Exposing Hypocrisy in Books by Salafis

Bismillahi Rehmani Rahim

Brothers and sisters! we already several times exposed the hypocritic behave of Wahhabism, in our articles with scans and references. The website sirat-e-mustaqeem dot com, from where many people download books and its my personal experience with them, that they manipulate books e.g many times i had noticed and i also uploaded scans as i will do with this article. They usually remove few pages from the books even if they are showing that these are Barelvi Sunni’s Books, still they taken out few important pages from Sunnan Ibne Majah Shareef. 

There are some ahadeeth which are totally be-fitted on them, so they just simply remove those 4 Ahadith. You will see that from Hadith Number 170Sunnan ibne majah sirat e mustaqeem 1

Strangely one whole page is missing – and- then- starts from Hadith Number 175 

Sunan ibne maja fabrication by sirat e mustaqeem site

Do you note it? It Starts from 170 But 5 Ahadith are been missing, that means Hadith number 171, 172,173,174 are removed and directly hadith number 175 is been given. Now let me show you what they are hiding.

And remember This book is translated by Sunni Sufi Alim, but they are removing ahadith when they are scanning and uploading to their site.


Because i had the same book from other site which shows this.

sunan ibne majah sahih wali

Let me explain
There is hadith mentioned in Sunan ibne Majah Along with Musnad e Ahmed about Khawarijs (I.e., today’s Salafi/Wahabis). Their characteristics of khawarij can be seen daily by Muslims in several places of the world. They will put verses of the Quran upon Muslims and kill them and they will abide kaafirs, they will recite Quran but it will not goes beyond their throats, they will left Islam like an arrow from a prey. They are DOGS OF THE HELL. Etc Etc. They will be of shaven heads, their foreheads will had have the signs of Sajda too, they will be seen as very strict Muslims Etc Etc Etc. 

All these qualities along with authentic proves are been several times given in this blog by articles. So they are trying to do what they can, eg, manipulating authentic ahadith. Fabricating the books of Sunni Scholars on their Sites, so they can use accusations against them whenever they need. 

So let me give answer to those Wahhabi Trolls, from their own ‘Kazaab’ Zubair-ali Zai to whom they think was a scholar.

Published by Your favourite, darussalam riyadh. Readers if you had downloaded those books remember my words, always cross-examine whatever come in front of you, whether its our reference or anyone.

Sunan ibne majah correct kilab al naar


In comments Zubair-ali-zai try to change the minds of the people from calling them Khawarij, he should have to be a little bit of Iman in him, by openly saying that this hadith is clearly exposing Wahhabism, but why would he do this? Because he was gaining money and income and status from Yahudi-arab oh sorry ‘Saudi-arab’.  Otherwise there are much more credible information regarding their existence from authentic sources and literature of Islam. He just tried to pass-over this very important Hadith which exposes them.

Mark my words, whatever they presented to you, kindly check and examine it with different versions so that you can better understand if there is something going wrong in it. Even dont trust me, go and download those books and even you will find that in our section of literature. Then check my each word, is it not accurate and is it only co-incidence? and this co-incidence is been happened with almost all books. WHY?

If one argue that may be this is a scanning problem, and they do not intentionally leave those pages. then my question would be ok, then how the same thing never happens with the books of Salafi/Wahabi/Deobandis sections? Why only With Sunni Section which they written as ‘Barelviyat’ instead of calling it SUNNIYAT.


So sorry it is quite unrealistic for me to accept that , so I will left it on the reader to judge it , examine it and decide their view. 

May Allah keep us save from infidels . Aaameen.


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