might be, because of his arrogant acts. Because of his own cursing he was tormented.

From one other narration this event is said in these words that ” Azraeel saw the written words “Adoodo billahi Mina’sh Shaytan’ir Rajeem” (I seek Refuge of Allah, from the arrogant Satan). When he saw this, he asked from Allah, that: “O Allah! who is this “Shay’tan Rajeem” (The cursed devil). Allah replied him that he is one slave of Ours, whom we blessed several rewards and Nai’ma, but even after getting all this he will disobey me, so i will disgrace and cursed him. So he says, O Almighty Allah! showed him to me. Allah says: “That time is near when you will able to see him“.

“Qaal ………… till –  hattaa ahlak”, some sages says that Satan would never been cursed if he could have taken care of his arrogance (Nafs ammara. innerself), so he can supplicate for himself, but he instead asked Allah to show him that person so that he can kill him for his disobedience, this nature was full of arrogance and this is the thing which is most hated in the Lordship of Allah.’

In the regard of his prostrations and ibada for Allah there is another narration mentioned that Iblees kept on earth and skies on every place in prostration for thousand years, but whenever he put his eyes up from prostration, the place of his prostration always shows these words “Laa’n Allahi alal Iblees‘ (means, curse of Allah upon Iblees (the cursed one)), so when he saw this he also use to write it down such words. (Writer of the Book Kitab al Ma’aarij al Nabuwat has written this event in the form of Poetry) (Which you can see in Scans)

Marij al Nabuwat Fi Madarij al Fatuta' By Imam Mulla Moin-ud-Deen Al-Waa'iz (the preacher) al- Harwi al-Furaahi 1 Marij al Nabuwat Fi Madarij al Fatuta' By Imam Mulla Moin-ud-Deen Al-Waa'iz (the preacher) al- Harwi al-Furaahi 2 Marij al Nabuwat Fi Madarij al Fatuta' By Imam Mulla Moin-ud-Deen Al-Waa'iz (the preacher) al- Harwi al-Furaahi 3 Marij al Nabuwat Fi Madarij al Fatuta' By Imam Mulla Moin-ud-Deen Al-Waa'iz (the preacher) al- Harwi al-Furaahi 4 Marij al Nabuwat Fi Madarij al Fatuta' By Imam Mulla Moin-ud-Deen Al-Waa'iz (the preacher) al- Harwi al-Furaahi 5 Marij al Nabuwat Fi Madarij al Fatuta' By Imam Mulla Moin-ud-Deen Al-Waa'iz (the preacher) al- Harwi al-Furaahi 6 Marij al Nabuwat Fi Madarij al Fatuta' By Imam Mulla Moin-ud-Deen Al-Waa'iz (the preacher) al- Harwi al-Furaahi 7 Marij al Nabuwat Fi Madarij al Fatuta' By Imam Mulla Moin-ud-Deen Al-Waa'iz (the preacher) al- Harwi al-Furaahi 8 Marij al Nabuwat Fi Madarij al Fatuta' By Imam Mulla Moin-ud-Deen Al-Waa'iz (the preacher) al- Harwi al-Furaahi 9 Marij al Nabuwat Fi Madarij al Fatuta' By Imam Mulla Moin-ud-Deen Al-Waa'iz (the preacher) al- Harwi al-Furaahi 10

Information about the Book 

Translation By Z.A.Afridi

Book: Maa’rij al nawbuwah Vol 1 Part Chapter 1 (Rukn Awwal, Fasl 2nd) 10 Pages.

Marij al Nabuwat Fi Madarij al Fatt’awat’ By Imam Mulla Moin-ud-Deen Al-Waa’iz (the preacher) al- Harwi al-Furaahi is a very rare book, This book is on Seerah of Rasool Allah alehisalam and the expressed history from all authentic Islamic sources, which talks about the beautiful life of Prophet alehisalam, the era before his birth and the era after his birth along with the birth of the Universe. There are several original manuscripts of this marvelous work in persian language which is translated by few people from almost two centuries. The writing period of this book is said about 891H to 901Hijri. First time its described part is been translated on internet, you can see the beauty and the simple language of its narrations, i will try to translate other parts too, if i got chance, and if during this period someone already translated it into english i will try to upload the whole book, because its like a Gem of History

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