Tafsir of Surah 29-41


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Question: It is defined in Surah al Ankaboot Verse number 41 which says!

مثل الذين اتخذوا من دون الله اولياء کمثل العنکبوت اتخذت بيتا و ان اوهن البيوت لبيت العنکبوت لو کانوا يعلمون

English Translation:
“The likeness of those who take Auliy’ (protectors and helpers) other than Allah is as the likeness of a spider, who builds (for itself) a house, but verily, the frailest (weakest) of houses is the spider’s house; if they but knew.”  (Translation taken from Mohsin Khan and Hilali (Salafis).

According to this verse of Quran it is clearly said that whosoever take any of (protectors and helpers) besides Allah are doing wrong and it is considered as Shirk. So how can Muslims seek help from Auliya (Saints). Do you have any clarification for that?

Before answering this question we would like you to note few things.

There are 3 basic fundamental rules in the knowledge of Quran which is called (ilm-al-Quran) and its exegesis (iLm al -Tafaseer). First of all is only a Jurist of Highest eminence in Islamic laws specially regarding Quranic laws needed for explaining all terms and reason of revelations expressed in Quran. 

Because Quran is not a text book of any school, that every tom dick and harry can translate and exegesis it. The knowledge of Quran can be only read in the light of Old exegesis which were written by Sahaba (ridwanullahitalaalehimajmaeen) (companions) and then vise versa . i.e Tabiun and T.Tabiyun (Companions of the companions and vise versa). So first of all you are not qualified enough to make self deduct analysis of verses of Holy Quran. 

From 1400 years we Muslims are strictly following those rules and regulations which described the status of Mufassir. And Further 2nd rules is one cannot pass any verdict upon any verse without the full knowledge about its rules and regulation like, what is the status when this verse was revealed and upon which nations this was revealed. 

3rd rule is also attached with both of above given, that is we cannot take and put with our own views some verse and than show it to Muslims and say look if you are asking for help from (other than Allah then its polytheism). That is rubbish because. Each verse of Holy Quran is described in its context and which is called ‘Matan‘. Its general rule of reading that one cannot deduct its own views by just taking one thing and leaving its full context. As you will see in exegesis which we have provided that, this verse is explained in the context of Syaduna Shuaib (alehisalato wasalam), then it talks about Qaroon, and then about all those events when that thing happened. The verse before 41 i.e 36 to 40 shows and talks about this, because Holy Quran is not a story book, thats why each and every event is not said in full detail, although yet some rules are clearly spoken to all regardless of Muslims-Non-muslims, polytheists, atheists, christian and jews. But many are also known as Ayat-al-Mutashabihat. So such is the rules with this Verse of Holy Quran too. 

We must have to consult with the verdicts of Sahaba’s Tabiun which they expressed in their texts because these first 3 generations are agreed upon like a RULE FOR US. because they watch and they spend their era in the time of Holy Prophet alehisalatowasalam, so the thing which they can explain and what a verse is been revealed in which context can be only verified by Authenticity from them. No One else has a right to pass on their self made exegesis

Now answer to this question is very simple and straight forward. According to all exegesis of Holy Quran, and the sayings of common imam like Ibne Kathir and Imam Fakhar ad deen Razi (rta) all according to all exegesis (besides new wahabi/salafi/deobandi) shows that this verse is been revealed for Kuffars (Non-believers) who takes (IDOLS) as their (gods) and perform Ibada (Worshipping considering them god or gods or even God) (Which is already been explained in this Article on Site (click). Intercession seeking help from others than Allah, is only allowed in that sense which we explained in our this article. 

And such kind of verse can not be used and cannot been put on Auliya.

Let us check it once again
Translation (Proper and authentic by Kanzuliman Shareef):

The example of those who choose masters other than Allah is like that of the spider; it makes the web its house; and indeed the weakest house of all is that of the spider; if only they knew.” 

Famous and most authentic Tafsir of Quran, Tafseer al Jalalayin Shareef by Imam Suyuti (rta) Says under this verse:

The likeness of those who choose besides God [other] patrons, namely, idols, from whom they hope to profit, is as the likeness of the spider that makes a home, for itself in which to shelter. And truly the frailest, the weakest, of homes is the home of the spider, for it neither protects it from heat nor cold — likewise, idols cannot benefit those who worship them — if they only knew, this, they would not worship them.”

As you read, these all exegesis (Scans in the End) which clearly say that this verse was revealed for those People of A’d and Samud of Prophet So’aib alehisalam and (Oud alehisalam) also there is mentioning about the people of Lot (alehisalam), If Wahhabies think that this verse is for them too, then that means they are from the people of Lot. (We will left it on them).

Another thing:
When a Muslim asks for help from someone other than Allah, that does not means that we gave them diety-ship or Lord-ship type of things. No when a Muslim Knew (La-eLLAHA (there is no god) il-ALLAH (but ONLY ALLAH) that means he knew that worship is only for Allah, and the help can  be taken from Prophets and Pious people who are also (Ghair-ullah which means Not god or gods) by considering them the (means to take our request in His LORDSHIP by the help of His blessed ones) . And he consider that this help from others is not by their own powers, but Allah who has vested and gifted them power to help others. This is in not any sense a polytheism. Whosoever say that, they had to think that Ibne Umar (Rd) says “Khawarij” are those who take verses of Holy Quran which are revealed for non-believers and then paste it upon Muslims to validate their Qatl (killing)’. Indeed they are worst among the creations of Allah and Prophet alehisalam says, if i would in that period of time i will surely killed them just like people of ad were been destroyed‘. 

So if you are taking this verse 41 and putting it as a blame on Muslim Sunnis of Majority then you have to bring us Answer of this verse of Holy Quran: 

Surah al Tehreem Verse 3-5:

ان تتوبا الى الله فقد صغت قلوبکما و ان تظهرا عليه فان الله هو مولىه و جبريل و صالح المؤمنين و الملىکة بعد ذلک ظهير

and if you come together against him (the Holy Prophet “ peace and blessings be upon him) then indeed Allah is his Supporter, and Jibreel and the virtuous believers are also his aides; and in addition the angels are also his aides.”

(Allah has created several supporters for the believers.)

Now everyone know that there is no conflict among the verses of Holy Quran, even non-muslims believe this. If we say that this meaning which is taken in Question is correct, then there is a big mistake in Quran (maaz-Allah) because in one place Allah is saying that according to your own question that, you cannot take helpers besides Allah Alone, and on the other hand Allah is Himself saying in Holy Quran that indeed Allah is his Supporter (1), 

and JIBREEL (2)? (our question Jibraeel angel is not god, then isnt that a Shirk?)

then Prophet alehisalatowasalam (a Human and Noor, surely not god). Still he is helper declared by Allah. And then all Muslims who believe in Islam (this includes each and every Pious believer) and then angels. Think and read deeply this verse. It Says and expresses our TRUE ORTHODOX SUNNI SUFI BELIEF.

And yet Allah Himself is saying that I AM YOUR HELPER ? My question is, that to whom did Allah say this

This verse’s shan-e-nuzul (reason of revelation) says, this verse talks to Ummhaat-ul-Momineen (Mothers of the believers) which clearly means this verse can be used for and by Muslims. Wives of the Holy Prophet alehisalato wasalam are  Muslims or Not? Tell me. Then Allah Himself says, Jibreel and the virtuous believers are also his aides; and in addition the angels are also his aides <——– all these angels and Prophet alehisalam i.e, VIRTUOUS MUSLIMS are in the category of ghairullah (i.e they are not god or gods)


From the above explanation we can easily determine that Your Question is baseless and full of wrong views, first of all this verse is not revealed for Muslims so this cannot be used as a verdict for your view, secondly, this verse clearly talks about (Idols) of Mushrikeens. not a single Muslim in this world worship any Saint or Auliya. So this cannot be used as a references for your belief. And third, if you are using this verse for support of your belief then, burden of giving proof is upon you.  You will have to proof that there is no conflict in Quranic verses and still you are right. (Ball in in your own court now).

May Allah Shower His mercy and blessings upon all those glorious scholars and the protectors of Muslims and Muslim faith and Aqeeda from 1400 years till end of the world. Aameen. And May Allah guide all those who are blindly following madhab of Khawarij. Aaameen. 


Allah and His Apostle knows best!
Remember us in your prayers.


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