Name of Aisha (Rd) Among Ahlu Bait

Name of Syida Aisha Siddiqah Among Ahlu Bait


Some Rafidi (Shias) use bad language against the mother of believers syyida aisha siddiqah (radi allahu tala anhaa). But they do not know that according to their own books and literature, there are several proofs that this name was not only taken and been used by Ahlu Bait themselves but also in their all generations their daughters were having same name. This is so unfortunate that Wahhabism, uses name of Sahaba and deceive people and Shia’s use Ahlu Bait for their sick deviant beliefs.


Now here are the blood relations list among Companions’s families and with the family of Prophet (alehi salato wasalam). They all were one. But today their followers are divided.



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