Imam Yusuf b. Isma’il al-Nabhani on visiting Roza-e-Nabwi

Anwar e Muhammadiya Min Muwahib al Ladduniyah

By: Imam Qadi al Sheikh Yusuf B. Ismail al-Nabhani (rta)

In this whole chapter which you can read below in scans, is written in favour of Visiting the graves of Prophets, Ordinary people, and Sages all. Also this chapter contains the blessings and Sunnah and act of Sahaba, which is clear proof of We (Ahlu Sunnah Wa Jamat) that Salaf Saliheen were all of this belief. Unfortunately today’s so called Salaf’ees (the so called followers of salaf)’s own belief is totally against their claims.

From Scan number one to 12 , it deals with the Aqeedah (belief) explained by Imam, from  14 to 25, it deals about subjects like

Proof of Asalato wasalamo Alaika YA RASOOL ALLAH

Proof of NidaYA RASOOL ALLAH (about which Salafeez forced fatwa of Shirk (polytheism) upon Ummah).

Proof from Sahaba and showing their belief of Seeking Intercession (Waseela) not only in life of Prophet alehisalatowasalam but also after his (extra ordinary death).

Then it deals about the belief of Salaf and Imam shows the actions of the Salaf in this regard. And verdict and Sunnah of all Sahaba, Salaf, Saints & Sages about visiting the graves of the Prophets etc.

In Short, this whole chapter is an Open Slap to the Face of so called followers of Salaf i.e, (Wahabism/Deobandism).These scans also proof the extra ordinary status of Prophet alehisalam even as an Human being.

I hope you will enjoy this chapter, here are few excerpts of this beautiful book, for rest of scans kindly click on the access icon in the end.

For full 25 pages of scans, kindly click any of the links below
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