Authentic Hadith on Shifaat

Hadith of Shifa’at

 Book: Shifa-us-Siqam Fi Ziyaraty Khairul An’aam By, Al-Hafidh, al-Muhaddith, al-Faqeeh, Allama Taqi-ud-Deen al-Subuki al-Shafi’e (Rahimahumullahi tala aleh).

Summary – Translation of Pages 3-to-11.

Published by Dairatul Ma’arif Hyderabad Deccan. First Publication

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Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) said!

Who-ever visited my grave, my (Shif’a’at) (Intercession) will must be for them‘.

This is been recorded by Darqutuni and Bayhaqi (etc). After explaining few sannads (chains of narration) and some discussion Imam Subuki (rta) said,”Anyhow! This Hadith is not lower than the status of ‘Hasan’. Further those ahadith in which ziarat (visiting to the grave) is been recorded are more than 10. In this situation, those references (ahadith) reaches this hadith from the status of ‘Hasan’ to the higher status of ‘Sahih‘”.

Further it also must keep in mind that for the reason to be a ‘Daeef’ (non-authentic etc) for some hadith, one reason could be because, there would have been some ‘Liar’ in the chain of narrators. If there are many chains of narration for such kind of hadith, it could not makes them authentic. 2nd reason for this, could be, that in the sanad of that hadith there, the narrator is of ‘Daif al Hafidha’ (weak in memory). Such kind of mass in narrations proves that in particular sanad there is no affect as a do’af al hafidha (weakness) of the (narrator). And because of other narrations which supports such hadith can make them to the status of Hasan and Sahih (authentic). After discussion on the Isnad of Hadith (chains of the narrations), Imam Subuki (Rahimaullah) writes…”From all these discussions, its been proven that, SOMEONE’s such saying that ‘regarding the visiting to the grave i.e., ziyarat, all of the ahadith are ‘MODoo’ (non-authentic completely)”….is ONLY Calumniation and Lie’….Didn’t they feel shame, for saying such words, who never been spoken by any scholar, nor Muhadith, did’nt they feel shame from Allah?!!

None of the Muhadith, nor any scholar declare any of the narrator of this hadith as ‘Wadh’a’ (non authentic/problematic), then how is it legitimize for any Muslim, to say and declare all (authentic) Ahadith (regarding Ziyarat) as Modu’ee (fabricated)………………….. After discussing more on the chain of narration Imam Subuki has written his explanation of the hadith in the end which is the explanation of the Matan of Hadith (context of hadith).As !!!

Prophet (sal allahu aleyhi wasalam) said in this hadith that whosoever visited my grave will be blessed with my Shifa’at, so You (sal allahu aleyhi wasalam) will surly keep his words and for sure will be blessed those who visit. This Shifa’at, could be some special type of Shifa’at which will not be for every mo’min, Or, this will be that same Shifa’at and would be blessed to those who visit (as in their honor) it is been expressed.Or, may be because of this visit they are also considered entitle to be in the line of those who will be blessed with Shif’at, And, this is also the benefit of this annuciation is that the one (visitor) will die in Faith (Islam). And, this is such a big honor (naimah) from Allah…….Or……for those is special shifat who visited, and which is different from the ordinary shifa’at. And Prophet (sal allahu aleyhi wasalam) by connecting Shifat through himself shows this sign that although Malaikha (angels), other Prophets and Muo’mineen (Pious Muslims) will also do intercede, but this Shifat will be big because of the Prophet (sal allahu aleyhi wasalam).” (Ends here)


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