Prophet Is Not – Ordinary – Like us

Deviant sects among Khawarjites (i.e, Wahhabi/Salafism and specially muqallad salafism i.e Deobandis) has an un-Islamic, un-Orthodox belief that “Prophets are ordinary humans like us so respect them only keeping this in mind like they are only just like our ‘elder brothers’) (Ref. Taqviyatul-iman of Molvi shah ismail dehlawi and others).

Astaghfirullah min Zalik:

Their hatered for Rasoolillah (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) is so much increased in their hearts that they do not think that Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم ) is although sent to us in the form of Human, and that is the meaning of each and every verse regarding this matter in Holy Quran. Why. Let me first clarify this thing.

This was Pagan belief that ‘Prophets’ cannot be, because they are ordinary humans like us. So we also did sins, and they also did, so it is not possible that someone to say that he is senth from Allah. (astaghfirullah), this pagan belief of Mushrikeens is mentioned in many places, we already talk about this thing from authentic exegesis of Holy Quran in which you may want to read from Here, Here &  Here. In which you will find all scans and references of authentic literature of Islam.

Proof from Sahaba Direct: You may also like to see Intercession done by Second Caliph of Islam Amir ul Mo’mineen Syaduna Umar B. Al-Khattab (radi allahu tala anho) and refutation to Wahabi/Deobandi try to de-value this authentic narration. Here

You may also like to read simple refutation in Urdu language which proves that Prophet (sal allahu alehi wa alihi wasahbihi wasalim) was not ordinary bashar like us, which many deviants belief in. (Click – Kya Nabi humari tarha aam bashar hain?  Here

Here we are presenting now ahadith after Quranic evidence in the favour of Higher Status of  Rasool Allah alehisalatowasalam. This article will be updated like all others with more evidences.

Proof 1:
Imam Abu Abdullah ibn al-Haaj al-Maliki (d.736) writes:

“The first thing Allah created is the light (Nur) of Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم ), and that light came and prostrated before Allah. Allah divided it into four parts and created from the first part the Throne, from the second the Pen, from the third the Tablet, and then similarly He subdivided the fourth part into parts and created the rest of creation. Therefore the light of the Throne is from the light of Muhammad, (علیہ الصلوٰۃ والتسلیم), the light of the Pen is from the light of Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم), the light of the Tablet is from the Light of Muhammad (علیہ التحیہ والثناء), the light of day, the light of knowledge, the light of sun and the moons, and the light of vision and sight are all from the light of Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم).


Al-Madkhal, Volume 2, Page 32-3)


Proof 2:

Imam Abdur Razaq (rd):

It is narrated by Imam Abdur Razaq from Mua’mar, from Ibn al-Manqadr, from Jabir ibn Abdullah said to the Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) : “O Messenger of Allah, may my father and mother be sacrificed for you, tell me of the first thing Allah created before all things.” He (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام) said: “O Jabir, the first thing Allah created was the light of your Prophet from His light, and that light remained (lit. “turned”) in the midst of His Power for as long as He wished, and there was not, at that time, a Tablet or a Pen or a Paradise or a Fire or an Angel or a heaven or an earth. And when Allah wished to create creation, he divided that Light into four parts and from the first made the Pen, from the second the Tablet, from the third the Throne, [and from the fourth everything else]…….”

Musannaf Abdur Razaq, al-Juz al-Mafqud min al-Juz al-Awwal min al-Musannaf Abdur Razaq, Page 99, Hadith number 18.

More Ref:
Qastalani in Mawahib ul Laduniyah Vol 1 Page 71
Zarqani in Sharah Mawahib ul Laduniyah Vol 1 page 89-91
Ajluni in Kashf al-Khafa (Rawaah bisandi (narrated from) Jabir (rd)) Vol 1 page 311 Hadith 827
Halabi in his Sirah Vol 1 Page 50.
Ashraf ali thanvi (deobandi) in Nashar ut- Tib vol 1 Page 13

Proof 3:

Abu Hurraira (rd) narrates from the Messenger of Allah (as) that he said:

“When Allah created Adam (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام), He informed him of his descendants, at this Adam (as) saw superiority of some over others, then he saw me towards the end in form of an ‘ILLUMINATING NUR‘ (i.e, the Last of the Prophets to be sent) he (adam) said: “O my Lord! who is that? The Lord replied: This is your son Ahmed who is the first and the last and (on the Day of Judgement) he will be first to do intercession.

Imam Bayhaqi in Dalail al Nabuwwah: Volume 5 page 483

Arbaz Bin Sariyah (rd) narrated that the Sahaba asked [about reality of Prophet]. The Prophet (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام) said: I am the prayer of Ibrahim (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام) and Esa (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام) gave glad tiding of my arrival to his nation. My mother saw such a Light (Nur) coming out from her body that it lit the castles of Syria.


Bayhaqi, Dalail al Nabuwwah Vol 1, Page 83


Dalail al Nabuwah

Proof 4:

Narrated by Maysira al-Fajr that he asked the Prophet (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام): Since when are you a Nabi? (The Prophet) replied: When Adam was inbetween body and spirt.


Nasirudin Albani, in Silsilat al-ahadith al-sahihah Vol 4, Page 471, Hadith 1856, Published by al-Marif lin- Nashr Riyadh/Saudia.


Proof 5:

From Salman (rd) that Ali (rd) Narrated that Prophet (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام) said that I was a Light (Nur) before 14 Hundred years when Adam (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام) was born.

Fadhail al-Sahabah, by Imam Ahmed Vol 2 Page 726, Hadith 1130


Proof 6:

Ka’b Bin Ahbaar (rd) said: That Adam (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام) said O my son whenever you do Zikr of Allah always remember to do zikr of Prophet Muhammad (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام) too without doubt I saw his name written on skies when I was between Soul and Soil, I did Tawaf (circumambulation) of all skies and didn’t saw a single place in these skies where Muhammad (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام)’s name wasn’t written, on the cheeks of Hoors, on the heaven’s castle’s tree leafs, on the leafs of Tooba tree, on the leaves of tree called Sidrah al-Muntiha, on the eyes of gatekeepers of heaven and between the eyes of angels I saw Muhammad (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام) written, so you should do their Zikr with much focus and extreme, without doubt the angels also remember him all the time.


Ibn Asakir, in Tarikh Madina-Damishq Vol 2 Page 281, Published by Dar al Fikr, Beirut Lebanon.

Abdullah Ibn Abbas narrated: That I said ‘O’ Prophet (علیہ الصلوٰۃ وسلام), my mother and father be sacrificed on you were you at the time Adam (as) was in heaven, He said that the Prophet (as) smiled to that his teeth became clear then he said I was in the loin of Adam (علیٰ نبینا وعلیہ الصلوٰہ والسلام) then in the loin of my father Noah (علیٰ نبینا وعلیہ الصلوٰہ والسلام) then I was taken on a ship then my Light (Nur) was put into loin of Abraham (علیٰ نبینا وعلیہ الصلوٰہ والسلام) my parents were never given to me expect those who did Nikah I was always transferred to pure people. In Torah and Bible, my name was mentioned by every Prophet of Allah by blessings, With my Light (Nur) the morning was lightened and the people got cloud shadow due to me and Allah granted me one of his names and He is Mehmood of Arsh and I am Muhammad and Allah promised me Hodh al Kosar and He made me the first intercessor and I will be the first person whose intercession will be accepted, and Allah gave me birth in the best time of mankind, the people of my Ummah are those who praise Allah, they ask to do good deeds and stop from sins.


Ibn Asakir Tarikh madina-damishq vol 3 page 408. Beirut


Proof 7:

Imam Taj ad-Din Subki said:
“It has been said that Allah created the spirits before the bodies, and the Prophet’s reference to hi prophecy in the hadith, “I was a Prophet (علیٰ نبینا وعلیہ الصلوٰہ والسلام) while Adam was still between the spirit and the body” may be a reference to his blessed spirit and to the Reality of Realities (Haqiqat al-haqa’iq). Our minds fall shortof knowing such a Reality, but its Creator knows it, and also those to whom He extends a madad of light from Him (man amaddahu bi nurin ilahi). Allah brings to existence whichever of these realities that He likes in the time that He pleases. As for the reality of the Prophet, it is most likely that it was before the creation of Adam, and Allah gave it, its prophetic attribute upon its creation; therefore already at that time, he was the Prophet.”


Imam Qastallani in Mawahib al-Ladunniya Vol 1, page 31-32

There is a further confirmation of the relation of the light of the Prophet to that of the rest of creation in the hadith(s) comparing Prophetic Knowledge to the light of the stars in the darkness of night. Anas (rd) relates that the Prophet said: “The simile of the scholars of knowledge (al-ulama) on the earth is the stars in the sky by which one is guided in the darkness of the land and the sea. When the stars are clouded over, the guides are about to be lost.” Ahmed narrated this in his Musnad (vol 3 page 157 hadith 12606) with a chain containing Rishdin Ibn Sa’d who is weak, However, it is confirmed by the hadith in Muslim and Ahmed narrated by Abu Musa al-Ashari (rd) whereby the Prophet said: The stars are trust – keepers for the heaven, and when the stars wane, the heaven is brought what was promised (i.e, of the corruption of the world and the coming of the Day of Judgement); and I am a trust-keeper for my Companions, so when I go my Companions will be brought what was promised them (i.e, of fitna and division): and my Companions are trust keepers for my Community, so when they go my Community will be brought what was promised to you. (i.e, following hawa and vying for dunya).
Imam Qastallani , Mawahib al-Ladunniyah, Dar al Kutub al Ilmiyah, Beirut Lebanon.


Proof 8:

Narrated from al-Irbad ibn Sariya (rd) that the Prophet (as) said: “I am Allah’s servant (as written) in the Mother of the Books, and verily the seal of Prophets when Adam was still kneaded in his clay. I shall tell you of the meaning of this. (I am) the prayer of my father Ibrahim and the glad tidings proclaimed by Isa (as) to his people and the vision of my mother who saw that a light issued from her illuminating the very palaces of Syria, and so do all the mothers of Prophets see,(alehhumassalam).”

Sahih Ibn Hibban , Volume 14, Page 312-313, Hadith 6404.

Al-Hakim [also] narrated it [in al – Mustadrak 2:418], and said its chain is sound (Sahih) [and al-Dhahabi concurred]: al- Haythami in Majma’uz-Zawaid 8:223 by Sahih chain. Also narrated from Abu Umama and other Companions with sound chains as stated by Ibn Kathir in al-Bidaya 2:275 and al-Arna’ut in Sahih Ibn Hibban 14:315

(Note: these kind of ahadith with scans are already been updated in the Mawlid article, you can see scans there for these too. Here is its link where you will find urdu translated scans for easy understanding)


Proof 9:

Narrated by Ibn Abbas (rd): “Allah has preferred (faddala) Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) over all Prophets and over the dwellers of the heavens (the angels).” They said: “O Ibn Abbas, how did He prefer him to the dwellers of the heavens?” He replied: “Allah Most High said: “And one of them [the angels] who should say: Lo! I am a God beside Him, that one We should repay with hell” (21:29) but He said: ‘Lo! We have given thee (O Muhammad) a signal victory That Allah may forgive thee of thy mistakes that which is past and that which is to come, and may perfect His favor unto thee, and may guide thee on a right path’ (48:1-2).” They said: “And how did He prefer him over the Prophets?” He replied: “Allah Most High says: “And We never sent a messenger save with the language of his folk’. (14:4) but He said: ‘And We have not sent thee (O Muhammad) save unto all mankind’. (34:28).”

Sunnan al Daremi Vol 1, page 193-94, hadith 87

Also Narrated by Imam Hakim route of Ishaq bin Ibrahim, and Hakim said: ‘This traditionhas a good chain of transmission’ (Mustadrak Hakim Vol 2 Page 350).

Also Hafidh Nurudin Haythmi said: ‘Rijaluhu Rijal al-Sahih‘ This tradition has a SOUND CHAIN OF TRANSMISSION in his Majma az Zawaid Vol 8 Page 253-254).


Proof 10:

Imam Aalusi (al-Sayyid Mahmud) in his commentary of Quran said: “The Prophet’s being a mercy to all is linked to the fact that he is the intermediary of the divine outpouring over all contingencies (i.e, all created things without exception), from teh very beginnings (wasitat al-fayd al-ilah ala al mumkinat ala hasab al-qawabil), and that is why his light was the first of all things created, as stated in the report that “The first thing Allah created was the light of your Prophet, O Jabir,” and also cited is: “Allah is the Giver and I am the Distributor.” The Sufis sages and scholars may Allah sanctify their secrets—have more to say on that chapter.”

Tafsir Ruh al Ma’ani Volume 17 Page 105

There is a notable explanation among Ahlu Sunnah which ascribes the meaning of the Prophet to both the Light and the Book, al-Sayyid Allama Alusi (rta) in Ruhul Maani said: “I do not consider it far fetched that what is meant by both the Light and the Manifest Book is the Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم), the conjunction being in the same way as what said by al-Jubba’i (in that, that both the Light and the Book were the Quran). There is no doubt that all can be said to refer to the Prophet (علیہ الصلوٰۃ والسلام). Perhaps you will be reluctant to accept this from the viewpoint of expression (‘Ibara); then let it be from the viewpoint of subtle allusion (Ishara).”

Tafsir Ruhul’Maani Vol 6 Page 97-8


Admin 1 updates this post:

These were 10 most authentic un-deniable  proofs now we are presenting more scans directly without explanations. Because it shows the same meaning.

Proof 11:
Tarikh e masoodi i.e, famous Murawij-al-Zahaaib Wa Maadinil Jawahir. By Imam al Moarikhen Abu al Hassan b. Hussain B. Ali al-Masoodi

Cleary indicates 3 things
1) Prestigious status of Rasool ALLAH alehisalam
2) Hazoor (alehisalam)’s NOORANIYAT BELIEF
3) First Creation was Noor-e-Muhammadi Belief (not water)

Scans more:    CLICK

Proof 12:
Tafsir Raufi also explain this


More : CLICK

Proof 13:
Tafseer Ibne Kathir Under explanation of Surah Yunus

Proof 14:
Tafsir Ruhul Maani explains same

See more scans CLICK

Proof 15:
Tafseer Ibne Abbas English and Urdu:

for more pages CLICK

Proof 16:
Tafseer e Mazhari also mention these:

Proof 17:
From Tafseer (Exegesis) Durr-e-mansoor

Proof 18:
Imam Hakim in Mustadrak alal Sahihayn.

More scans— CLICK 

Proof 19:
Tafseer e Madarik Also says:

Proof 20:
Famous Tafseer al Jalalayin Shareef:

Proof 21:
Tafseer of Imam Shafi’e (rd) 

Proof 22:
Tafseer al Kashaf by Imam zamakhshari (Rd)

Proof 23:
Tafseer e Tustari Proof

Proof 24:
Tafseer Khazain al Irfan

Proof 25:
In Tafseer al Qurtubi it is also stated:

Updated: 2: 50 PM on 6-3-2014 by Admin 2 Zarbehaq

From Book Al Nabuwata wal Anbiya By Imam Mohamad Ali al Saabooni (rta), Important parts are coloured.

These given scans proofs, that Prophet Alehisalam is Afzal al Bashr and also ‘NOOR’, further it also proves that as a Human he is not ordinary human like us but according to his gracious status given by Almighty Allah, he is without any question of doubt Superior Most, Supreme personality who has the Highest of Highest Status after Almighty Allah and no human neither angel nor prophet can get that status.

In this last scan you can read that this was the belief of Kuffaars and Mushrikeens that they always use this excuse for not accepting the Truth, that how can an ordinary Human be a Prophet towards us?, and all other matters about this thought has been already explained in this exclusive article.

Update: Ended:

Article Link of Scans Updated By Admin 1. Oct 2016

Because of Google drive changes scans in articles are not shown properly here are the links of all existing scans related to this article. Click [Here]

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