Exposing Hypocrisy of Salafi Fatwas


Brothers / Sisters as we know that Wahhabism is a deviancy which has been proven on this blog various times, today we bring you another thing to your information. These Wahhabi Priests like Ibne al-Baaz who is official Mufti of Ksa (Occupied Hijaz), uses always lies and that is the reason for their stupidity and ignorance from Islam, on one hand they called fiqh (islamic jurisprudence) as Shirk polytheism and on the other hand they produced thousands of Fatawas, (Religious Verdict).

Even a fool can understand that “Fatwa” is Verdict of Faqeeh, and Faqih is that person who is Master of Fiqh, and according to Wahhabism, Fiqh is haram. (I am talking in the sense of taqleed here). Now they presents whatever for their own behalf, it goes against them, because If you put out Imams from the science of Hadith, then where did the knowledge of Hadith came to you?

Thus it is important to understand that following verdict of Imam is compulsory, and also that does not means that you are following blindly but, that means that we consider then authority and all of the research work has been already done by them for us. So we trust them and we make our action upon jurisdiction of any of the Imam among the 4 major schools of thought.

Interestingly you will see step by step hypocrisy in the presented evidences from salafi’s own publications and fatawas. e.g

Rough Translation:

Question (Was asked), Does the door of Ijtihad (analogical deduction) is open for everyone or there are some rules compulsory for being a Mujtahid?, Does without knowing any open evidence, only by personal vies is it ok for everyone to gave ‘Fatwa’ (Religious verdict) permissible? and what is the standard of this hadith which says some words like “Whosoever amongst you (try to be open in giving religious verdict), he is also open for the fire of hell more than others”.?

Answer (Was given by Wahhabi Priests/ Ibne baaz, utheymeen etc)!

Regarding Rules of Sharia the door of Ijtihad is open for ‘THAT EVERYONE‘ who is ENTITLE of it, by that means that in whatever matter he is using Ijtihad, he must had have first aware of all verses and ahadith regarding that matter, also their full meanings, and he is also able to deduct grounds on evidences, about those ahadith which he is using, he must also have to know, that what status of hadith he is mentioning , and also he must have to be aware of the ‘IJMA‘ places among that (Ijma means consensus of opinion – or Muslims Majority agreed upon something), He must never deduct anything which is against the consensus of opinion (of Muslims), he must also have to be somehow knower of arabic language to this extent that he can understand the meanings and exegesis of those words, So that he can argue and deduct. THIS IS NOT PERMISSIBLE FOR ANYONE, THAT HE COULD TALK UPON RELIGIOUS MATTER BY HIS PERSONAL VIEWS (means giving verdicts upon any matter without knowing), AND GAVE FATWA, instead IT IS ESSENTIAL FOR HIM TO TAKE LEAD THROUGH ANY SHARAYI EVIDENCE , OR, TAKE BENEFIT OF THE QOWL (SAYINGS) OF THOSE WHO ARE PEOPLE OF KNOWLEDGE, and then see that what were the rules and regulations of deducting verdict in front of those people’s eyes and follow that way, and upon which when he reached to some fair approach (to the matter) and he think it best for his religion, only then he can talk about it,and can gave religious verdict”.

Our Questions here:

1) When you deny Fiqh, then how is it possible for you to gave religious verdicts?

2) If everyone is not entitle as they also write it in their fatwa, then obviously you have to follow some-ONE, not all of them, because 2 people’s views can, or cannot be one, but on which consensus is happened than it became RULE OF SHARIA, that is what They are also accepting here, So our question is again DO YOU HAVE AUTHORITY TO TALK ABOUT AIMA AND SALAF?

Because according to your own verdict, only those who are having those qualities can do Ijtihad, let me again re-phrase it, e.g!

Do you have authority (you wahhabies) to pass verdict upon Aima? If so then, that means you are more knowledgeable than them, that also means that Imam bukhari and Imam Shafi’e are nothing in front of you?

So if you are not much knowledgeable than them, then Why are you (Ghair-Muqallad?) because Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim along with all salaf saliheen are one or the other followers of particular Imam, even Imam Bukhar and Imam Muslim who had a status of Mujtahid themselves, but still they use to follow the Verdicts of Imam al-Shafi’e, You will never find that Imam bukhari uses one thing in one place and accepting another imams view on some other place. Never, all we find that, is that He use to follow upon the verdicts of only IMAM AL_SHAFI’e

So this also rejects Wahhabi objection from Salaf that when they say you do not have to follow any single Imam, No they are wrong, YOU MUST HAVE TO FOLLOW ONE IMAM @ a time. It completely logical to understand, but unfortunately Wahhabies have no minds so, that’s why they usually take time to understand something.


As it is written by Wahhabi Scholars, That It is not permissible for anyone to pass on religious verdicts in Deen (Religion) without having knowledge.!


Why don’t they teach first of all this thing to all those pathetic google muftis who consider themselves ‘Salafi – Daa’yee‘ of Dawa, but in reality they are deviant because of their wrong beliefs and nothing to do with Islam, they directly call any Muslim, a polytheist.

Why Whhabies reject, the verdict of those precious Imams who are authority in this science? E.g

20 Rakat of taraveh is established and agreed upon practice of Muslims from the age of Sahaba and specially from the time of 2nd Caliph Ameer ul Momineen Umar bin al Khattab (rd), all Muslims of all ages are agreed upon 20 rakat of Taraveh, but you fools rejects this practice of Companions and use 8 rakat taraveh which is not right.

Then In this fatwa it is also written that “One must have to take lead from some Shara’i Evidence” (Dalil al Sharaiya),

Now that also means that Like Imam bukhari who was himself a Mujtahid, but he was following the verdicts of Imam Shafie, and i already explain that before, then that also means He and all others were Muqallad, why aren’t you today? Who called themselves ‘Salafees’?

In last lines!

He is saying that ‘One must have to take benefit of Qowl of Ahl-u-Ilm (People of knowledge, that means FUQAHA , IMAMS)

My question is, What is meaning of benefit of using sayings of Aima? Isnt that Taqleed? Following someone’s opinion?

And when they (Wahabi Fatawa) writes that, upon which he find it good enough for his deen, according to his wishes, then he had to accept that’

Now that is what Hanafi, Maliki, Shafie, and Hanbali 4 schools of thought and people following any Imam among them do. Then why you called them Mushriks? and you are not? Why is this hypocrisy?

Now presenting another hypocrisy from their own publication and beliefs. Ibne baaz’s Fatwa

Now although in this Fatwa which is official Wahhabi Fatwa, they uses all lies and slanders upon Real followers of Salaf. i.e., We SUNNI SUFIS. But the main thing which i like to enlighten you about is, that Ibne Baaz (the famous one eyed dajjal of Saudiarab + Priest of Wahhabism) is saying that, No body can see Prophet alehisalatowasalam (awakened) (he means that may be or may be not one can see Him in dreams but not when they are awake).

Now this is complete lie, fabrication and un-Islamic + un-Holy deviant belief of Wahhabis just like many other thing in which they belief. Because it is proven fact by Prophet alehisalatowasalam’s authentic ahadith that one can see Prophet alehisalatowasalam while being awake too. Here is slap on the face of ugly liar Wahhabism from the house of Real Salaf Saliheen.

These scans are taken from the book of one of our brother Waseem which he collect and made up in form of a book along with scans regarding this matter, i.e., seeing Prophet alehsialam.

We are only giving One hadith here, rest you can read in that book whose link is been given in the end, here is example of Hadith and level of Hadith as a Proof!

Abu Huraira (Rd) Reported:

I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace and blessings be upon him) as saying: He who saw me in a dream would soon see me in the state of wakefulness, or as if he saw me in a state of wakefulness, for the satan does not appear in my form“.

Some references:

Sahih Muslim: Vol 6, Book- The Book of Dreams, hadith nob. 5920.

Other references are given below


You can read this great book and see hundreds of the scans from this link:

Ziarat-un-Nabi By Waseem Raja


5 thoughts on “Exposing Hypocrisy of Salafi Fatwas”

  1. Ahle hadeeth taqleed shaksi ke against yani jusi ek person ko authourity samajh ke yski har baath ko ko manna jaisa tumlog ne imam abu hanifa ki baath ko nante bina koi daleel ke….is cheez ke khilaaf hai ahle hadith

    Ahlul ilm se sawaal karna taqleed nahi hai….agar hadeeth je muqable kisi sheikh ki baath ko tarji di gayi to yeh galat taqleed hai

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