Radd-e-Tehreek-e-Zaliman (T.T.P)

Tehreek -e- ‘Zaliman’ i.e, TTP (Taliban of Pakistan)

These are newly created group which was hijacked by foreign forces to destabilize the only ‘Atomic Muslim Power’ i.e, Pakistan. These kinds of Groups like Al-qaida etc are made by Zionist lobby to carried out their one eyed devilish agenda to rule the World. As they are activated  recently in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt. You will see that in all these cases only one cult is involved and these are none other than in-famous Wahhabism.This site does not usually discuss political issues, but because recently they are presenting false Islam for their false causes. They are using curtain of Islamic rules and twisting them to use them as a reason for their brutal acts like killing of innocent civilians. Although they are only a minor part of that big game which is carried out by their masters, i.e, CIA, MOSAD and RAW. All anti-Pakistan elements had headquarters in Western and so called secular democracy of India.

We had to clarify first that we are talking about T.T.P that is a specially made wing to do covert operations by foreign elements, actually, Taliban are those who are fighting in Afghanistan against the brutal occupation of foreign forces on their motherland. Although among them there are  more than 21 different groups, everyone mostly fighting for the cause of freedom of their land which is lawful cause, and among them, the group inspired by Wahhabism, is to be called real ‘Talibans’ whose leader is one-eyed unknown Mulla umr, many of the groups who are named ‘TALIBAN’ in Afghanistan are actually not Taliban but only ‘FREEDOM FIGHTERS’. Only this Wahhabism inspired group are the reason of every wrong act before and after occupation of Afghanistan by Americans.

While T.T.P (Tehreek e Zaliman Pakistan) are made up of several groups, as well but the main cause of problem here is again Wahabi/Deobandi mindset. My whole life , my village, my home everything are there. So you can better understand that everything which i am saying here is nothing but Truth which i has experienced and know from deep knowledge of these criminals. 

TTP i will shortly say, are basically consist of 2 two groups. One is that one which was (Supposedly made for Islamic purposes) and they do not want to do acts of violence against innocent civilians,  another group which is involved now a days in Talks with Government and about which Americans (who are actually supporting them by sending drones to give them a cause of instability in regime), these are Wahabi/Deobandi terrorists who are back-supported by Raw, who provides them weapons and there are authentic proofs of this fact. That Raw is also supporting BLA (so called Balochistan liberation army). 

Each and every Pakistani who lived in those areas knew these facts very well I do not had to give any proof for that. So this 2nd group always try to de-stabilize Pakistan. And we as a Nation want complete operation to their brutal acts.

There are two ways to do that. We can gave pardon with Constitutional laws to only those groups who really want a peace and without any this and that, they can surrender to security forces and law officials. Then if they are not been found in any act of violence through law courts of Pakistan then its ok. Because it is also a fact that many people are forcefully there with them. I would like to mention out something recently happened, almost a year and a half before these talks.

An incident was done by these ‘Zalimans’, in which they freed more than 300 criminals from Kohat Jail and Bannu Jail, almost 150+ Taliban did this, and then security forces arrested many of those criminals back but still a large number was there.

Now those who were been arrested after interrogation said: That they (zalimans) wants them to work for them in different parts of the country and outside as well inside. They said that they were having communication equipments and upon that they were actually been ordered by someone from outside, also this was opened to general public that, they released them because most of those criminals were of 302. under c.p.c and were ordered by the Law Courts to hanged them as punishments for their serious crimes. So Zaliman released them to giving them chance that look lets work for us, they will kill you already, then why dont you work for us, we will atleast give you money,which will be enough for your family after you.  

And through this way, they tried to bribe them, and many of them did what they said. And many among them said it would be better for us to be die inside jail, rather than doing these acts against our own people.

One another incident which happened in our parts of the area was, that in (Ilaaqa Ghair -the unlawful tribal area) someone stupid give an application to the local office of Taliban (i am talking about the period of mangal bagh). that he also want to be with ‘Justice'(Thats what Wahabi/Deobandis do, they brainwash young youth by doing acts of religious dissimulation to show them that look everywhere there is un-justice and only we zalimans are those who can do justice. So that stupid was called in, he thought they would appoint him as an ameer (to do religious spreading or in other words Tableegh)  while they instead sent him directly to ‘Miranshah’ areas to fight. Now he was not willing to do that, so he think that may be this is like an political party that, whenever if you are not agree leave them.

But that does not happened, he was forced to go there, and  he was there for 5 months and when returned he was not having one leg and one hand. Then Zalimans came after 1 month to his home in that far village, and said that because one person from your family has given us application by himself, so now we want one member from your family to work for this ‘Cause of Allah’ (astaghfirullah), They objected and resisted to this brutality, but they asked them to do what they have been ordered.

After few days they came and take one of his brother forcefully with them to take the place of his elder brother whose life was already destroyed by their brutal Satanic acts.

This child was of 16 years mostly, God knows what they did with them, but after 3 days because his family was trying to get him back and trying to get themselves out from that area to somewhere else. They bombarded their house and family of 12 people died.

No N.G.O of so called United Nations, neither Americans, nor any Pakistani Media shows that. Because in those far regions there had no access of normal daily life activities then how come is it possible to see all of this.

But hundreds of Tribal men and women are witness that these sorts of things are happened in these areas and done by ‘ZALIMANS’.

This is the real face of these Wahabi Zionist Talibans.  Allah knows best that how many villages are just now ruins because of them. They are like a curse upon those areas, which were once the areas of life. Now they represents only Death. Death for everyone who is there.

There is no difference, whether you are Muslim. Non-Muslim, American, Pakistani, Pashtun, Panjabi nothing. Death does not knew your caste your race, your religion there.

So these are the ground realities, and because of these acts, this latest Operation will be carried out very soon. Pakistan Army is one of the best armies in the world. They already started the surgical implantations. We as a Nation are totally back-supporting them.

We want Peace and we want to end this foreign game in our land. We want our government to get themselves out from this ‘WAR ON RESOURCES’ by American Elites in these parts of the region.

Their Mafia is controlling opium through those areas and supplying a line of death and poverty for whole of the world.

So those people who are forcefully taken by them, had a right to surrender in the given period, and if they didn’t then, Operation clean-up Best of LUCK 

We will here not talk about political issues rather, we will present here  refutation to their so called ‘Jihadist’ movement which is nothing but a bunch of criminals who are carrying out someone else’s agenda. 

TTP says that because they are working for revival of Islamic era in those areas,while all of their commanders are ‘ZIONISTS‘. See this picture.



This Illuminati is controlling and totally involved in all brutal acts in our country, and Taliban of Pakistan are only puppets who are playing in their hands. Some of the groups are those who are related to deviant sects of Islam like, Wahabism, Salafism, Deobandism. You will not find any single Sunni or Sufi who are in vast majority of Ummah involved with them. Yet we pure Sunni Sufi Muslims and Non-Muslims are their targets along with Shia’s (the 3rd largest sect in Pakistan). 

We cannot talk briefly here about their history because then it will be more involved in political gossips, so apart from that, we will deal with latest developments.

1) TTP Says: Because Government of Pakistan is in alliance with so called War of Terrorism of Americans, that’s why this is justification for their brutal acts of killing, suicide bombings, demolishing shrines and schools, destroying Masajids, etc etc.

Answer: This is totally wrong because Islam does not allow to kill anyone, who is non combatant and do not involve in injustice in the society.  If Government of Pakistan is like slave of American policy then how can this justify the brutal acts of Talibans, sorry ‘Zalimans‘ against innocent civilians who has nothing to do with American policies, as well as Pakistani policies.?

Here is refutation through Ahadith of Prophet of Allah. Not only in Urdu, but in Arabic, and with English Translation.


2: Zaliman says that our suicide bombing is justified well these given proofs are totally opposing their deviant beliefs.


That each and every thing which they show in their own favour is against them in Islam. Islam rejects their deviant violent ways more following for their political gains and using Islam for their mask.

They are responsible and bound to pay the QisasBlood-money‘ to the more than 60,000 innocent civilians including majority Muslims in their violent acts of terrorism and the other damages to society, to the properties of other people, and if you so called ‘Jihad’ is against un-justice then why are you killing civilians? and why are they been killed in this fake War on Resources more than Westerns? why We Civilians pay for your crimes? As a Muslim are you really even a Muslim? who are even ORDERED NOT TO VIOLATE EVEN UNDER GOING ON WAR in SHARIA.

These scans are OPEN REFUTATION TO WAHABI/SIFLI creed of Terrorist Islam.

Zalimaan‘ You are Mufsidun fil Ardh (Those who create fasad on earth) according to direct hukm of Quran and Pakistan army is doing its best to finish you. We as a sole Pakistani Muslims and Civilians are totally in support of OPERATION CLEAN UP.

Long live Pakistan army who is giving their lives for saving Pakistanis from the brutal hands of Terrorism which is back-supported by all foreign agencies. 

Sunan Nasai;


Final Msg to T.T.P from Pakistani Youth & Civilians:


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