Fatawa-e-Sanaiya and Hypocrisy

This is Scan of Famous Book of ‘FIQH‘ (If wahhabies had have some fiqh) known as Fatawa-e-Sanaeeya.



Ahle hadith usually blindly follow these verdicts of their Imam Sanaullah Amritsari.

Think that he is the famous Priest of Wahhabism in Indopak. I would like to put everyone’s attention to this one page of his hypocrite Fatawas.

Point 1:

Somebody asked him question that define, Shariyat, and Difference between shariyat and tareeqat. (Sufism)!

He replied:

These all three are same thing and he agreed with the defination presented by Sunni Scholar and Mujadad of all times Hazrat Mujadad Sahib Sirhindi (rta).


Our first question:

Then why each tom, dick and harry of Wahhabism, try to differenciate Tareeqat (Sufism) from ISLAM and shows to the other less-knowledgeable people that these has nothing to do with Islam? Isnt that OPEN HYPOCRISY?

Point 2:

Some Fool asked him another silly question tha! (Many Hanafis try to claim that Molana Nazeer Hussain, Shah ismaeel Dehlawi, and Nawab siddiq hasan khan was hanafis. Is it true?

He replied:

These all three personalities were PURE AHLU HADITH. Molvi Nazeer’s Book and Molvi Ismail’s Book ‘Taqviyatul Iman’ and other books of nawab siddiq hassan are there in Denial of ‘Taqlid’>

Now wait a mintue:

First of all that question is wrong, they are again trying to cheat ordinary Muslims by showing their another group (Deobandis) as Hanafis, and thus because Deoband use to follow Ismaeeliyat, thus they are proving by their own book that Deobandi + Wahabi + Ahle Hadith = same one Satan nothing else. We Real hanafies very well know that Ismaeel, Nazeer and Sidiq hasan all three were declared KHawaRIJ (Deviants) just like their grand daddy Ibne Taymmiyah, So there is no question in the minds of the knowledgeable people. Although this is a good way to trick them into disguise, because when they (Deobandis) Do something wrong, Wahhabies use their Deobandi Slogan to destroy the image of real Hanafiyat Which are now a days only and only SUFIS.

Point 3:

This is very interesting Hypocrisy! Which Need a big slap on their ugly liar face. I will insha-Allah provide that slap in the end.
Question was written that: It is written in Books of Hanafis that , Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Tirmizi , Nasai , Daremi, Ibne Maja etc were all Muqallads of Imam Shafie (i.e., followers of Shafie school of thought)

Their Blind from heart & so called ‘Faqih’ Sana darling is giving a PURE LIE, and thats what i will insha-Allah expose. in the end.
he gave answer:

Imam Bukhari was Ahlu Hadith, whosoever called him Muqallad (follower) of Imam Shafi’e , he does not have read books.”


Sorry for this childish act BUT… 😉 U know a lie is only considered a lie when someone does not know the Facts or Evidence. E.g

If i asked you that, the sun is actually not a sun, but its Mars and mars is actually not mars but Saturn. Will you accept that?

This is such sick kind of LIE .

See the Famous Book of Tabaqat al Shafiya. Written by Imam tajud-deen al-Subki (the famous Muhadith), this is only one reference i can gave 100 of references which will totally refute them and they will lose their trousers and run-away.

Imam Subuki has dedicated 10 pages in praise of this great Imam and Muhadith Syaduna Imam Bukhari (Rd), and this is what the Creed of Salaf Believes in. Yeah its another thing that maskuraters by the name of ‘Salafi’s” are totally rejecting what the Salaf Says.
This is the standard of their biggest Priest and his extent of FABRICATION LIE and if you call it ‘know-ledge’.

Lahabi/Wahabies Shame on you.

Thappar Mulahiza Ho – Lanatullahi alal Kaazibeen

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4 thoughts on “Fatawa-e-Sanaiya and Hypocrisy”

  1. Salam Brother,

    You are doing some great work here, may Allah reward you for your efforts in exposing these liars

    I would like to obtain a copy of your books either in PDF format or real hard copy format.

    I am happy to pay for them, please inform me how we can go about this.

    If you can give me your email or phone number then I can contact you directly

    Kind Regards

    1. Jazak-Allahu Khaira brother, For religion you do not at least have to pay here something. These all books are already been uploaded to our section which you can see on the front line named ‘Literature’ Further you can also check books from front page through old library.

      These all books are mostly been updated and uploaded, whatever books you need you can check all pages for those.

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