Manuscript of Sheikh Abdul Baaqi- al-Hanbli (Arabic)

Gift for Wahhabi (so called Salafis)!

Usually they lie when they say they are followers of Salaf. Because Salaf consists of only those Scholars who are followers of anyone school of thought. And that does not means that they have different beliefs in Aqeeda

Book Name: Thabt al-Sheikh al-Imam al Musnad al Muhadith al-Asari al Sheikh Abdullah al Baaqi al Hanbali (rta)

مجموع به رسالة اولها  ثبت الشيخ عبدالباقي

Manuscript from Maktaba Jamia al-malik al saud. Manuscript Number 4829

In this Manuscript you will fine all Beliefs of Our Sufi Orthodox Islam This books talks about these Topics and Proves our Authenticity From Hanbali School of Thought Too.

1) Sufi – Tareeqa is the Most authentic Chain of Narration in Ilm-al-Hadith Examples are been coloured in Pages
2) You will also note that this famous Hanbali Muhadith is not only taking and showing ahadith from his own Hanbali school of thought but also from Shafie’, Maliki and mostly Hanbabli. That also shows that we all are ONE in Basic & Fundamental Beliefs i.e., Aqeeda
in Belief. (Not Wahhabies)
3) Mawlidun-Nabi alehisalam’s Permissiblity and proof and giving it higher ranks to seek blessing of Allah
4) Saying Yaa Word for (ghairullah) is Proven from Hanbali School and all others too in this book, also you will find that in many places Imam sahib (Abdul -Baaqi rta) is writing like YAA Mustafa- in one place also he proves the basic belief of Ahlu Sunnah by saying . ‘Wa minal Momineen Tadarra wa dua’a ALAL NABI AL MUSTAFA – AL – MUKHTAR

this is open slap on the face of Wahbies from REAL SALAF SALIHEN, that they (as-Salaf as-Saliheen) also consider Prophet alehisalam asNABI-e-MUKHTAAR‘, which no one, in now a days so called (salafees (sub branch of neo wahhabism)) belief in. They rejects and consider it shirk.

5) Prophet is not ordinary human like us. This belief is also been proven by this manuscript i had already underlines special points
in those pictures.
6) Another important issue which is been proven is, that it was the practice of Salaf Saliheen to Visit the Graves of Pious People and
Scholars and Saints. not only visiting there, but also praying Namaz near the grave (Note: NEAR the grave not inside or ON the grave).

Also Taking intercession (MADAD) WASEELA TAWASUL from them and from their Graves. e.g he writes: Wa bil Waseelata Ma’aaA Shafa’ata – Fahi sabab l Shifa’ata iz asalanal waseelata Lahu maa’asalata alehi Ghufran iswa wa kashf al ghumma’. and also mentioning of visiting the Grave of Bibi Zainab (rd) and making her intercession towards Allah.
7) This book also shows the Sanads of (Imam Abdul Baaqi from not only Hanbali Scholars but also 3 major school of thoughts and their Ijaza).
8) This book also shows the names of many other book which were famous and written in that time also there are beautiful words about our spiritual LeaderSyaduna shaikh abdulqadir al Jilaani and Imam abdulbaaqi writes about him that , he is QUTUB al AULIYA (Leader of the Saints).


9) There is mentioning of Musnad al-Imam-al-Azam (rd) along with all Salaf Names, from whom he learned and attested.

10) There are many many things which clearly shows that Sufi- ISlam is Actual Islam and all other things are rubbish. One who does not follow any particularImam among the famous Jurists of Islam, he is surely blinded and fooled. Also There are stanzas and some poetry (nashed) in respect and honour of our great Prophet
sal – Allahu alehi wasalam. and Those who sayALLAH K ILAWA KISI KO YAAA KEHNA GUNA HAIwo KHUD SALAF K AQWAL PARH LAIN OR APNI NALAIQI KO CHOR kar Sach samajhna shuru kar den. Its written:

YA SYADI” , (rectangled green).

There are many other things which totaly destroy the fake religion of Wahhabi Liers. But in fast examing i had shorty written what things will you find in this Manuscript.

Here are few snaps and in the end you can download manuscript from our manuscripts library folder, links are given in the end.


Our Manuscripts Folder Link <—– Click 


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