Exposing Real Ahlu-Biddaa By Ibn al-Jawzi

Who were Bid’aateez? (Those who made wrong innovations in Islam?)

According to Ibn al Jauzi in his book ‘Talbees-e-Iblees’ it is stated:!!!!

Writer(Ibne al-Jauzi says), Mohammad b. Sehal al Bukhari narrates to me, that we were in gathering of (Hujjatul-Islam Imam Ghazali (rd)). He started to condemn (Innovators/ bid’atees). So one among there said (upon listening) that if you tell us some hadith instead of this topic, it would be much appericiable from us’. Imam Ghazali (rd) became very angry and said ‘My Talking (refutation) on Bidatees (innovators) is more beloved to me than my 60 years of IBADA (worship)‘. [This translation is been taken from Urdu version, in Arabic Instead of Imam Ghazali’s existence in the gathering, the quote is been recorded by al-Firyabi Check below] (Admin 1 updated Mar/7/2017)

As you can see Khawarij (Bidaateez) who are now a days famously known as (Wahabi/Salafi/Ahlehadith/Deobandis) these four were actually present in the past times and at that time they were considered as innovators in Deen because of their un-Islamic and new beliefs. Which they still have. Each one of us very well know this fact that whenever these (khawarij) saw any Sufi or any Sunni Muslim, they use SHIRK BIDAT AND KUFAR fatwaas (religious verdicts) passed upon them without any sense of knowledge. These khawarijites used to call everyone Bidat’i just to keep curtain upon their ugly blasphemous face. When you ask them about any matter, they always will ask you to show them any Hadith. And this is what was done in this gathering of Imam Ghazali (rta), the (Wahabies/Deobandis) of that time (Which are in fact real Bid’atees) as Imam Ghazali called them. They were not able to digest the clear cut refutation of Imam Ghazali to their deviant beliefs that;s why they asked him to change the topic from Innovation to some Hadith.
We all know this fact that this very behaviour is still been carried out by Wahabi/Salafis. They ask every single Sunni Muslim to show them hadith. When You show them Quranic verse or Hadith they usually try to run-away and change the topic by putting a new objection in conversation and thus the topic almost always turn towards NOTHING. (Waste of Time).

Roman Urdu:


Musannif (Ibn al jawzi) kehte hain keh ! Mujh se bayan kiya gaya keh Mohammad bin Sehel Al Bukhari ne kaha keh Hum Log Imam Ghazali (rta) k paas thay. Unho ne Bidatiyon ki MUZAMMAT shuru ki. To aik ne arz kiya keh AGAR AP YE ZIKAR CHOR KAR HUMKO HADITH SUNATAY TO HUMKO ZIYADA PASAND THA”……..Imam Ghazali(rd) Ye sun kar Sakht Jalaal (Ghusa) main aa gay or Farmaya keh “BIDATIYON KI TARDEED main mera KALAAAM KARNA (bolna) MUJHE Saath (60) Baras ki Ibaadat se ZIYADA PASAND HAI‘…..))))) End of the quote.

Kon nahi jaanta keh Imam Ghazali mashoor Sufi Wali or Muhadith hain jinka laqab Hujjatul-Islam hai. Kya wahabi/kya deobandi or kya hum sunni sub he unke qail hain. Ibn al jawzi (Jo keh wahabiyon k favt hain) unho ne apni kitab main ye waqia likha hai [Arabi version main Imam Ghazali ki jaga Imam Firyabi ka zikar hy]  jis se sabit hota hai keh ASAL BIDATI (yaani Khawarij) (jinko ajkal Wahabi/Deobandi) kaha jata hai WO THAY. Kionkeh unho ne Deen -e- Islam main apni marzi ke aqeede gharr liye thay jisko Tamam Ulema Bidat samajhte thay. OR yahi Wateeera inka aaj bhi hai. Is rivayat se pata chalta hai keh Jub Imam sahab ne unki burayion ko expose karna shuru kiya to unho ne wahi kaam kiya jo (AJKAL K KAWARIJ yani BIDATI WAHABI DEOBANDI ) karte hain yaani unko kaha keh IS BAAT KO CHORO OR HADITH SUNAO…… Yahi wahabi aj bhi karte hain jub unko Aqeede par baat karte hain to kehte hain Hadith dikhao. Jub hadith or qurani ayat dikhai jati hai to topic ko ghuma kar naya objection le aayinge lekin apni Jahalat or Bidatiyana tarz e amal ko tabdeel nahi karenge. Is se sabit hua keh Ibn al Jauzi k mutabiq Imam Ghazali (JO KEH SUFI THAY) (WAHABI/DEOBANDI sufiyon ko kya kya kehte hain yahi saboot kafi hai unke BIDATI or Khawarij hone kay proof k tor par). Or yahi tarz-e-amal unka aaj bhi hai.


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Special Note: In Arabic version the Imam Ghazali’s name is not mentioned and in the Takhrij of this hadith if  you check last line its written (Takhrija – Lam Aqaf Alaih) which means we not stand it means they did not found reference. That also means, they did not clearly did takhrij of this hadith and to check its authenticity . While in the Urdu Translated version of the same book. Its Imam Ghazali who was sitting in this gathering. While in Arabic only the narrators are mentioned. May be its misprinting or may be undone takhrij, or may be the manuscript which Arabic version got has not written like this. So Insha Allah I will do my best to check any other manuscripts which I get my hands on, I will update that. But here is Urdu version Published by their own Maktaba Islamia. until research completed one can present proof of this thing from their Urdu version. Yet in another arabic and english version the name is written “Al-Farbani” published by Dar al Qalam Beirut. And in English version of Darul Sunnata its the same like Arabic version (al-Firyabi). So there are lots of misprintings and probably bcz Imam Jawzi does not give any reference to that hikaya. That’s why everyone is in trouble about this.


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