Surah Tauba Verse 65-66 Exegesis

Bismillahi Rehmani Rahim

Wahabi/Deobandis always deny the (Knowledge of Unseen) which is gifted by Allah to his blessed Messenger (sall allahu alehi wasalam). They rejects this belief. Which is based on Quran and hadith and the amal of Salaf Saliheen. 

They use word salafi for themselves but surely 200% their today’s belief is totally against Islam. When you present verses from Quran in favour of Ilm al Ghaib of the Prophet (sal allahu alehi wasalam) they usually try to use a bogus argument which is, that whatever was shown to him was because of revelation (Vahee), so it can not be called (ilm-e-ghaib-e-attayee (attayee means gifted/gifted from Allah). Now there are several ahadith in this regard which we already gave to them and yet none in the entire history of Wahhabism dares to refute us. But here we will present you that, this belief was actually the belief of (Munafiqoon i.e, hypocrites) and Mushrikeen e Makkah (pagans of Makkah) who always objects that how is it possible that human like us had have a knowledge of unseen which is only with God (or gods according to pagans). Today this belief is taken by Wahhabism and always used to say that Prophet has no knowledge of ilm al ghaib. 

Well now here is again they misquoting Quranic verse and their excuse that its only (WAHEE) is been demolished by these most authentic exegesis of holy Qur’aan. Which clearly show that it was actually act of Munafiqoon to neglect this God-Gifted Knowledge for the Prophet (sall allahu alehi wasalam) further more, in this Ayat and its exegesis also show that, During Tabook, some people lost their camels and when they asked Rasoolillah (alehisalatowasalam) about this, Prophet (alehi salato wasalam) asked them to go (there…) and then upon listening this, one hypocrite among them says “Look how funny is it, how is it possible that he had have knowledge of unseen’. 

Upon this deviancy, Allah revealed verse of Surah al Tauba 65-66, interestingly no wahabi on the face of earth can now has to say that, it was Wahee. 

Because, when prophet alehisalato wasalam shown the places where they can find their she-camels, it was not the condition of (Wahee) (Revelation), if it was a (Wahee) then it must have to be a Verse of Quran. Isnt it?

But showing of camel is not mentioned as a verse in Holy Quran, that means it was not a revelation on that time when Prophet alehisalato wasalam was showing them their places where they can found their lost camels. And when Munafiq (Hypocrite) shows his deviancy then only upon that time This verse was revealed to Prophet alehisalatowasalam. because the conditions of Wahee is already been explained beautifully in Islamic studies. So we very well know that what are the conditions of Wahee when it was been revealed upon Prophet alehisalam. 

Neither any of the companion mentioned that During Wahee Prophet alehisalam was showing them Place.

Can any Wahabi on this face of the earth give us its answer?

I hope they will never ever be able to answer this. So simply their wrong and deviant belief and neglecting of Knowledge of Prophet alehisalam is open blasphemy and which makes them conflicting with the Quranic text. 

Further more, in verse 66 Allah (shanuhu wa taala) says that they (Munafiqoon / hypocrites) are not believers even after their Islam

We hope this answer will solve many wrong questions regarding this matter in their minds.



1) Tafsir Durr-e-Mansoor (arabic)

Tafseer Ibne Jarreer (rta):


Tafsir al-Jalalayin Shareef by Imam Jalal-ad-deen Suyuti (rta):


Tafseer al Kashaaf by Imam Zamakhshari al-Khwarzami (rta):


Tafseer al Qurtubi :


Tafseer Ibn Saud:


Now 2 more proofs from (Authentic History Books) Both published by Wahabi/Salafi Publishers.  One is Al Tareekh al Kaamil by Imam Ibn-e-Atheer and 2nd one is Al Bidaya Wan Nihaya (famously known as tareekh ibne kaseer). ARABIC SCANS UPDATED



ANOTHER UPDATE: Tareekh ibne khaldoon arabic and Urdu Updated. (NOTE: In Urdu version you can clearly read the word ‘ba-Ilhaam-e-Ilaahi) which shows that it was not Wahee. Ilhaam and Wahee are two different things. And in Arabic version from Darul-Fikr Beirut Lebanon, one can also translate it in urdu by using word, ba-Ataaye ilaahi. Which is more proper than (ilhaam-e-ilaahi) written by Deobandi translator.



Wallahu Taala Aalam wa Rasooluhu.

Allah and His Apostle knows best!

Updated Nov 2016

Folder Link of Scans Click Here

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  1. Assalamu alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatahu

    I m not getting scan page

    Pata nahi kya problem hai

    Scan page show nahi horaha hai

    Ise kaise hasil kare

    Jazak Allah

    1. W-Salam Wr

      That is because google drive is making changes to its links, scans are updated now, and the new link to the folder is added. please check & thnx for informing

      google ki changes ki wajha se scans show nahi ho rahy update kar dya gaya ha

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